Nothing helps you empty a guy’s wallet like making him believe you can get him laid. The community is full of needy suckers desperate to buy happiness. No matter how bad your game sucks you can leverage it to make some cash. Here’s how.

Get an avatar
Give yourself a cheesy nickname that hints at some hidden magic – such as Fantasia, Ten-Close, Flyboy. Even better put your given name infront of it to become Chuck Fantasia, Pete Ten-Close, or Wilbur Flyboy. Needy virgins will assume you earned the moniker through deeds done infield. Instant credibility.

Ten-Close with his new HB9.5 MLTR

Peacock like a retard
If you look normal, you’re a normal guy. Peacock theory means if you look like a complete douchebag, like a 100% bell-end who makes everyone’s stomach turn in disgust yet you still get laid then you must have mad skills. Of course no-one needs to know you don’t actually get laid. The furry hat and goggles have already been claimed so you’ll need something new. But start with the basics – a thumbring, embroidered blazer, Affliction or Ed Hardy t-shirt, blonde tints in overly-spiked hair, some metal junk in your face. Then add one individual item that you become known for – the Jamiroquai hat, if you will.


So now you have a retard name and bell-end fashion. Next comes the lame website. Think of the company name that includes words like “pua”, “atttraction”, “science” and so on. Knock up a website on a standard content management system and buy the domain name. So you are now the proud proprieter of or

What should the website contain?
– A main page showing lots of stock model photos of girls you clearly have not fucked. Large flashing letters promise pussy-pounding-action right now if the student gives you money.
– A pop page offering a free ebook if the student gives their email and credit card details, known as the “squeeze page”.
– Silohuette images of curvy girls in seductive poses.
– Photos of you in a nightclub trying to squeeze into other people’s party photos, perhaps leaning in to a girl who doesn’t even know your name and acting like you’ve fucked her.
– A fake infield video (see below).
– Made-up testimonials from anonymous made-up students.
– If you can find some affiliate cross-marketers get them to talk you up with some quotes.
– Soundbites dropped into the site text saying you are the “leading authority” and “widely recognised as…” and other such weasel words that mean nothing at all.

Optional extras are to pretend like you’re a big-shot company. Put up logos of men’s magazines and tv shows. Put up an “instructors” page full of try-hard virgins acting cool. Give them ratings for how awesome they are like some kind of top trumps game. Constantly imply that the student can just buy success with women instantly.

Now you’re ready to astroturf the forums. You’ll need to create multiple accounts. Offer some free one-on-ones like you’re doing everyone a huge favour. Don’t actually give any. Don’t even reply to mails because you wanna seem busy. Then go on the reviews sub-forums as a pretend-student and gush about awesome you are. Imply that each student had mind-blowing instant success with women and is now getting laid like gangbusters. Fill all the forum members with the dread that they’ve been doing it wrong this whole time and you are the answer to their prayers.

You’ve got some unique jargon for your method, right? If not, download everything you can get your hands on from bittorrent then skim through looking for old ideas not currently in vogue. Rip them off and put a new name on them. For example, if cocky funny hasn’t been popular for a while, call it “Humour Strike” and keep banging on and on about it till the name sticks. If its routines that are out of fashion put something in for the engineers and computer programmers – call it “Micro Logorythms”. If you’re short of ideas, just rename direct game into something like “Route One” or “Tank Rush Game” and pretend everything everyone else has been doing for years is something new. Old wine, new bottles. Suckers fall for it every time.

Now spam the fuck out of the whole forum with your new jargon. Hijack every thread so the members think Mystery was doing Micro Logorythms the whole time and just didn’t realise it. Before long they’ll forget their own names and you can start signing them up.

Eventually someone is gonna demand an infield video so have a faked one ready. An entirely staged video won’t do, but it’s easy to work one as follows. First think. Why are noobs so obsessed with getting the phone number? For a normal guy, phone numbers lead to sex with high consistency. Why is that? Most “pick-ups” go like this:

  1. Girl sees guy when two social circles meet, such as at a house party. She likes the guy. She gives him approach invitations which he doesn’t even notice. She goes home frustrated. He goes home oblivious.
  2. Girl puts herself into social situations where the guy will be. Gets into conversation with him. Drops huge IOIs. He still doesn’t notice. This goes on several weeks.
  3. Girl finally gets desperate to be noticed so she gets drunk and pretty much jumps the guy. Now he starts to sense perhaps this girl likes him. She’s been sitting talking to him for two hours as he prattles on about bullshit – is that an IOI? So he starts up his “game”.
  4. Girls endures five hours of painfully inept courtship from a guy she decided to fuck weeks ago. She can’t take anymore tonight so she gives her phone number.
  5. Guy calls girl. Runs more “game”. Girl is relieved when they get back to her place so he can shut up and they finally fuck.
  6. Guy pats himself on the back for his awesome game. He really picked up that girl good.

Thus most times a guy gets a number it leads to sex, or at least some dates. He takes this mentality into a cold approach when there’s none of the initial attraction and the girl is a long long way from the sex decision. Milk this for all it’s worth as follows.

  1. Get mic’d up and have a wing video you walking up to a girl.
  2. Say “woo!” or similar high energy bullshit. Force your way into the set.
  3. Turn your sexuality off completely. Do not be a sexual threat. Be utterly ambiguous about your intent. Pretend to be gay.
  4. The girl thinks you are a harmless homo, or lame social guy. No problem, she’s happy to have friends she doesn’t have to fuck, so long as they entertain her and do all the work.
  5. Do all the work. Drop in routine after routine. Not only does this dancing monkey act keep the girl listening (while thoroughly uninvested) but it looks to the student like its the routines that are making the set succeed.
  6. Number close with some vague bullshit miles away from a date with sexual intent, such as “you know, we sometimes do surf parties at the beach. Give me your number and I’ll invite you down with your friends sometime”
  7. High-five, salsa spin, and then walk back to the camera as if she’s already sucked your cock.
  8. Re-edit the video to include comments from you analysing the set and intimating like you fucked her later. If you didn’t actually get a number just edit it out and pretend you did.

By now you’ll have a load of students gagging for you to relieve them of their money. You’re gonna need some products.

Bootcamps – Round up a few losers on the forums and call them approach coaches. List the bootcamp for £1,000 but offer special discounts down to £500 on flimsy pretexts. Rip-off some Mystery Method material and jazz it up, such as by renaming the stages and putting them in a triangle or hexagon shape. After a few hours in a cafe presenting this give the students a few lame openers and throw them into sets.

Sit back and drink beer, counting your loot. When students come back discouraged tell them the girl was massively into them and it was almost a same night lay. If they fail too much tell them it’s not about results and the promises of pussy-pounding action were just metaphorical. Tell them it’s about acquiring the skills, about showing them a path. If that doesn’t bite start some esoteric inner game talk and how they shouldn’t care what other people think because they are a Ten.

Ebooks – This ought to be self-explanatory. Rip off someone else’s material, rename it, and then pad out the pages with photos of models you’re not fucking, and made-up stories about stuff you never actually did with girls you never actually met in bars that don’t actually exist. Sell it for $98. On the website write “at just $98” because the magic word “just” makes it seem cheap. Claim it has a $500 value and will cost $600 in twenty minutes time and if they don’t buy it right now they’ll never get laid again.

DVDs – Edit together a bunch of your fake infields and pad it out with micro-analysis of you talking to a handcam on a tripod in your front room. Persuade some other scam artists to do some guest appearances. Remember the Emperor has no clothes.

Give this aboout a year and you’ll be a name in the community. Then you won’t even need to keep doing any of the work – just keep spamming your mailing list, turning up at superconferences, and churning out more product. Before long people will write on forums things like “I was wondering how Mystery, Style, Janka and Pete Ten-Close get all their success…..”

Job done.