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Frequently Asked Questions

May 8, 2013

Every day I delete at least one comment of some moron who hasn’t bothered to read more than a handful of my posts and thus expects me to waste my own time answering a question already answered elsewhere on the blog. However I do appreciate that not everyone wants to read all 500+ posts on here. So I’ve decided to add a permanent FAQ. From now on I will not answer any comment that is already dealt with there. I’ll probably update the page over time. This is draft one.


First and foremost understand that I do not give a shit about you. I have a one-way connection to the pickup community in which I write whatever I want and then you choose to read it or not. Don’t for a moment think you have a stake in this blog or any kind of claim on my time. I do not have a Book Of Rules where you can point to section 1.2 article A to demand some kind of preferred behaviour from me. So if you act like a dickhead in the comments I’ll ridicule you, debate you or delete you entirely depending on what I think is appropriate at that point in time. Regular readers with normal social skills will do fine.

I’ve been writing for years and chances are I’ve already answered your question somewhere in this blog. Therefore I will not waste my time on you just because you can’t be bothered to do your own research.

I have no tolerance for comments from angry morons whose sole motivation for commenting is to tear down what I’ve painstakingly built. If my life shakes your reality, tough shit. Stop reading. If you find a less-than-satisfactory response to your comment ask yourself this – “what was I trying to achieve with my comment?” If the answer is showing off, nitpicking, gamma-raged reality-denying or any other such inauthentic emotion then you can be sure it was blindingly obvious to everyone reading it.

2. Who are my readers?

Despite the above I do care for some of my readers. Probably half of my motivation for writing is to provide a detailed path for well-intentioned disciplined guys who wish to follow in my footsteps. I’ve met with and had correspondance with such men and its rewarding for me to know they’ve sidestepped landmines I had to trod on myself. I find Game a topic of fascinating complexity and like any hobbyist talking shop I like to have an audience / peers of similar interests and sophistication.

My ideal reader, the guy I subconsciously imagine I’m writing for, is late 30s, average but unremarkable looks, >120 IQ and spent most of his life as a dependable blue pill worker. He’s got the discipline to succeed in whatever he turns his mind to, the strength of character to persist against hardship, and the willingness to confront his own demons. He’s probably also done at least 500 daygame sets and is getting laid occasionally with normal girls who aren’t too bad to look at. I guess you could say I’m talking to intermediate players mostly.

3. Are you racist / sexist / homophobic?

Yes. That said, I reject the labels because rather than describing any kind of character trait or reality the “-ist” labels are really just smear weapons to shut down debate and force compliance of the subject in his own destruction. The worst discrimination in the UK is visited on white straight males. That’s not to say we have the worst quality of life, just that when we succeed its due to the value we are able to give to the world rather than being propped up by value stolen by others.

There is unquestionably a Feminine Imperative attack on men. In the past 40 years there’s been an unquestionable attack on white English with mass immigration and aggressively-foisted multiculturalism. Crime stats by race really do prove that ethnics are far far more criminal than whites in the UK. Blacks really do own shootings, stabbings, muggings, gang-rape and interracial street violence. Arabs and pakistanis own terrorism, ethnic cleansing of city districts and 10-on-1 street attacks. Fag culture really is a degenerate attack on all things civilised (see Jack Donovan’s “flamboyant dishonour” concept).

Any individual can transcend his race, just like any white person can shame his own. I judge people on their individual merits and find that the 50% of any given race who are right-side-of-the-bell-curve are generally law-abiding net-positive wealth creators. Hence I have (a few) black, arab and pakistani friends. I see the world as it really is and generally speaking what we call “civilisation” is really the product of a tiny group of historically great white European men. Nowhere else has ever produced it (I don’t count the slave-based societies as civilised, nor those that got rich paying white men to extract their oil and then exchanging it for white-produced goods and managerial expertise). Even within the UK, probably less than 10% of men have the Civilisation Gene.

4. Where’s the proof?

You missed it. For a couple of years I consistently posted infield videos of street pickups, dates, and lays. I also posted real photos of the girls and lengthy text and chat transcripts. Many of those have since been taken down. I don’t have to prove anything to you. If you don’t believe me, don’t read me.

5. I need help with x, y, z

Tough shit. Pay a coach for his time or do your own research. I’ve written enough on this blog that my advice on your problem is somewhere on the site. Do some work. If you expect to come onto my blog and demand a freebie then here’s my advice: that attitude is precisely your problem and why you don’t get laid. There’s nothing free in this world. Successful men must carve their own openings from a hostile unyielding world. If you think someone is just gonna drop their tools and come running to your aid then you have entitlement issues. You’re probably gamma. As noted above, you have no claim on me. It’s really messed-up to think that just because I offer lots of value for free that I’m therefore beholden to you to offer more. No. Fuck off.

6. The HB8.72 that I dated the other night said…

Three points:

  1. If you are using the HBX.XX scale at all then you are rubbish at game and likely have the wrong mindset about how to acquire tight game
  2. It’s really obvious that you are qualifying to me and my readers, trying to elbow your way into being taken seriously. Stop doing it, it makes you look weak
  3. I’ve already mentally subtracted three points from the score you gave her. Almost everyone on the internet is flat-out lying about the quality of women they consort with.

7. Do looks matter?

Yes, massively so. The dirty secret in the community is that almost all of the name players who get laid can fit into one of these categories:

  1. Tall good-looking guy who really ought to be getting laid alot even without game.
  2. Scenester who has an in with rock / indie / hipster girls. These are highly promiscuous social circles where no game is required.
  3. Hard worker with no standards. This guy is relentlessly churning out sets and will fuck anything, though you’ll only ever see photos of the very best girls he meets.
  4. A liar.

There’s very very few players out there who are getting laid primarily on the basis of their game. That’s why my golden rule is you must be fucking girls who are physically better-looking than you are. Also the greater the age difference, the more impressive. It’s incredibly easy for a 23yr old guy to bang a 21yr old women. I did it plenty with zero game when I was that age. Every five years you add to the age difference makes closing an order of magnitude harder. Banging a girl 15 years your junior is very difficult.

Game works. The above 1-3 guys will fail if their anti-game is so bad they constantly fuck up (which is most men) but don’t assume just because a guy gets laid that he therefore has game. Lots of people get laid due to other reasons. Game is a value-add that gets you more women and better women. It gets you women without paying the “price” of exclusivity, waiting, losing the frame, spending money, losing your soul.

8. It’s not fair! waaaaaaah!

Psychologists call this the “just world hypothesis” – a believe that the world has some kind of karmic-balancing force that rewards the just and punish the evil. Combine that with your own self-delusion and ego-protecting buffers and you’ll naturally consider yourself as on the side of the just and owed a reward of pussy. The harder you work the greater the reward you demand and thus the angrier you get when it’s not forthcoming. This is a vicious cycle of creepiness and avoidance. To break it just learn to accept reality as it really is and process the feedback it gives you.

When you see a winner, try to learn from him. I’ll guarantee he didn’t just spring into the world as a winner. What you see and envy now is the end product of years and years of hard graft, risks taken, and opportunities seized. That winner was a loser many times over but everytime he fell off the horse he got right back on.

9. How do record your sets?

Almost every video I’ve ever posted was recorded with a cheap 8GB watch camera or a small black gum cam. See this post for details. With these being cheap Chinese imports I never figured out how to set the text file to use the correct date. Thus most of the videos have a time stamp of 01/01/2008 or suchlike. The correct dates are within a month of the post itself.

10. What are your stats?

I have no idea. Click the lay reports tab to see most of my lays. There’s about a dozen I never wrote up and another half dozen I wrote up and have since taken down. I’m not a high-notch guy. Don’t get too tied up in the numbers or they’ll hold you back. Much of your improvement with women will come from letting it all go and learning not to be so hard on yourself, to just be in the moment and focus on the ebbs and flows of the interaction. Keeping spreadsheets and tracking stats gives you extra things to worry about and the illusion of control. Ditch them.

11. You are my hero

There’s a fine line between respecting a mentor and worshipping a guru. By all means learn from my successes and failures but don’t kid yourself that I have all the answers. Use my blog for what you can learn from it but always keep an emotional distance and remain your own man. Some of the cornerstone characteristics of a sexually attractive male are his boundaries, sense of self, entitlement, stubborness, and refusal to live his life in service of others. Hero worship retards your development of those characteristics. Don’t be retarded.

12. Why do you do daygame?

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test I am an INTJ. I strongly recommend all my readers to self-administer this test. My personality type is drawn towards lone wandering, deep authentic communication and independence. I can’t stand nightclubs, cultivating social circles, status-whoring and other extroversions. Daygame perfectly synchs to my character. I like to walk around alone with my thoughts, stopping occassionally to talk to a girl. I don’t like to make small talk with people I’ll never see again. I don’t like the demands on my attention of being in groups. Per Myers-Briggs only 4% of men have my character and thus my style is a niche taste. It might not be right for you.

On a more practical note, the best Game plays to your strengths. I am highly educated, intelligent, erudite, creative and above all a good talker. I am not tall, good looking, social or high energy. Thus I can best deliver my value on the streets one-to-one and sober. I struggle to get my value out in a nightclub.

13. What you said doesn’t agree with Mystery / Style / Tyler / Roissy

Mystery and Style are bullshitters who wrote some good material and played a pivotal role in shaping the community but they were not good with women. Tyler is a fantastic analyst but strikes me as weird and not good with women. Roissy is a great writer but his brand of nihilistic game is better suited for where he shaped it – East coast metropolitan America.

Pick any pickup theorist and you’ll find any number of legitimate reasons why they’d disagree with me. They have a different personality, are working a different social mileau, target different girls, want different things, have different strengths and weaknesses etc. In other cases they don’t really disagree its just comparing apples to oranges. Read what you can and over time you’ll formulate your own game.

14. What is your opinion on x, y, z

It’s on my blog. Use the search function. If I haven’t written about it already then likely I don’t care / don’t have an opinion, or I consider it outside the thematic scope of my blog. Just to contextualise my general worldview this might help. I believe the following:

  • Government is intrinsically evil and inefficient. It’s only legitimate functions are to protect the borders, maintain domestic order, and provide a means of settling contracts. The classic Nightwatchman State of philosophical liberalism. Thus I like Ayn Rand, John Locke and the unamended US Constitution.
  • Free market capitalism is the greatest form of human organisation yet invented, providing the optimal balance between wealth creation and freedom of individual self-determination. History has shown every single departure from this model (feudalism, socialism, mercantalism, social democracy) significantly worsens the human condition and will lead to enslavement or collapse. Most western societies are closer to socialism than capitalism but its disguised. For example the Bank Of England is a fundamentally socialist institution – it centrally plans the most important price in the economy – the cost of money.
  • The world is not fair and nature doesn’t care if you’re happy. You must set your own goals and try to achieve them. What we now call “morality” is basically a conflation of two different things 1) the intersection of mutual self-interest in a I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine and I-won’t-kill-you-if-you-don’t-kill-me 2) a web of lies to encroach your frame and bullshit you into giving up your value to moochers and looters.

I don’t care if you disagree with me. I’ve stated my opinions and its not open to debate. Feel free to disagree, just don’t expect me to care.

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