Regular readers will be aware that Vox Day is the guy who introduced the categories of Gamma and Sigma into the male socio-sexual hierarchy, fleshing out the more simplistic Alpha/Beta/Omega popularised by Heartiste.

This is particularly important for daygamers due to the introversion, stubborness and obsessiveness that tends to characterise them. Put simply, many daygamers start out Gamma and then after prolonged grinding and introspection they become Sigma*. I don’t think nightgame sees such obvious clusters of these personality types. Gammas are also extremely common among Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans, genres where Vox made his name as a novelist, so it’s perhaps unsurprisingly that he was the first to identify the type. I thoroughly recommend you read him. So, what characterises the Gamma male? Two things, I think:

  1. Feminised thinking.
  2. “Secret king” delusions of grandeur.

These drive it and then all their other behaviours fall into place as you interpret then as attempts for the Gamma male to unsuccessfully reconcile them with reality. Let’s break it down.

Feminised Thought
Women deal with emotions rather than facts. They are naturally solipsistic, interpreting everything through the prism of “what does this mean to me?” Thus they’ll think if you are talking to them you must be talking about them. They’ll assume if you attack their ideas in an argument you are attacking them as a person. Because they believe themselves to be the centre of the world, they assume everyone thinks exactly how they do and therefore women project their own priorities and motivations onto other people – if it’s in my interests, it’s in the common interest. Lastly, no amount of evidence can ever overturn their own personal anecdote – this is how it happened in my experience, therefore this is how it happens everywhere always.

Gamma males think like women. I suspect it’s due to overly feminised upbringings such being children of a FemDom-MaleSub marriage, anti-male schooling, an early avoidance of competitive sports, and low testosterone.

"my personal term Number Farming"

“my personal term Number Farming”

Secret King
There’s a male totem-pole for almost every activity – sports, politics, money, sex. Men naturally sort themselves into hierarchies, usually based on each member’s usefulness to the group project. If you’re good at what the group is trying to accomplish you get promoted and lavished with respect. If you’re a dead weight, you’re the goalkeeper. These hierarchies are based on performance, and they require other people to comply with you. You can’t simply declare yourself high-born and slot in at the top. The other men won’t tolerate it.

Gamma males are much too precious to accept their lowly position on the totem pole. They seeth with resentment over it and look for any way at all to climb up the pole – any way except through improved performance in the group’s task, that is. This makes Gamma males a source of instability. The Alpha/Beta/Omega hierarchy is stable because all know their place and accept how ranking battles take place: Alphas make power plays, Betas ace perfromance tests, and Omegas show willingness to carry out the drudge work without bitching. Gammas cheat and scheme.

This is why so many movies use the gamma archetype as the sneaky back-stabbing social climber figure (think the treacherous vizier in the king’s court, or the jealous weasel among the group of survivors in the zombie movie). Stories require drama and gamma males are the rogue internal element that upsets a previously stable social arrangement. If the beseiging horde overruns your castle or the zombies stream through a breach in the boarded-up windows, you can bet it was the gamma who let them in because he’s jealous of the team’s alpha.

Vox has made a number of predictions about how Gammas will interact, though unfortunately he hasn’t collected them all in one place so I can’t simply link to a page. As I remember it, they include:

  • Gammas will actively pick fights they can’t win against higher-ranking men. This is because the Secret King can’t accept that nobody appreciates his value but being feminised they don’t really understand how men handle conflict. Their risk assessment is faulty, like a belligerent woman screaming “you can’t hit me I’m a girl” before she’s decked on WorldStarHipHop.
  • Gammas can’t back down from these fights because that means admitting defeat, which goes against the Secret King belief. Also, everything is too personal, being feminised. So rather than slink away from a beating they have to keep running their mouth and keep getting beaten up.
  • Gammas will lie, spin, and employ sophistry to maintain the illusion of winning when obviously losing. The evidence doesn’t actually support the winning, so it’s avoided, but they don’t realise how transparent their defeat is.
  • Gammas use the feminised debating tactic of tackle the man not the ball. They will directly insult in order to create badfeelz, because they project their own fear of badfeelz and assume their opponent is similarly wounded by it.

There’s lots more, so do check out Vox’s blog. The reason I bring it up today is I had a Twitter encounter yesterday in which a prize Gamma specimen decided to have a go at me for no reason whatsoever (cf. force of instablity). I brushed him off first time, but he wouldn’t stop. So I checked my feed and saw he’d tried it on the previous week too – totally uncalled for insults barely related to subject at hand. That got me curious so I checked his blog and saw a video of him running his mouth about being a dating expert.

My first thought on hearing him talk was “gamma”. Then I noticed the Japanese writing on the truck behind him and saw he lives in Osaka as an English teacher (the dream job of every gamma male). A bit more digging and I saw zero evidence he’s ever fucked a hot girl and his actual daygame advice seems to be “say hello and hope Asian girl has white man fetish”. Okay, let’s have some fun, I think. Here’s the full exchange. I’ve had to copy paste a bit, but if you suspect I’ve reordered or edited to push a narrative then just go directly to my Twitter feed and you’ll see the original tweets and timestamps.

NB – Gammas are always twats. It’s really hard not to instinctively hate them. Vox likes to toy with them because they are so predictable. 

Twitter buffoon

TL:DR – Don’t be that guy.