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Good-looking guy game

October 17, 2014

I’ve been watching some YouTube infields lately. It’s a pretty varied bunch out there. On the one hand you have the total clowns spam-approaching London tourists, oblivious to the girls’ IODs, with a merry stream of equally-oblivious cheerleader chodes in the comments. It’s quite berbaric barbaric, so I won’t name names. Then there are also some really well-done videos. I watched some of Willie Beck’s fast bar pulls and SDLs, the RSD hot seat promos, and some of what Street Attraction are doing in London. There’s something good going on.

Shave heads are "in"

Shave heads are “in”

It’s given me some food for thought. Let’s start with the positives.

  • I think it’s great that real-life seduction is being taped, logged and disseminated so the mass of men can see what it really looks like. When I was coming up in 2009 there were only a few dozen infields online and it was mostly trash like Mehow and Carlos Xuma. Even a guy like Mystery, who I genuinely respect, had only some of his lame sets online. The internet is currently flooded with infields of guys who actually get laid showing you them getting laid in real-time. That’s a tremendous positive. Well done fellas.
  • I think it’s great that new talent is coming up through the ranks and bringing their own take on seduction. For example Beck is really pushing the r-selected bad boy vibe and escalating hard. The Street Attraction guys are doing the normal London Daygame Model but have added a prankster vibe in some sets, and a fast escalation vibe in others. Again, well done fellas. I like to see new guys shake things up a little.

This brings me to the main value that such infields provide â they show you what seduction really looks like. Not how you may imagine it based on reading a book or getting into a dick-waving contest on a forum. These guys are successfully knobbing girls and letting you act as a fly on the wall. But as you guessed, there’s another fly and it’s in the ointment. Not necessarily with the guys I’ve just named but their videos served as a jumping-off point that got me thinking about it.

Jason Statham, yesterday

Jason Statham, yesterday

One thing I’ve noticed in all the most impressive infields, especially the fast crazy pulls, is the player is always better-looking than the girl he’s pulling. They are failing the younger-hotter-tighter test. And that’s a big failing. The whole point of Game is to score girls younger and hotter than you. If you’re pulling exactly the type of girls you ought to be pulling anyway without Game, then pulling them a bit faster or in higher quantity doesn’t really say much. It just means you’re working a bit harder than you used to. So let’s break this down for the average man. The man who isn’t 6’2â, twenty-seven years old, with attractive facial features. You know, 95% of men.

The single most important factor in r-selection sex is looks (by that I include height, physique and facial structure)

So why do people like Tom and I bang on about r-selection so much when we clearly don’t have looks (or age) going for us? Because the next most important factor is charisma, then attitude, and then work-rate. If you lack the number one factor you can still get the job done by maxing out the other three. It’s just much harder. I don’t mind hard work – I’m just glad it’s even possible.

This is how it works when a good-looking guy tries r-selected daygame. I’ve seen this first hand with a bunch of them.

  1. Walk around looking good.
  2. Catch a huge number of approach invitations from girls between 1 and 3 points below you.
  3. Let the first ten IOIs pass because you still don’t like rejection or approaching.
  4. Open the most receptive-looking girl with a âheyâ
  5. Stand smiling for a few seconds while she giggles, blushes and flutters her eyelashes.
  6. Give a direct compliment, so you feel like you’re doing real game. âYou look pretty hot.â
  7. Inane chit-chat for a minute and take a number.
  8. Marvel at the low flake rate. Invite her out for a date the next night, at a bar next to your apartment.
  9. Turn up on date and don’t really think much about game. Just chat, and occasionally sit back and be quiet.
  10. Around 10pm say âlets go back to my place for some wineâ. Girl enthusiastically agrees.
  11. Take her to bed. No LMR.

That’s really all there is to it when you’re good-looking. It’s not Game. It’s just “warm-open, escalate, lead”. There are no roadblocks. You don’t need to pick yourself up after a run of harsh rejections. You don’t need to amplify attraction. You don’t need to carefully choose the right moments to escalate. You don’t need to build emotional connection. You don’t need to surmount LMR. It’s playing the game on Easy Mode – and if that’s still not easy enough you can use Tinder. Now let’s consider how it is for the normal man trying r-selected daygame.

  1. Walk around as if you’re invisible to women. Try to force IOIs and get blanked constantly
  2. Weasel the first few sets because you’re expecting blowouts or flat timewaster sets.
  3. Build up courage and throw yourself in there. The first few go nowhere but remind you it’s not so bad really.
  4. Try really hard to hit a good vibe, because you know vibe is the only thing that ever really compensates for lack of good looks. It might take a while. You might not even manage it this day and have to try again tomorrow.
  5. A combination of good vibe, carefully-honed skills, and good luck mean you’ve reached hook point with your first hot girl, who seems to be giggling and eye-sparkling. So you try a spike. She excuses herself – âI have a boyfriendâ or âI’m late for my lecture.â She leaves.
  6. You drag yourself back up the mountain and hit some flow. You collect four or five numbers in about fifteen sets. Some pretty girls, some a bit plain. At times you really had good patter and were buzzing with vibrancy and charisma. Okay, time to go off the clock. You’re a bit tired now.
  7. Half the numbers flake. Two girls respond enthusiastically, one of whom inexplicably just stops replying. You get the remaining girl on a date three days later.
  8. The date goes okay. You run the model, draw her in, spike her up and after two hours you build the right moment for a kiss. She fights off the first few tries but is obviously enjoying herself. You get the kiss in the end but she won’t come back to your apartment.
  9. Two weeks later, after four or five such dates earned through a week of hard graft on the street, you’ve fucked one of the girls and the rest have gone flat. You feel a grand sense of accomplishment at surmounting such a demanding challenge and getting a girl twenty-years younger than you and two points hotter.

I’ve perhaps exaggerated it a little to draw the contrast but that’s the reality. So enjoy watching GLGG on YouTube and absorb what you can about the process, but don’t think what they are doing is âgameâ or that it’s applicable to your life. They are on the ski lift whizzing up to the top of the mountain while you’re plodding up with a tree branch for a walking stick and two tennis racquets tied to your feet for snowshoes. And what a surprise – at the resort bar at the end of the day, they are sipping beer and telling everyone how easy skiing is.

Symbolism, yesterday

Symbolism, yesterday

Pretty soon I’ll be showing you (yes, show not tell) what normal-guy r-selected daygame looks like. Stay tuned.

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