It’s bootcamp weekend and I’m running the daygame session with Suave and Wisdom. We’ve got five students out so it’s a busy card – Moran and Burto are also on wing duties. For the first hour I’ve got a young asian lad who is new to the sport but he’s approaching well. There’s the usual technical mistakes but I’m not having any trouble getting him into sets. While we are going through one such mistake (he moves his feet to follow the girl – I tell him to stand his ground and just turn his body as he talks if she’s still walking) he demands a demo and points to this girl hurrying past.

She had red-eye

I open. She keeps walking. I plant my feet and turn my body. She stops, hooks and gives me the Facebook. So having talked the talk I walk the walk and the student absorbs the point.

For the second hour we swap students and I’m with an English guy who wants to do shop game. We immediately head into H&M where I open a girl from Wisconsin. She’s got a BF but its a nice chat. I move on to a two set of girls from Guyana. My opener is indirect-direct – they happen to be laughing as we walk past so I use that

Krauser: Girls. I was just walking past and I had to say you’ve got such a nice laugh.

Or words to that effect – I forget exactly. Immediate strong hook and the vibe is great. The student comes in to occupy the obstacle and watch me work. The Wisconsin girl walks past shooting daggers at me now that her Hollywood moment is cheapened and we bounce the girls to a retro clothes store to help them with an 80s party they are going to that night. Turns out my target is living in London and the cousin is visiting from Holland for the weekend. Rather than hang around in their frame I close after ten minutes outside the shop with

Krauser: This is as far as we go because we’ve got some stuff to do. Look, you’re weird but I like you. Give me your number and I’ll give you a call when I’ve got some time.

Number close and we move on into Urban Outfitters where I hook a three set of Korean girls. I bail when they say they are on a school trip. It’s a great session. I run text game the next couple of days with the Guyanan. The vibe is playful and teasing so I continue in that frame.

Krauser 4:39pm – Good fun meeting you today. I hope you got some nutty 80s gear for the party.

HB Guyana 6:44pm – Indeed it was. Hope you have a smashing night.

Krauser Sunday 11:32pm – Wedding party was today right? Hope you girls didn’t cause trouble….

HB Guyana 11:35pm – Oh dear! Close. It was last night and it was a smashing evening. I guess you’re done with the more important things in life to grace me with a text?

Krauser 11:39pm – Hold it there tiger! I’m clearing my diary later this week just for you. I’d feel bad about pulling you away from your nice friend when you’re supposed to be showing her around. ð

HB Guyana 11:42pm – That may have awfully mean. Its my cheekiness. ð she actually headed back home today. how is your mate [student]?

Krauser 11:50pm – Cool. Get some sleep and we’ll continue this foolishness later…. Night night

HB Guyana 11:51pm – Bonne nuit!

Krauser Monday 6:52pm – Konbanwa! Wednesday evening is good for me. Are you fun on Wednesdays?

HB Guyana 8:08pm – Hola! On sundays and wednesdays I am awfully cheeky

Krauser 9:49pm – Guten abend! Ok, Wednesday it is. Don’t get too cheeky. I don’t know you well enough to spank you.

HB Guyana 10:44pm – Bonjour! You are quite right. I’ll be on my best behaviour if you are. A bientot!

Krauser Wednesday 9:47am – Ohayo! We’ll meet 8pm in front of [location]. That good for you?

HB Guyana: Aloha! See you there. Enjoy the sunshine today. Cheers!

I’ve been out daygaming with Suave for an hour before hand. I only do a few sets including hooking an incredibly feminine and buxom persian but she tells me she’s in a committed relationship so I don’t bother trying to close. There’s also a nice vietnamese girl who gives me a Facebook but says she’s on her way to meet her boyfriend. Good experience but nothing memorable.

Will be drinking my kool aid

HB Guyana is early and Suave DHVs me on the meet before heading off. Immediately I start a routine Burto taught me. I offer her my arm (she takes) and we go towards the first bar.

Krauser: Now I realise this is a date but that doesn’t mean you can just kiss me. I need trust and connection first. I’m not just a piece of meat

HB Guyana: *looks me up and down approvingly* You’re a prime slice of surloin.

Krauser: I’ll take that as a compliment, but I’ll be watching you.

The vibe is fantastic and it’s totally on. We are soon in my favourite members bar for the fifth time in a week (and fifth girl – the receptionist certainly has an opinion about my pre-selection). My first escalation is to pull her in to read the menu and she’s totally going with it. I wait an hour to kiss her and that’s the dam breaking. She’s climbing all over me and horny as hell. I keep thinking “what’s the alpha thing to do” so I do strong body language like I’m sitting on a throne while she wraps herself all over me, snuggling her face into my neck like a cat and squeezing my nearest leg between her thighs. I do The Stone and she’s purring like a cat.

For whatever reason she tells me she’s not coming back to my place. I don’t mind cos the hook is strong. I’m happy to give her a fig leaf to pretend she’s a lady. I’ll definitely be fucking her next time I see her and I like her alot so I’ll happily turn her into an LTR. So I just do verbal escalation. Things like:

Krauser: *while kissing* This is the part where you put your hand on my cock.

HB Guyana: *giggles. Puts hand on cock* I’m a lady, you know.

Krauser: Next time we meet we are fucking. I’m gonna bring you into my house, pick you up and carry you over my shoulder. I’ll slap your arse, obviously *gives arse a slap*. That’s a nice arse, I think I’m gonna like it. Then I’ll throw you onto my bed and rip your clothes off. Then…. while you’re naked… on my bed…. I’ll go and make a cup of tea.

HB Guyana: *squirming, moaning, grabbing my cock*

Krauser: I’m gonna feel your tits in a minute

HB Guyana: *giggles*

Krauser: No. I changed my mind. In five seconds.

Krauser: 5…4…3…2…1…

HB Guyana: *pushes breasts towards me, I grab*

Krauser: Sorted. I’ll be doing that again soon.

I don’t want to physically escalate too far because its still an open lounge. I pull her outside and we make out really heavy in some alleyways. While I’m fingering her near Carnaby Street I wonder if I should go for the open-air fuck but hold back. It’s 50/50 whether I’ll get it and missing it could queer the chances of another date by making her feel too slutty and my seeming too horny. So instead I pull my hand out, wipe it on her coat and tell her that’s all she’s getting and don’t be greedy.

As we kiss at the tube station I tell her to send me a text when she’s home so I know she got back safe. She does. She’s going abroad on holiday for the next week so lets see how it goes. The odds are extremely high that she’ll become my proper LTR.

Oh, while I was rubbing her fanny I was in a text exchange with the Romanian with my free hand. MLTR management here we come.