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Guest Post: A Steve Jabba lay report

May 6, 2014

After nearly 2 years of focused and determined effort building Authentic PUA, I decided it was time for a break. I’ve got bored of London and as I live out of the centre, it’s a giant pain in the ass to hunt girls. Plus, lately I’ve been feeling a real lack of motivation..I simply cannot be arsed, and I rarely see girls of sufficient quality to even bother. So I decide to head (alone) to the FSU for 10 days of reflection and (possibly) getting back to what I do best.

Pulling girls!

Sexual intent, yesterday

Sexual intent, yesterday

I get here and notice immediately there’s a LOT of women. Quality isn’t anywhere as near as good as some other parts of FSU I’ve been (at least in the daytime), but what happened on my first night made up for this. I chill out for the day, and soak up the vibe. I start strategising immediately, finding local spots that are good for food and asking the cooler waiters where the hottest girls go out at night.

Looking on the internet for hot spots is no good : you always want local knowledge. Also I tip the guys well : you never know when this will come in handy, and I am keen to make friends. Plus they seem pretty decent, likeable people.

By 11pm I am toying with the idea of staying in as I had no sleep the night before, and was up at 3:30 am for my flight. But no, fuck it – I’m going out.I head out into the main area and see some pretty sweet girls walking about. I start to “switch on”- meaning pinging for IOI’s but also keeping a wary eye on my surroundings for aggressive guys, etc as I am well aware I am alone in a new town where no one knows me, and I stand out. A lot of guys are not happy about hunters like me rocking up in their town and taking the hottest women. This becomes important later on.

I head to one of the best clubs where “there are no drunk guys, everyone looks good and there’s no trouble”. Sweet. As I go in, it strikes me that I am totally alone and yeah, I get a very short pang of nerves. Despite going to nightclubs alone for over 20 years on my own it happened. I was a little shocked but breathed deeply and paid attention to my surroundings whilst drinking a vodka and diet coke.

They had a fashion show on so lots of (non-professional) models walking around. I start to get in the groove and find what always happens to me when there’s hot girls about : a laser like focus, zone out the other guys and focus on the girls – this brings me into a good state more than anything I’ve ever found.

I’m not getting IOI’s like I usually do though, by midnight it’s not really happening so I switch tack. I still haven’t approached anyone, so I go to the smoking area and start a conversation with a local dude. He’s pretty friendly and the trick here is to be friendly and cool, but not value suck and also hold your self possession. With guys, the key is to be cool with them, but also subtly position yourself and demonstrate that you’re a solid guy. You have to gain their respect and listen to what they have to say. (It’s also a good idea to tell them how hot their local girls are)

A metaphor, yesterday

A metaphor, yesterday

Really what I am doing here is building bases. If you go it alone in clubs, especially if there may be some hostility further on down the line, bases come in handy – plus it’s good for your sociability, andyou can start off the beginning of a social circle. When I do leave London, this is exactly the sort of thing I will be doing consistently.

At about midnight or so I say goodbye to my new friends and decide to check out somewhere else just to see how it is. On the way out, as I am heading down a side alley I start to get a little tingle as there’s a group of 3 guys coming towards me. One looks a bit threatening, and I hear him say “Angliski”..and then more discussion from the friends…I quicken up the pace and head towards a bigger group of people and steer back towards the club I have just left…Out of the corner of my eye I can see Mr. threatening getting heated and being held back by his friends…I think he must have been a local nationalist who wanted to give me a pasting by virtue of being English (and possibly because I stand out and might take his women). Not good.

Back in the club I take a breather in the smoke area again and chat to another dude. He’s qualifying himself heavily with his mate to two pretty hot girls..Big mistake but I keep my eyes open and sit there alone, smoking. He starts talking to me and I reply in English : instantly I am his new best mate and he invites me over to drink with their group. Cool.

I drink with them for about 20 minutes or so but then ENOUGH..Girl time.. I switch on again and this time the IOI’s start flowing..Back to the smoking area and I see a very hot blond girl (see pic and video at the end of this email) getting shouted at by some chodey looking dude…I notice she is staring at me so I return the look and give her a little nod of the head (slightly arrogantly)..Forcing an IOI.

So I head over and Mr. angry DOESN’T LIKE IT ONE LITTLE BIT…As I stand there, not in his way but quite close to him he turns his attention to me and says something (quite aggressively)…I just look back and shrug my shoulders, non threatening despite the fact I can see he is giving the hot girl a very hard time…”Please don’t leave me” she says to me (sotto voce)…”It’s cool…I won’t”…So I stick around and eventually Mr. Angry fucks off.


Actual girl

We begin talking and I get in nice and close. I like this girl, she is hot and self possessed with a lot of confidence. I establish pretty early on she’s not in a relationship and throw out a few “hooks”to see if she bites (kind of like I do in my videos). She bites…tentatively. But all I need.I make sure I’m introduced to the friends, but unfortunately my Angry keeps returning and making a right nuisance of himself…Almost shouting at her…It is winding me up but no way am I going to do anything as the risks are far too great..I suggest to her that we go somewhere else and she agrees, so we leave the club with her female friend and 2 other guys (also friends) who I make a point of being friendly with and talking to. I do this to avoid any resistance later on…

So we head off to some cramped ass new place. I hit the button with her and tell her I like her very much….Do the soul gazing thing where I look deep into her eyes and tell her how much I like her…It’s just an authentic expression in that moment because at that moment the love bubble appears and everything else is shut out…Just free flowing lust and powerful emotions..I feel this with every girl I go for, on some level and because I mean it..It works. I did like her.

We head off together to a more secluded place in the venue, to get away from the crowds and I put her legs over mine (dominance, leading)..A few guys are hovering around and looking unhappily on but there is no room left for that, we’re totally in the bubble. I tell her we should go and I want her…She seems pensive but after some thought says “OK let’s go”…We go to find her friends (I don’t hurry this along, I relax and am very chill about it)..We end up leaving with her female friend! She tells me we are going back to her place “but no sex and you have to be good”…I nod assent.

We jump in a taxi and I don’t even know what is going on, but about 3/4 distance the friend jumps out and wishes us both a good time…Back at the apartment we start kissing in the front room then she jumps up and leads me upstairs..Plain sailing from there and we go at it like animals…All night and the next day too!

I did actually like this girl, but she found my website and has many friends in this town, so I cannot post this on my own site. Plus, on some level I do feel a little guilty about it. But I guess I have to get my name out there because for all you guys know, the stories about me are all hype. Perhaps one day soon I will tell some more of these tales..

Hope you enjoyed!

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