My new stripper girl is a fairly tough one to figure out but I think I’ve gotten it. She always responded well to pushes and badly to pulls. As JJ says, “attraction is created in the push.” Anytime I tried to move things along and escalate her she would reject me but anytime I sat and chilled she’d escalate me. I’m not used to this. I’m used to providing the direction in the pick-up and leading the girl along. But this one is used to leading guys and thus requires more subtlety until she’s broken in. Allow me to quote Tariq Nasheed on how to game pros:

When you are dealing with a female who is in the game, you have to establish very quickly that you are not a man who can be manipulated sexually. Because a woman who is in the game will quickly test any man she comes into contact with.

These women are used to dominating and manipulating men every day. So you have to have a boss mentality and stand up to any test these women might spring to you…… All women have an insatiable need for companionship. And this is especially true for women in the game. It’s so difficult for women in the game to sustain meaningful, significant relationships – when most guys step to women in the game, they are either trying to pay for sex, or they’re trying to hustle up some free sex – that these women have a stronger need for real companionship. That’s what a pimp, boss player, or true mack provides: companionship for women in the game.

Reading this slotted lots of confusing things into place from my girl, particularly how she is craving my approval and for me to like her but firm in rejecting sexual advances (and yet immediately throwing out more come ons). But I’ve figured it out now. The soul collection proceeds according to these principles:

  • Never ever escalate her. Always wait for her to escalate me and then grudgingly go along with it.
  • Don’t react to her come ons. Make her put her intention on the line.
  • Don’t react to her push-aways and take-aways. She’ll be back.
  • Rapport, rapport, rapport, but never from a position of weakness
  • Never forget the lure of my ability to provide order in her disorderly life, and my high-level rapport skills.

"if a girl gives you the finger, you've been blown out"

So far the recent timeline has been:

Friday: First date in three months, lots of drinking, f-close
Saturday: I take her to Starbucks for coffee and leave her there while I teach bootcamp. She is super keen to join me and my friends on the night, and then bails. She keeps telling me how amazing Friday was.
Sunday: She comes all dolled up to the Chateau RSG barbeque and sleeps over. Very deep rapport, won’t fuck. Stays overnight cockteasing me. She’s testing my frame.
Monday: We walk out to Hampstead Heath for a few hours then I put her on a bus home.
Tuesday: the following Facebook chat…..

Her: Heyy!     I also forgot my earrings there!    Did you find them?  [she’d already left her ring, all very deliberate. I think she’s trying to bait me into inviting her back over to collect them]
Me: maybe you forgot your brain too
Her: why?
Me: forgetting everything ð
Her: we have to do something nice this week again    ð
Me: Ramen
Her: what is that?    talk to meeeeee    ok! bye

[three hours pass, she deletes a photo she’d just put up and tagged of us together in the park]

Her: hey jelly belly!     what are you doing?  [I pass the test of not chasing, and sure enough she comes back, seeking rapport with callback humour]
Me: eating pies and cakes so I can become fatter    ð   [agree and amplify]
Her: hmmmmmm    i’m hungry!!     i’ll make something to eat     and then become fatter than you..
Me: you already are fatter than me, darlin’   [I want to bust on her for a while, show I’m not like the tricks who worship her body]
Her: joke!     i cant eat anything    i’m on diet     do sayy that!!!!     ð¦Â Â Â Â  i’m already so sad!
Me: diet = +10 points for you
Her: you have to cheer me up     hahahaha     ridiculous     look at for your big jelly belly    :p
Me: I took a photo of us on Sunday morning

She's the fat one

Her: hahahaha     nice couple     exactly the way i fell right now     no foods today     just fruits     you should do the same   [it sounds innocuous but she’s constantly trying to lead]
Me: Are you telling me what to do, woman????
Her: always
Me: I am the boss of my own life     the king     numero uno    head honcho     the big cheese     you are a squirrel in the king’s garden    [frame her]
Her: go watch the match     dont wast time on fb     and go work out your jelly belly     its muck better ..     hihihi     much
Me: Actually, I’m helping my friend Burto with a project this evening     remember him, the fat one?     a little bit fatter than you
Her: i think i know     wait

Stripper is offline.
[I log off to show I don’t wait around for her and as soon as I log on again three hours later, she reopens me]

Her: I deleted your taget in my photo     too agressive i guess…hehehe  [she’s finessing her overreaction which is approval-seeking]
Me: !   [ambiguous]
Her: olo
Me: I didn’t think you were aggressive     just crazy……..     olo means what?
Her: i did wrong…. lol     haha     so ok…
Me: I thought you were drawing a cock and balls    [sexualise without chasing]
Her: hahahahahaha     not bad ideia for u
Me: 8————–D
Her: this photo look exactly like u!!  [referring to a Mr Potato Head photo I uploaded to my wall]
Me: I like potatoes     and cheese
Her: you are a potato     and smell like cheese
Me: that’s so mean     -5 points for Stripper
Her: hahaha
Me: say something nice, or I’ll hold my breath until I die     …     ..     .
Her: dont get sad…     i like you anyway     hahaha     ð
Me: + 0.05
Her: ð    [she loves the fun banter]
Me: I thought you were working today
Her: tomorrow     its every other day
Me: ah     I’ve had a lazy day. Painting the cinema room, reading     How was your day?    [there has to be some rapport]
Her: very lazy as well…just went to the supermarket and nothing else.     spent all day at home     but tomorrow will be crazy     so its good to take a rest today
Me: Yes. It’s nice to have time by yourself with no pressures or work    [not taking the bait to ask why tomorrow is so crazy. It’s more important to show I won’t be lead]
Her: yes…that’s what i need     i guess i also forgot my toothpaste there..hehe     [another attempt to bait me into inviting her over, and how did she manage to leave three things in my room in one night, and why did she have toothpaste that night when I never told her in advance she’d be staying over? But she’s chasing hard now, frustrated that I’m not inviting her out again]
Me: if you want to leave things in my room,     leave money    [I’m the prize]
Her: hahahha    that’s impossible     no money ð¦
Me: ok, food
Her: fat!
Me: no, you’re not so fat. Don’t worry about it    [reframe]
Her: hahaha     you are terribleeee    you won!     i’m gonna sleep…     talk to you tomorrow     too tired     bye bye
Me: ok, sleep well
Her: tks     xx