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How to pick up shop girls

June 21, 2011

I’m trialing a new method for hitting on hired guns at their place of work – specifically shop girls. I discovered it by accident while in high state in Croatia and then tried it again successfully in Lithuania. Now Burto has pulled it off in Estonia, as did I. It goes as follows:

  • Walk into shop and approach counter like normal customer, except very confident
  • Talk about normal customer things but….
  • … eye fuck the shit out of her, low seductive vocal tone, motionless body language
  • Hold the frame until she folds her cards
  • Stack into rapport and normal attraction material, maintaining same body language
  • Discreetly number close

The key to this method is to throw a sop to her forebrain in the beginning (“He’s just talking about normal things. It’s normal”) while revving up her hindbrain. It’s a bit dark but you are taking advantage of the fact she has to engage you due to her job and you’re not giving an overt excuse for her to disengage. By the time her forebrain figures out whats going on her hindbrain has seen the value and likes it. Then you throw her forebrain another sop (“He’s discreet. I won’t get into trouble for just standing and talking”) while it’s probably blatantly obvious to anyone who’s watching. It’s good to have a wing distracting co-workers.

Crucial in all of this is holding the frame. Don’t break the sexual tension or break rapport. The video above shows how the girl clearly isn’t into it in the beginning but by simply holding the frame I get her interested. I can go back the next day and she has lost no social value. She even defends me from a co-worker at the end.

It’s not fully field-tested but the initial handful of approaches have gone well.

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