I just spent the last half hour sitting in my underwear on a bank holiday morning trying to draw a graph in Paint. Have a look at it. I was going to do more but its a massive fanny on, so one is all you get. This is my explanation for your lays / near lays as you develop in game. Don’t pay too much attention to the details or numbers. Just try and draw out the general principles, which are…

Chart 1


This graph assumes the man is a run-of-the-mill male six with normal social skills and normal chode game. We track him through his first year of game, assuming slow progress. Up the left side is the total amount of attraction he can generate with a girl. So 100 is Jabba-esque and 0 is around the PUAhate level. The pink shaded area is the man’s fundamental value being a combination of his looks, age, job, physique, fashion, vibe, character and all those other things that combine before you add your in-set technique. It’s pretty stable over time unless you are actively working on it. Your value represents the tide upon which the boats float.

The blue line is your Game value-add. This rests upon your value and as your game gets better it can reach further and further above your core value. It’s also volatile depending on your mood, state, circumstances and ability to think on your feet. You’d expect it to increase culmatively over time as your bank more sets.

Now we come to the female part of the graph. Every girl has an Attraction Threshold in which guys below her SMV requirements are blown out and guys above it are welcomed to play the game. Exceed it and you might fuck her. This AT is also volatile based on her monthly cycle, available options, weather and whatever other random shit buffets women around like a little boat in a storm. The key points are (1) it isn’t a flat line and that (2) the hotter the girl, the higher the threshold.

So now lets draw some conclusions from my fictional guy.

  • In the beginning he has anti-game, the blue line of “total game applied” being below his natural value. It’s actually fucking up his results by doing all the stupid chode shit blogs like mine try to stop you doing.
  • The second girl is only a six but she’s hypergamous so under normal circumstances she won’t fuck a male six. Note the gap between his line and the sixes’ line during the early part of the year.
  • But whoah, what’s this (circle 1). He improved his game a bit and happened to string together his A-game when it coincided with her being horny and needy. He gets laid!
  • Now he’s got laid his game gets better and he’s getting closer and closer to repeating the trick with another six. The sevens are still blowouts or sets-to-nowhere. And then (circle 2) he comes really close to bagging another six. Tighter game but unlucky to get the girl at the wrong time. He can’t quite exceed the AT and she gives him unbeatable LMR. Bad luck fella.
  • He chalks it to the game and keeps trying. Despite not really being on top form he stumbles into another easy lay (circle 3) and keeps her on rotation for a month.
  • As the year comes to a close he’s on fire. Some really solid work, riding his luck, he gets a cute seven back to his room. He battles her LMR for a few hours, can’t quite beat it, but she sucks his dick and he knows how close he came (circle 4). One for the blog.

Okay, so this whole graph is rather facetious. My point is to lay out a basic visual aid so you can imagine how the graph can change over time. What happens when you work hard on your value? The pink shaded area rises higher, the tide raising the upward potential of your game and bringing the higher quality girls into reach. You should also see that relying on Game alone is not going to score the hotties. You’ll also get a feel for how you can occasionally punch above your weight if you keep approaching but if you want consistent results you must claw your way above the Attraction Threshold and stay there.

This is why high value guys can have zero game and still score hotties, while low-value PUAchodes can do thousands of sets and get nothing.