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Hunting down a 19 yr old virgin – Meet HB Mouse

December 25, 2010
I’ve been letting things slide with posting facebook chats. I’ve got well over a hundred saved so I’m actually thinking of writing a full book on Long Game and filling it with case study breakdowns (if Tony T doesn’t beat me to it – he’s already 20,000 words into his).
My second last day in Croatia I opened a cute little 19yr old virgin . She’s a feisty one and pretty sure of herself in general but obviously due to her age and sexual immaturity it’s easy to prod her on that. We had a date the next night ending in a good kiss close. She said I was the third guy to ever kiss her. I was working the radicial honesty route even stronger than usual so she knew all about my harem, recent SNL, and that I teach pickup. Nonetheless she was fascinated.
Since then she’s been opening me on facebook every other day right up to the moment I type this. I like her but she’s nothing amazing. If it wasn’t for her virginity and strangely feminine aggressiveness I might’ve lost interest. Here’s a chat from about four days after I got back to London, so about six days from the first meeting.


Her – Hey there   [she had opened me the last three times since I got back from Croatia]
Me – hi    I just brewed some coffee    would you like a cup? [retarded vibing, giving her an image]
Her – No, not really..    So, how did your weekend go??   [she doesn’t take it, but is curious about me]
Me – We watched another movie in the cinema room last night    You went out, right?   [DHV and simple investment question]
Her – Well, literally out, we were in front of school..
Me – school?
Her – College
Me – drinking juice and giggling about boys? [framing her as immature but in a cute way]
Her – Haha, no, there were 2 girls + me and like 10 boys
Me – that’s a big group. Sounds like fun [normal relating to her]
Her – Yeah, it was. Some boy brought his guitar so he was like our personal jukebox    What movie did you watch??  [she’s IOIing with the interest but being a young girl she doesn’t really have the social skills to ask interesting questions]
Her – ..that has some full name or..?
Me – It’s the self-referetinal Jean Claude Van Damme movie
Her – Oh, so fights are pretty common thing in your life? [She likes the contrast game I play between being a rough fighter and an intellectual]
Me – Yeah. For the other guy it’s usually the last fight he ever has…… [retarded shit]
Her – ..oh well…    You were drinking beer and giggling about girls??
Me – That’s all I ever do [contrast, pretending to be a caveman]
Her – Really??    Video games are not jealous now??
Me – Wow,you actually remember what I say!    I like you   [IOI her for playing along with this stuff]
Her – Haha, I actually don’t understand how people don’t remember what someone else said, what’s the point of the conversation then if you don’t pay any attention…
Me – uh?    what?  [chick crack]
Her – Uhm, I just remember what people say about themselves..
Me – uh/    you say something?  [chick crack]
Her – -.-‘
Me – I think you are a good listener  [then knock it off and be normal]
Her – Really??
Me – When you talk, you are genuinely trying to understand people    Most people are just waiting for their turn to speak  [I stole that from a movie]
Her – Sorry, you said something??    ð  [nice – she’s throwing the ball back at me]
Me – you need spanking [sexualise on the back of the good momentum]
Her – No, I don’t…    So, what are you doing?? [which she blocks, but without losing interest. She’s just not comfortable with a sexual frame. Remember she’s a virgin who has only ever kissed three boys]
Me – watching a scene from a good action movie    Someone told me I look a bit like the actor [lead into DHV and buying temp raise]
Her – Fighting scene?    What movie??? I wanna check    =) [she’s into me big time]
Me –    It’s a little bit too grown-up for you, tough [teasing her sexual immaturity] In the movie, the guy has an artificial heart and when the power goes down, he needs adrenalinin to restart it or he dies    sort of comedy action
Her – So, it’s kinda porn??
Me – not really, but its’a sex scene    It’s a big-budget famous Hollywood movie    Crank
Her – Hmm..okay…    You look a bit like the actor in that particular sex scene?? How would your friends know you look like right then??
Me – you’ll see
Her – I can’t see the video…    just verify your age    Well, I have to register, you have some interesting name suggestion??  [I’ve framed her to look at me for approval though she keeps pushing back with tests]
Me – yeah    [Virgin]Mouse
Her – -.-‘
Me – Gotta make some toast. Back soon    Here’s some really cheesy 1980s rock opera for you    [link to Heart “Alone”]   [takeaway]
Her – I love that song
Me – me too    heard it before?  [link to Meat Loaf “Bat Out of Hell”]
Her – of course    Heard that one already too
Me – I’m back    What are you wearing? [I always drop this in at random points with a girl when I know I have enough rapport that it won’t scare her off]
Her – Again??? Pajama (actually, tshirt and leggings)    take your shirt off and tell me again    a-ha-ha-ha    What happened to the toast??
Me – It’s been eaten
Her – What was in it??
Me – margarine
Her – and that’s it?
Me – uh-huh    What’s your plan for today? [mild defiance then stack forwards]
Her – Studying…
Me – You’re very dedicated. I like that  [IOI her. The general tone of our chats is a bit too challenging, so I think I’m losing rapport opportunities]
Her – Well,…I’ve been pretty lazy so far, so now I have to study    What’s your plan for today??
Me – I’m taking some friends to a traditional English pub I like in Hampstead and we’ll have Sunday roast  [DHV – leader of men]
Her – Oh? When??
Me – About 3pm    Wanna come? [retarded vibing]
Her – Haha, sure, on my way already..    What’s your favourite song??
Me – I’ll find a link…..  [link to The Skater Tots miming to Screeching Weasel’s cover version of “You Are My Sunshine”]    bizarre video
Here’s a more normal video I like [Rancid “Fall Back Down”]
Her – Haha, that first one is a great video, so cute    So, how many one night stands have you had?? [she’s not the only one to fire lightning bolts out of the blue. She’s intensely interested in me as a conduit to learning about sexuality in general and hers in particular. That’s a role I’m happy to take on if it results in me taking her three-orifice virginity]
Me – you first    oh, it’s zero isn’t it……. [tease her immaturity to get her defensive and framing virginity at her age as something that needs to be dealt with]
Her – A-ha-ha…you never know…;))    Are you still counting????
Me – about 35  [true – I was off the market for about 11 years in total]
Her – Wow…    You have some logical explanation for that, right??
Me – When I was younger, I used to enjoy fucking very hot women    Now, I’m more interested in girls I can talk to, and have dates with  [reframe on a DHV]
Her – You weren’t afraid of some diseases??
Me – I always use a condom. Every time.    I never risk my health for anyone or anything  [strong boundaries]
Her – That’s good    ..but you still kiss a lot..
Me – yes
Her – ..with unknown girls, you can always get mono..
Me – I’ve never had a problem with it
Her – With kissing or mononucleosis??
Me – I’ve never caught anything before [also true. I’ve kissed very few skanks in my life]
Her – Lucky =)
Me – No. Really, it’s not as big a risk as you think
Her – Well, it was pretty common in my class in high school
Me – Maybe a weird Croatian thing [tease, put her back on the defensive a little]
Her – Haha, yeah, right…
Me – I don’t know a single person who caught anything from kissing    except a cold
Her – Not even a herpes?
Me – No    You’re some weird compulsive hand-washer girl [again push back to her]
Her – No, I’m not…
Me – What are you wearing? [it’s call back humour now as she realises I’m just trying to distract her]
Her – Still same things
Me – Take your trousers off    [three minutes silence] they’re off now? [not backing down to her shit test]
Her – Hahaha  [shit test passed]
Me – what colour panties?  [keep pushing forwards]
Her – Take your boxers off! What are you wearing now?  [deflecting rather than rejecting]
Me – Not boxers. I’m wearing a japanese jinbei
Her – Some gray with beige lace    jinbei??  [a floor is laid underneath my escalation]
Me – cool. I’m imagining you now… your legs…
Her – ..doooon’t…   [shy but not rejecting]
Me – jinbei is a traditional Japanese pyjama    mine has these characters on it
[two links]
Her – Haha, really grown up…
Me – don’t wanna
Her – so, you really wear nothing but pajama?? Like really nothing nothing?
Me – right now yeah    no boxers    Oh, and I have warm slippers on
Her – How can you???
Me – uh?
Her – ..well, be naked underneath your clothes    Wow, that really makes no sense at all…  [she’s frankly discussing sexual stuff, which is exactly where I want her]
Me – dunno    it’s normal for me    I sleep naked    you?
Her – Of course not    Wait, naked naked??
Me – yes
Her – What if someone walks into your room?? [It really doesn’t matter where this goes, I just want her talking about these general topics]
Me – I have a duvet
Her – that a blanket??
Me – yes    Does your bra match your panties?
Her – Not always
Me – now?
Her – Can we chat via msn or something  [she wants the closer feel of voicechat. I can’t be bothered because this is one of many chats open right now]
Me – my internet is a bit rubbish for voice / video
Her – I don’t have a bra    no, no, not that, my facebook chat sucks
Me – Just your naked breasts underneath your pyjamas?
Her – Yes
Me – I wanna touch them  [escalation, statement of intent]
Her – But you can’t, haha
Me – ð¦
Her – Hahaha, sorry  [she enjoys being pursued and wielding a little sexual power]
Me – So, naked breasts, grey panties with beige lace….    Is your hair up or down?
Her – up
Me – take it down  [pointlessly bossy]
Her – You can’t see me anyway…
Me – Yeah, but I’m bossy. Get used to it.
Her – Well, I’m not gonna listen to you    get used to it    =)
Me – you need spanking    then you’ll be a good girl  [not backing down, framing her as submissive to me and that her surrendering is inevitable]
Her – maybe I won’t
Me – I’m gonna be a bit rough with you [in for a penny, in for a pound…]
Her – Rough?? With tiny, little me??    =(  [likes the idea]
Me – Yes. Gonna grab you, hold you tight, make you feel my strength [not explicitly mentioning sex, just making her visualise the pleasurable feeling of being held tight by a man – something she’s seen in movies but perhaps never had in real life. Let her spin that through her mind until she realises she wants that feeling for real and I’m the obvious go-to guy to get it]
Her – …that’s kinda sexy…
Me – You’ll like it. But I warn you…
Her – Really now??
Me – You’ll probably get an uncontrollable urge to bite and scratch
Her – Me?? Bite and scratch?? [not rejecting]
Me – Yeah. You’d be surprised what you do when you get lost in the passion
Her – Whatever you say…  [she wants to hold me off for now, this is like a “maybe later”]
Me – “whatever you say” – important words for you to remember [reframe as bossy]
Her – hahha, I’m not so sure about that
Me – and “yes, you’re right”    I gotta go now  [leave on a buying temp spike]
Her – yes master    have fun  [playing the role]
Me – send me a sexy picture of you  [gonna keep asking chat after chat till she warms to the idea]
Her – in your dreams    =)
Me – Not yet. I won’t dream of you till after I’ve seen you naked  [frame of inevitibility]
Her – mmhhmmm    you’re still here…
Me – enjoy it while it lasts
Her – of course
Me – bye
Her – bye =)
I’d rate her as an 80% chance of a lay should I continue the pursuit. She’s already talking about staying in London for a week and bringing another virgin friend for Jimmy to feast on. I saw the pic and the friend is about a 7.

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