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I bang my first 19 year old Norwegian dancer

October 11, 2011

This was notable mainly for the speed with which I whizzed through my SDL model. Before we get into the nitty-gritty be advised that SDLs are nothing special. Banging a girl before the sun sets on the day you met her is just an ego thing – it really shouldn’t matter whether you close her then or a couple of weeks down the line. It’s also virtually impossible to SDL an eight or better – high value girls just don’t do these things. But just for a moment accept that you are trawling for sevens / sixes to get your end away before sundown, even then to pull off an SDL you are relying on all the planets aligning. Specifically:

      • She’s easy
      • She’s disoriented
      • She’s at the right time of her cycle
      • She’s single or otherwise not locked down by another man
      • She’s got nothing better to do today
      • She’s taken an immediate sexual liking to you

If you can recognise these factors then you can start thinking there’s an SDL in the offing. My personal recommendation is to go out looking for girls you really like and run your normal A-game (idate, rapport, phone number, day 2, kiss, day 3, sex) and don’t think about SDLs unless the opportunity knocks. So…. onto this one…..

Team Krauser had just arrived in Oslo late the night before. It’s Saturday lunchtime now and we want to hit day game so we head to Karl Johanns Gate, a main pedestrain shopping area. Just as we step onto it I’m waiting at traffic lights when I notice a cute girl next to me. First open of the day, I go in light telling her she looks nice but incongruous. She responds great and hooks immediately.

I notice a nose piercing and think “she’s easy”. First box is ticked but I’m not thinking SDL yet. I bounce her across the road and onto the patio seats of a cafe then commence the usual attraction and rapport material. She tells me she’s just ambling around shopping (“nothing better to do”) and just moved to Oslo a few weeks ago and just moved into a new flatshare. She doesn’t know many people here (“she’s disoriented”). There’s no mention of boyfriends (“She’s single”). I sense the planets aligning.

With me having no idea what bars are good I get her to suggest one nearby that is in the direction of my hotel. As you’ll see in the video interview she’d already decided she wanted me to fuck her while in the cafe, but I didn’t know this yet. We sit in some dark metalhead bar and do more rapport. I seed the idea of gin & tonics next. She’s presenting no obstacles and showing no signs of leaving, which signals full steam ahead. No kino yet – I wanted to do zero before the bedroom just for the lulz.

After a drink I start walking her the ten minutes towards my hotel and begin occupying her forebrain and giving the pretext of we are looking for a supermarket that has tonic water and lemons. About halfway there she asks “where are we drinking them?” and I tell her “my hotel.” She shrugs acceptance which means it’s on like Donkey Kong and only bad luck or incompetence will prevent the close. It’s at the supermarket that the video begins.

It’s on

I get her into my room and release the pressure by slow movements, not hounding her, letting her check her mails while I mix drinks etc. Soon we are lying next to each other on the bed. I let the chat go for ten minutes and finally work kino to pull her in. First two times she resists but doesn’t backtrack. Third time is the charm and she’s naked within two minutes. While I’m doing her in the arse I get an interview for the camera – some snippets of which are on the video. Two hours from street to bed. I regain F-Town.

Learning points.

  • Don’t try to force an SDL or you’ll burn too many sets. But be aware of when conditions are ripe
  • Girls make up their mind to fuck you very early sometimes. After that it’s about just taking off the handbrake and freewheeling downhill without crashing
  • Lead, lead, lead.

Postscript: Once I was done, Helmut and Toe came up to our shared room and I tried to pass her on to them for a threesome. We concocted a lame pretext for me to leave the room to get more food from the 7/11. I told Toe to text me when it was safe to return. Ten minutes later I get the text…. “She’s just punched Helmut. I think you can come back now”

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