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I bang my first 20 yr old Japanese girl

October 20, 2010

Well, that’s not strictly speaking true but she’s the first since I started learning game. It begins like it so often does – on a bootcamp. Wisdom, Suave and I have just finished the inaugral Street Storm weekend and I’m wandering home with Jambone. I’ve only done one set all day, as a demo to a student, and it was fucking awesome. The date is tomorrow so it’ll probably get a post of its own.

Anyway, as we are walking down towards Leicester Square station I actually say to Jambone “That’s it, I’m fucking knackered. I’m not opening any more girls today. I don’t even want an instant date I’m so tired.” and then suddenly I see exactly the sort of girl I’m into – a cute curvy little Japanese pixie who is a spitting double of Chihiro Aoi. As if the gods of pickup are determined that I open, she has a long green coat with huge fur cuffs that look almost like cheerleader pom poms and thus give be an unavoidable indirect-direct opener. Really, I had no choice.

Won't need to make my own movie

She’s extremely flighty at first and her English is awful. I subsequently learn that she’s just generally a bit shy and withdrawn even in Japanese. So I play it non-threatening and she hooks. After ten minutes of difficult conversation – because she’s not saying much – it’s clear that she likes me. I’m working lots of eye-fucking and getting good responses. I bounce her across the road to Pret for a coffee. Within five minutes we are holding hands across the table. There will always be sets that present new challenges and in this case it was a girl who liked me, was shy, and could barely talk to me – and thus all my usual talky system was wasted. I had to do strong non-verbals – sober and in daytime.

I bounce her across the road again to a pub for a drink and after a quick snifter of Guinness I kiss close her on the way out. Sorted. Text game ensues the next day:

Me 9:16am – Is this Sapporo? the cute little squirrel from Sapporo…. ð [I’d teased her in Pret by saying she was really cute…. like a squirrel or hamster]
Her 10:05am – Hi, Krauser. How are you? Do i look like squirrel ð¦ ?
Me 10:17am – …. or maybe a hamster… but you are definitely cute ð Are you at school now?
Her 10:19am – Thanks. I’m at school. I’m having a break. How about you?
Me 10:26am – I’m having breakfast at Starbucks. Hot coffee, cheese panini. Tasty! When do you finish school? [Japanese girls who study English all love Starbucks]

We meet for lunch the next day. It’s really hard work because she’s so quiet. I ask questions and get one-sentence answers and won’t open up. If it wasn’t for the good subcommunication coming back from her I’d have given up. I’m literally yawning and falling asleep she’s so boring. I persevere mainly because she’s so cute and my spider sense is tingling to say it’s on. We do coffee first, then lunch in Chinatown, then a tube to Camden Town market, then a pub. She’s accepting kino but reluctantly, giving it the coquettish shy girl routine – which I like. Finally I decide to go for the extraction. She plays piano and we have a piano back at my house so that’s my pretext. She very easily comes along with me without any ASD. I send a text to the boys:

Me: I think I’m about to extract my girl, on the pretext of her showing me her playing piano. If you’re home please DHV me and encourage her piano playing.

Back home I give her the tour. Suave DHVs me when I knock on his door. The tour invariably ends at my room. Just before I unlock the door I hear Jambone in his room doing P90X. I knock and he shouts “Go away. Don’t interrupt me!”

DLV. Thanks buddy.

He says he didn’t see the text till after. It doesn’t matter, this girl is totally down to fuck and I escalate immediately and close the deal. Great lay too. The video is from 10 minutes after when she’s got that glow and vibe of a happily fucked girl. She’s gonna replace Turk in the harem.

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