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I bang my first 21 yr old Lithuanian painter

January 20, 2011

This is the pay-off for some diligent Long Game. I’ll go into detail here on the end game, something I’m still pretty weak at, but first a summary of the preceeding stages:

The Meet: I’m walking through Gedmino street (main shopping area) in Vilnius with Jambone doing some scheduled day game. I see a cute young chick sitting on a bench waiting for someone. She’s wearing a deep purple coat. I open her saying its the same colour as my favourite raspberry yoghurt I’d eat as a child. She’s flattered and later tells me she thought about the meeting for the rest of the day thinking it was extremely romantic. She tells me she has a boyfriend and won’t give her number. I take the facebook and add her later that day. I assume its a dead lead.

The Long Game: Over the next three months I guide her through the steps. She gradually warms to me and by Christmas she’s sending me naked photos and telling me how she wants to be fucked. Slutty as this sounds she does so while maintaining a demure maidenly frame and insisting that she has a boyfriend. Nonetheless we agree that when I go to Lithuania she’s gonna come round to the apartment and cook for me, and then whatever happens happens.

Bonus Round: I float the idea of her bringing a friend to help cook and then Jimmy can talk to her. A cute blonde 20 yr old is chosen and we have a couple of weeks to DHV J-bone in advance of the meet.

So I turn up in Vilnius deciding Painter is my #1 target and all other targets must fit around what I do to close her. She wants me, I want her, but there’s three massive obstacles:

1. She has a boyfriend of 5 years who is fully integrated into her life and she does not want to cheat on.
2. She has only ever dated this one guy. So she is sexually inexperienced and still links sex and love strongly.
3. She can’t be seen publically with me lest her reputation be tarnished and she loses what she considers to be “everything”

The fact she knows I’m a player with a harem doesn’t phase her at all. It’s a DHV not an obstacle. The same day I arrive she comes around.

Day 1 – This is all about comfort. I need to confirm to her that I am the guy I presented as and that she isn’t forced into anything. She needs to relax and feel that I do like her and this isn’t just a booty call. We chat as she cooks and then Jimmy shows up for his eats. After I tell her “I promised I’d kiss you if I like your food….. I liked it”. Short kiss, push her away, and we watch a movie on my laptop in the lounge. It’s on now and by the time she needs to leave we are making out. I do not try for the close.

Night 1 – Jimmy and I are tired. We haven’t slept the prior night and now it’s midnight after all the travel. Painter texts unexpectedly to invite us clubbing at Salento. It’s five minutes walk from our apartment. We end up there, and start free-wheeling a new method for nightgame (another post to follow). We roll in like rock stars, take prime bar position and then talk animatedly to each other while ignoring the room. Soon lots of IOIs come our way. Painter is on the dancefloor with her blonde friend Daewoo [in-joke]. We don’t look at them and before long they notice us and start IOIing. We begin pulling girls over to us to get a nice horseshoe in front. More IOIs. I run some “secret” long distance gesturing with Painter. After a couple of hours we leave. Job done. She now has witnessed me as the guy chased by hot girls, and Daewoo has seen Jimmy as the same.

Day 2 – More of the same. Chatting, fooling around, rapport and then move on to making out. I spent alot of time doing the Tony T “masculine presence” routine. This means you are just exuding masculine energy so that her feminine radiance comes out, and as she glows hotter she feels more and more magnetised to you. You aren’t “kino escalating” or “running material”. You are creating an aura so she is emotionally drawn to you. Towards the end of the evening I push her further sexually until she is down to her panties on my sofa. At the moment I’ve hooked my thumbs into them her boyfriend calls. I pull back.

Day 3 – Same again. This time the LMR returns as I have my hand down her panties. I am telling her variations of “It’s okay for you to say no. You can leave anytime. I won’t be angry.”

The weekend comes and with it her boyfriend and some family obligations. She has two days to stew on it while I pursure other targets. She texts to say she will spend the night next time, and bring her friend.

Day 4 – The first two hours are bringing Jimmy into it and getting Daewoo into him. It’s a struggle because her English is awful so it’s so hard to get rapport. She obviously wants him but she can’t be moved through the necessary stages of the courtship ritual. We aren’t drinking much, it’s not a club. Fools Mate isn’t gonna work. Jimmy knows Daewoo is just a bonus ring so he keeps his eye on the ball which is to get me laid. Knowing that I have all night to work, I keep it light and make her chase. By midnight we are upstairs in my bed and undressed. It’s make or break.

I decide to make her chase, make her jump the chasm. I lie on my back with my arm around her and just wait. She gradually escalates me. Before every escalation she stops to look at me. Like a child puzzling over a maths problem, I can read her mind on her face. It’s a straight-forward forebrain-hindbrain conflict. She starts talking:

Her: I’m such a bad girl
Me: Why?
Her: *thoughtful silence*
Me: Tell me
Her: I left my boyfriend at home with my parents. They are watching tv together now. He’s angry.
Me: *smiles inwardly*
Her: And I forgot to log out of facebook. Maybe he’ll see our messages  [“Are you staying over tonight?” etc]

There’s more LMR until an hour later she’s finally so hot that the forebrain folds it’s cards and I fuck her. She never truly relaxes but it’s good sex and she orgasms. Afterwards as we lie together she’s thoughtfully silent another five minutes then:

Her: OK. You got me.
Me: *silence*
Her: I’m another one of your victims.

Never heard that after sex. +10 points for me.

*Note – I’ve taken down all the photos because of the boyfriend / reputation issue. Sorry. She’s fucking sensational, so it’s not an easy choice. I’d rate her as the hottest of ALL the girls I’ve fucked since I got into game.

*Note 2 – This sounds like alot of effort. It was. To get girls of this calibre in the face of such obstacles is always hard work. If you don’t want to invest the time then scratch these girls off your target list. If you genuinely like high value girls and genuinely enjoy the thrill of the chase then you’ll be enjoying the work not resenting it.

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