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I bang my first 21yr old Bosnian prom queen

April 18, 2012

This lay is interesting to post up because of how unusual the girl is and it’s an example of pipelining. I hit her up on a dating site as one of many mails thrown out and score a big direct hit with my opening message (as she later related to me):

I realise later she is a bit crazy and considers her hair her best feature. She sends me a long enthusiastic reply and I gradually pilot her into a date on our second day in her city. I’ve appended a sample of the messages (skipping about 50% of it).

Jambone and I roll up in our sartorial elegance threads for a date with her in a lounge bar then proceed to drop DHV after DHV, all while making a big deal of being English gentleman. The women find themselves compared to various kinds of wildlife and constantly admonished to make sandwiches and know their place. We move on to walk around the old town and Jambone nicely stalls the best friend to give me valuable isolation to build deep rapport. We end the date there satisfied to be somewhere in C2.

Next night I meet her late one on one and now it’s proper date game. She’s very bookish and intelligent, into all her philosophy and (unfortunately) esoteric mystical stuff. It’s pretty harmless, just her way of understanding the world. She gives me a moonstone to keep near my heart to absorb bad energy or somesuch. After a couple of drinks she comes back to my hostel room but is flightly on kino and sits at the edge of the bed. After an hour or so I walk her halfway home and she’s weird about the kiss. Just standing there with lips tight together but not trying to get away. Similar to what I had on my first day with the Kazhak/Finn. Just for lulz I test her by grabbing her tits and ass. She’s fine with it. Bizarre. I put it down to intimacy issues and let it go. While she gives me a long tight hug goodnight she tells me I “can see her so well I feel naked” and “what you said was like a bullet in my head” and other things showing unexpectedly deep rapport.

We leave her town the next morning but stay in Facebook contact. Jambone reckons I should be able to bang her next time. A week later we roll back into town and I’ve framed her for a night of drinking where she supplies the wine and me the whiskey. I’ve already decide that come what may I shall caveman her once in isolation.

This but with an overbite that drops her down a point or two

We have a few whiskeys in a bar and she lets slip how obsessed she’s been with me. I’m irresistable to women, better than her in every way, nobody has ever made her feel how I do etc. I take these as IOIs. I walk her around a while then back to my room. Now there’s no rush. Jambone makes himself scarce while we watch Black Sabbath then I make the big move.

It takes longer than I expect. She’s putting up token resistance at every step. Jambone is freezing himself walking the town to give me isolation and eventually comes back to lock himself in the communal toilet with his laptop and an electric heater. That’s the only reason he’s written some blogposts. Finally she’s naked in my bed and I get my cock in. Once I’ve got my two strokes in F-Town belongs to me. She’s crying at first (really) saying she resisted because she’s worried if she puts out she’ll never see me again. But then her blood rises and she becomes an absolute hellcat in bed. Fuck me, it was like a space hopper fucking a kangaroo on a trampoline.

Jambone keeps texting asking me to hurry up. I figure a couple of pints the next night will pacify him. A few days later on facebook I ask her about the night. She tells me…

An I've stopped soul collecting....

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