First off I must tip my hat to Bhodi for serving this girl up to me. It took tight game to get this girl into bed (in under three hours from meeting) but this is a story best viewed as the power of simple wing work.

It all begins on Saturday afternoon in central London as we are hitting some daygame. My first set is excellent, a solid number from a beautiful young Bulgarian, but it tumbles downhill afterwards as a combination of cold miserable weather and huge gaps between finding targets all conspires to kill my state. Two hours in we are at Trafalgar Square when my finely-attuned radar spots a pretty Asian wandering alone. A close look suggests she’s American-Asian (I strongly dislike them) so, seeing as my state is shit anyway, I point her out to Bhodi.

Surprisingly she hooks well for him and is very friendly. I see an idate in the offing and shuffle off. Sure enough he texts me as such. They chat a couple of hours and he escalates her pretty well with dirty talk and kissing then she has to head off to meet friends – its a tour group from the US, headed to Paris the next day. By that time I’m up at HQ doing a podcast with Tom and John.

As we finish around 10pm I see Bhodi has been blowing up my phone with missed calls. Turns out this girl (hereafter Girl A) is drunk in her hotel bar with a crowd of chodes and American girls and bailing on meeting him alone, instead doing the “come join us” bullshit. Treacherous ground. We conspire the best move and I advise thus:

  • Plan A – Get her to meet in the nearest pub to her hotel, alone.
  • Plan B – Go into the bar, shrug off the crowd and pull her out to a nearby pub

Neither plan works. Instead he calls for our address, informing us he might be bringing a few drunk girls. Tom and John agree to run interference if extra bodies are needed. I get the following texts…. its all going pear-shaped but is certainly salvageable.

Him: en route eta 5-10 min one hot young asian high 8 plus my target

Me: cool

Him: mine is the tall one. the other one is an attention whore

Me: 2 girls or 3?

Him: 2

Meeting them downstairs I’m pleased at how the obstacle looks – a short asian hamster with nice curves and glowing skin. It turns out she’s refused to let Girl A leave the hotel alone, seeing her as the lifeline to escape the chodes and have some fun. Then in the taxi over here she had made herself the centre of attention and cockblocked. Typical American-Asian then….

Very very close to this, but one point lower

Very very close to this

I decide I must crush her frame.

Right from the off I’m push-pulling, at times dismissive of her witterings yet genial and showing social interest in her. We sit around a table at a nearby English pub. It’s pretty easy to lead the chat and drop intellectual mastery on her – she appears to know nothing that Europeans would call “history” or “geography”. While I’m reeling off an elaborate Yugoslavia DHV story it becomes obvious she doesn’t know where Bosnia is, that Sarajevo was beseiged, that Tito was dictator, that Franz Ferdinand wasn’t just a band and was shot in Sarajevo. Its so easy to get her dangling on the end of my line, reeling her in. She briefly touches my arm as we talk. I know she fancies me.

Nonetheless nothing about this set was simple. The girls only met each other an hour earlier as the tour group aligned on racial grounds and the asians drifted together. Minor hiccups in the vibe and seating stall our momentum and things go stale. Suddenly we seem to be reaching in, leaning too much into them (figuratively). Something needs to change. This girl is a first-class attention whore.  While my initial blitz had caught her off-balance and pushed her into submissiveness, the slight relenting of pressure gives her space to begin recovering her sense of self-importance. I know we are losing the set. No way will she let her new friend have sex unless she is happy herself. Bhodi had already kiss-closed Girl A on the idate but now she’s maintaining a cold distance and won’t kiss again. This is getting awkward. The following texts get pinged between us under the table as the next ten minutes tick away:

Me: Ok. Mine likes me. Potential. You lead for a bit

Me: Work for isolation

Me: Energy sucks. Bad seating. I suggest a bounce to nearby pub to refresh vibe

Him: agree but dont know any places

Me: My read is they don’t know each other but don’t want to appear slutty for rest of holiday. Need to separate them, even if only within same bar.

Me: We walked past one. If we walk to Marble Arch will find one. Tons of pubs in the area and they are bewildered on location.

We bounce. It’s almost midnight so its no surprise the first bar is shutting up. Second place is open. Upon buying my drink I shuttle my girl to a booth where she’ll be next to me and Girl A next to Bhodi. Its fairly easy to have pair of separate conversations. I have to start escalating.

I brush her hair out of her face, call her a chipmunk, play with her bracelet, ask her if her handbag is full of nuts for winter, touch her thigh….. normal push-pull as I escalate kino. She’s accepting it all. I make a joke about looking down her shirt. Finally I’m confident I have my moment. I inquire whether Bhodi has ice in his vodka – “ice” being code word for him to move his girl into isolation. He takes her to the bar.

This is now the moment of truth. If my girl won’t kiss, she’ll cockblock and its game over for us both. I ask her what she thinks of English men, whether we are gentlemen. Then tell her I’m not one, that I’m a bad man – “Like this, for example” and lift her chin up for a kiss. She meets me enthusiastically. Great. I do The Stone and she comments my dick is a perfect size. Ok, in for a penny in for a pound. I pull the trigger:

Me: I should tell you… I’m having rude thoughts right now.

Her: Tell me about them.

Me: Well, mostly they involve my dick *puts her hand on my dick* inside your pussy *put my hand on her pussy*

Her: *laughs* I can’t believe you said that.

Me: I suppose I could poeticise it. Make it romantic. But essentially it all comes down to my dick, deep and hard inside your pussy.

That’s 80% of my wingwork done. I’m confident I can hold her long enough for Bhodi to extract. Almost telepathically he returns with his girl. Clearly she’s relented on the kissing, her face is quite flushed. “Excuse me, young lady” he address Girl B. “Would you mind terribly if I whisk your friend away for a nightcap before returning her to you in an hour or so?”

Zero cockblocking ensues. Bhodi gets his extraction.

Definitely nice having her underneath me

Definitely nice having her underneath me

Just as I think I’m on for mine she pipes up with “I need to get back to my hotel now.” I’ll hear this line at least ten more times in the next half-hour. I suggest a nightcap. An important part of the extraction is to find out what time she needs to be back home then promise you’ll have her there then. More kissing and she agrees to the nightcap. Into a taxi we go. The whole way back she’s piping up with the “I need to go back to my hotel now” to which I agree, kiss her, verbally bamboozle, pull her close and then she’ll pipe up again. Rinse, repeat. We half the taxi fare and she comes into my house without a fuss.

It’s still on the knife-edge. She’s one miscalibration away from just leaving. She knows she can. She’s accepting my lead but she’s not at all cowed. I walk her up to my room and leave her alone a few minutes. Then shoes off, music on. She accepts some rum. Everything now is soft and comfortable:

  • When handing her rum I say “don’t worry if you can’t finish it”
  • When she protests its too strong neat, I water it down for her. I’m not trying to get her drunker, the rum is just for her own self-rationalisation
  • She sits on the edge of the bed so I lie down at the other end, giving her lots of space.
  • As she gradually edges towards me over the course of five minutes conversation I stay still, lying back non-threateningly.
  • When she tells me she isn’t staying long, I offer to call her a cab “soon”
  • When she’s comfortable enough to kiss, I pull her onto me so she’s in the more dominant position.

Its time for the final push, inching forward step-by-step. I flip her over so I’m on top, then I’m running my hands all over her body, then feeling her tits, then undoing the bra…. its methodical work and I’m hearing the “I can’t have sex with you” line alot. At the point I’m trying to pull her strides down she comes close to a real “no”. A bit of fingering, her hand on my dick, and then just generally putting my dick near her mouth…. she starts sucking me off, I frig her close to orgasm (careful not to put her over the edge and make her too satisfied) and then its done. Strides off, cock in, notch gained.

It’s an awesome fuck. I brutalise her. She’s screaming, gasping, begging to be fucked harder. Loving it. I give her the memory of a lifetime. My phone buzzes.

Him: Status?

Me: +1. In my room

Him: ha ha u owe me one. Just fucked mine in the hotel toilets! HOLY SHIT! [It’s his first SDL]

Me: Great work. Putting mine in a cab now.

Him: Wait up with a celebratory whiskey.

This set was always one misstep from disaster. I thoroughly neutralised the cockblock and even got my end away from it, but it took some sterling work. There were long periods when it never seemed likely to happen for either of us.

The taste of victory

The taste of victory

Learning points

  • Girls will spitefully cockblock out of reflex and yet, if handled correctly, will be sweet and up for it.
  • You need communication and teamwork with your wing. With me having been through these situations more than Bhodi I could correctly call the key shots.
  • Some extractions and closes are more on-edge than others. Be careful.