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I bang my first 25 yr old Russian aerobics instructor

May 9, 2013

It’s a manosphere truism that women love dominant men and yearn for someone strong enough that they can surrender to him and bask in the pleasant womanly feelings of submission. Girls can read you very quickly and become ruthlessly efficient at screening out the legions of pushover boring beta males. When you street stop her you’ve set yourself apart. When you tease early in the set her ears prick up. When you steamroll through her shit tests she becomes very interested. The girl begins to hope she’s finally found a man worth submitting to. Then you have a strong hook.

This sort of thing

This sort of thing

While walking into a cafe in some second-tier Western Russian city I see a cute little gypsy girl ambling along. She’s got a petite dancer’s body, ass-length thick black hair and wild fiery gypsy eyes. My type all over and quite a contrast to the usual greyhounds. I’m immediately cocky and she’s pushing back from the beginning. There’s a strong spark in the air, her showing far more fire than the usual Russian coldness. I take a number and move on for my coffee date with another girl. The texting goes well. I’ll do a full transcript because it’s instructive to see the balance of Russian chode game mixed with defiant cocky game. You can easily see the major phase shifts as the game turns further my way.

Me: It was a pleasure, young lady ð

Her: Really )

Me: How is your friends’ meeting? Lots of girl chatter, I think….

Her: No, one girl, a lot of stories and sweets ))) [she looks keen]

Me: And probably a glass of wine ð

Her: Without, and u

Me: I met my friends in Red Star Cafe. It has a great atmosphere

Me: [next day] Good afternoon my new gypsy-style friend ð How are you?

Her: Hi, working

Me: Let’s get a quick drink after work. 6pm?

Her: I work at the 2nd work ) [She’s not investing and playing a little hard to get]

Me: ok [Shift 1. I signal I’m not going to mess around and chase hard]

Her: Truly, I’m a trainer ) after the main work [she realises I won’t be strung along, girls often need a soft push to give a fear of loss]

Me: When do you finish?

Her: At 9, but then I run to the train – I go to parents )

Me: I knew you were trouble when I saw you! [Shift 2 – reframe her difficulty showing social acuity and playfully changing the tone]

Her: Really ))) I just don’t seat at one place ) [she likes it, attraction is increased so she wants to test my value]

Her: And if I was so trouble, why u came to me [test]

Me: Because you need a strong man to tame you ð [lay on the man vibe]

Her: I didn’t ask u, what do I need, I asked, why did u come ) [test]

Me: I already told you. You should pay more attention! [smash it out the park]

Her: I shouldn’t ) [test]

Me: You just earned your first ass-spanking, naughty girl [escalate]

Her: U shouldn’t talk so with me ) [test]

Me: Does that make me a bad man? [reframe]

Her: A veeeery bad man )))) [Shift 3 – passed test, she’s very interested now]

Me: Ha!

Her: Ha?

Me: It’s a bad man laugh ð

Her: I see

I’ve been averaging a few dates each day so I only give her two hours of my time when we meet the next afternoon. We begin sitting opposite each other on a high table in a cafe, it’s about 6pm. I lean back and roll off a custom DHV and comfort stack. There’s a great photobook of the city on the bookshelf so I take it down and make fun of how backward and commie her country is. This girl wants a master so I know to attack her frame. Every tease moves it further along. She’d later tell me she decided to fuck within the first twenty minutes of the date – “Once I realised how confident you are”.

We go upstairs to the alcohol only section which has dark mood lighting and soft leather sofas. I’d already played with her hands and hair downstairs so once the waitress brings drinks I do the “floppy test” (credit Tom) and then kiss close. We make out alot while I pour in comfort. I take her for a short walk outside, pointing out my apartment in the distance. There’s no time to push for a Day 2 lay (I have an 8pm date lined up) so I just lead her around and reinforce the frame. It’s massively on. A sample from our chat as we walk:

Me: I’ve noticed I attract lots of stares in this city. Even girls holding hands with their boyfriends check me out. [this is true]

Her: It’s easy to understand. It’s obvious you are so much more confident than the other guys here. [massive IOI and she’s betraying how lucky she feels to be here]

After a day of post-date comfort texting, I set up the next one. Note here how it’s possible to agree to have sex without once mentioning it. Girls communicate covertly.

Me: Are you at work?

Her: Yes, I do

Me: I want to meet you tonight. Dress pretty! [forcing the dominance frame]

Her: Hm, why? )))

Me: Because I like my girl to be pretty, of course. Do you have a favourite dress?

Her: Ok, which do you want: short and sexy or elegant?

Me: That’s a tough choice! Short and sexy – just like you ð

Her: Or something between 2 variants )

Me: Which wine do you prefer, red or white? [This is the covert signal that this is to be a sex date]

Her: Red

Me: Me too. I’ll get a bottle of German. Better than the Russian stuff… [covert statement of intent]

Her: I don’t drink Russian ) [acceptance]

Me: Vodka is the exception ð

Her: Did u taste it? )

Me: Of course. I love vodka. But more of a whiskey man

Her: I mean Russian vodka

Me: Russian vodka, Scottish whiskey

Her: ))) not bad mix )

Me: I love to sit in a leather chair with a Cuban cigar and a good whiskey ð

Her: Sounds great, who doesn’t love this ))

Me: Meet me outside Double Coffee [Note its outside, I intend to walk her directly to my apartment]

Her: when

Me: 9pm

Her: Ok. Red lips? [covert confirmation of sex date]

Me: Yes! [agreement]

She shows up nicely dolled up so I give her a light kiss, put her on my arm and then walk her to a wine store on the short walk to my apartment. No resistance or questions – she’s come to fuck. Up in my room I do the usual shoes off / music / leave her alone five minutes while I clean my teeth / pour wine. I sense she needs a little more comfort so I let her browse my facebook photos. Then close. Zero LMR.

Funnily I get a big dip in mood right after. She’s pestering me for seconds but I just want rid of her. I don’t realise until the next morning but I was coming down with a ‘flu that would curtail my holiday gaming and render me a shivering sweating mess for a week. Three new girls in six days is too much for an old codger like me. Add in the relentless approaching, multi-date days, and the human body is simply not designed to have so many romantic interactions. I relapsed into a Gamer Shell Shock.

I add her to Facebook and later quiz her about the pickup. If you somehow don’t believe in manosphere wisdom then hearing it explicitly stated by the girl herself ought to help:

Russian 01

Russian 02

Russian 03

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