Have you heard the term “gutter game”?

Well if you haven’t allow me to educate you. While I was mid-way through my daygame apprenticeship my blog had started to pick up steam (I was still putting up alot of infields then, before it became mainstream) and I was attracting attention from other London daygamers. This is a small world, after all. So one day I get an email from “Antony”, a locally based daygamer who’s at my level and going the same route as me. After the obligatory I-like-your-blog stuff he attaches a private youtube link to two of his infields. I’m expecting him to be some useless duffer but no – he’s really good. And….. different. Him and his buddy Tom Torero want to meet up with me.

Bear in mind this is pre-daygame.com Tom Torero. All I knew was his lay reports on the LSS forum and the occasional long-distance street sighting.

So we meet, have a drink, and do some sets. It’s great. I’ve met a pair of guys around my level doing the same thing I do. Even now there’s precious few guys in London who can competently daygame and are fun to hang out with. We spend the next six months meeting up every now and then, doing sets, knocking our heads together to figure out theoretical points. The glory days of London street game, when my RSG gang is also active.

Why the long preamble you no doubt wonder. Antony has kinda dropped out of the community but Tom is a big name now, deservedly so (and yes, that’s me referenced on pages 368 and 372 of his book). Tom was really hitting it hard back in 2011 racking up the sets and lays. He’d really figured out how to do Same Day Lays and I wanted to know his secret. This was back when I’d only had a handful whereas he was well into double figures on them. Surprisingly he said it wasn’t so hard, it was all about the timing and then spotting the signals. He’d coined the term Gutter Game.

Open the one on the left

Open the one on the left

Gutter Game: Late evening street game, technically similar to normal daygame but with a heavy emphasis on target selection, logistic probing, momentum and ……. balls of steel.

He can explain it better than me but here’s my take on it:

  • As the sun begins to set the vibe on the street changes. All the worker drones have gone home, the shops are closing, the street begins to empty out. The sexual vibe creeps upwards. You can feel it in your bones.
  • You must make a firm resolution that you are looking for sex. Not numbers, not facebooks. You want to make sweet love. There’s alot of sex out on the street and you want yours.
  • This is not the time for two-sets, tall leggy eights, fashionable girls. You are looking for vulnerable isolated girls, especially tourists. Forget quality, types, observational openers etc. Look for girls who seemed bored, lost and horny. Most will be sixes and sevens. Fine. You aren’t marrying them.
  • When you open you are looking for the eye sparkle, that crackle of electricity that lets you know its on. This whole shebang has to be done and dusted in a few hours so if the girl’s vibe is flat and can’t be spiked you’ll need to take a number and move on to the next one.

So you go in and open, eye-fuck, throw out some light sexualisation and see what happens. If you’re getting long deep eye contact and feeling the its-on-DTF vibe then you start the ball rolling and then its all about momentum and accelerated comfort. Get her in a pub (not a cafe), ask some simple logistical questions (where does she live, what is she doing tonight, when does she leave town, when does she need to be home) and put your balls on the line.

Generally speaking I’d say you want to spend about ten minutes on the street and one hour in the pub running comfort and flirting before you pull the trigger on the kiss close. Once you have the kiss physical comfort becomes extremely important. Stroke her head, kiss her forehead, play with interlocking fingers. Tell her its so fast, its crazy. Tell her the best thing about London is it’s so anonymous that you can do crazy things and nobody is watching, that its best to take a chance in life and follow your emotion rather than being all serious and regret letting life slip by. Blah blah blah. And then when you’ve kissed a bit (but not over-escalated) suggest “the next place” and hop in a cab. This is real balls-on-the-line stuff. It never feels certain. You’re always stepping off the cliff.

But fuck me, you’d be so surprised how many of them step into that taxi, put their head on your shoulder, and allow themselves to be whisked away to the sex location. Even now when it happens I surprise myself. As Bhodi says, once you get them through your door the odds of sex rise exponentially. So anyway if you get a gutter game SDL and want to send me royalities – don’t. Buy Tom’s book. It’s his concept. So on with this particular lay report……

Add a red hat and drop a point

Add a red hat and drop a point

I’m having a fucking terrible day. There’s something weird about 2013 where most of my sets are weak and yet I’m getting laid at an astonishingly high open-to-lay ratio. Perhaps I’m coming in so strong that the girls are either in or out within the first ten seconds. Fuck knows. So today I do ten sets. Five straight-out harsh blowouts. Ouch. I get an idate with a wop and another long set with another wop. Both have long-term wop boyfriends. Now that London has been invaded by cute slim Italians and Spanish (always with boyfriends) I’m thinking of developing a long-term boyfriend-destroyer wop game. We shall see. But whatever, it’s pushing 9pm, I’ve been out four hours and although my mood is good my vibe is off.

It’s gutter game time. There’s sex out there, I want mine.

Walking past John Lewis on Oxford Street I see a slim Japanese girl dressed like an indie kid with a big woolly red hat and long soft hair. I open and bang! its on. Not please-fuck-me-on but I can see the subtle signals, the easy-going vibe, the questions to fill my silences. This girl is on a ten-day trip to London visiting a friend, leaving tomorrow. That friend is working so my Jap has to occupy the days with wandering. Sweet. I promise an offering to the Gods Of Pickup in thanks.

I probably owe them something

I probably owe them something

Then I follow the model outlined above. Ten minutes on the street. Light kino-testing on her painted fingernails. Bounce to the Argyll Arms to get alcohol in her and start laying on the man-vibe. She obediently follows me to Bradleys Spanish Bar (seductive close location) for more drinks and I kiss close. Easy. This girl’s hindbrain has already decided to fuck but its not until I bundle her into the taxi that the forebrain gets the memo. It really is easy. Not the slightest quiver or LMR. She doesn’t give me any green lights or help with the escalation – all of it has to be the time-old combination of balls + calibration. I chat to the taxi driver (his wife went to school close to my parent’s house) and get an easy lay. No LMR at all. Not in the slightest. I think that’s a Japanese thing, they have a guilt-free sex culture even though the girls have low-Ns.

I fuck the shit out of her, her eyes opening so wide she looks almost European. During my mid-fuck debrief she tells me I’m the fifth guy to fuck her and first foreigner (and first non-BF). It’s her first nanpa. She even tells me “I don’t know how this happened”. She’s never had it rough so I oblige her with a rousting. Her first facefucking, first vibrator, first anal, first cum-swallowing.

I’ll admit it. I like being the bad guy.

Several times during the evening I keep thinking that almost all of my recent lays follow the same pattern, especially the SDLs……….

Shit day —> Lots of blowouts —> One set of glory —> Get laid

Never give up, guys. When you’re gutter gaming, there’s always a horny tourist around the next corner.