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I bang my first 28 yr old Colombian architect

February 1, 2013

I’m afraid I’m uninspired to write this lay report. It was fun and I went to bed afterwards with a smile of satisfaction at a perfectly-executed run through my model but….. it was just workman-like. Nothing special in the circumstance nor the girl. Like Arsenal eking out a 1-0 win away from home in a match that sends the fans to sleep. If you keep going out you’ll rack up many sets like this. Grist to the mill. I’m out with an old buddy SubZero trying to grind my way through some street approaches to build some long term momentum. I feel off the pace, like a footballer trying to get match fit after a long term injury. There’s a niggling approach anxiety, nothing like it used to be a few years ago but enough that there’s still some emotional cost of opening. Once I’m in set everything is calm and relaxed. The old magic is still there but buried undercobwebs.


After a couple of sets I hook a cute petite Colombian girl outside John Lewis. It’s dark now, light streaming from shop windows to give that gutter-game feel. She’s giggling, bantering and its a pretty solid ten minute set. We swap numbers. I continue the banter over a couple of texts then invite her out.

She cancels the first date a few hours in advance because her father has had a stroke. She says she’ll still come out but doesn’t expect to be good company. Naturally I tell her its fine to reschedule. So a couple of days later we meet in front of Top Shop. I don’t get nervous on dates anymore. Its all grist to the mill. She’s a little stand-offish at first which I put down to nerves so I walk her up to The Cock and make idle chit-chat. It’s rammed so we stand at the bar and I begin to lay my vibe on her.

Me: You look like a squirrel. Those big cheeks [I grab her cheek between thumb and forefinger]

Her: No I don’t!

Me: There’s a famous TV character just like you. He’s called Rocky [shows google image on phone]

Her: I do not! [playful hitting]

Ten minutes later while doing some comfort on her background

Me: What’s Bogota like? I’ve never been.

Her: It’s quite a big city, up in the mountains. It’s 2,000 feet above see level

Me: So you do live in the mountains, in a tree. Is that where you store your nuts?

Her: aaaaaaargghh. Stop it!

too easy

too easy

This is just routine stuff I lay onto any girl who is a bit short and curvy. Easy meat. Within ten minutes or so she’s in a nice playful vibe and starting to fall into my frame. I’m kino testing early with her hair and hands. Within half an hour I know its on to kiss but I wait till I’ve led her to a darker more seductive bar. I know its in the bag, just a case of how hard I push this meeting.

Conversation comes easy, the kind of things I’ve written about many times here. I mix up comfort with attraction, playfully push her away, frame her as crazy and a sex maniac. Then halfway through the second pint I pull her in to kiss. She tells me she’s going back to Colombia 5am the next morning. I’m faced with the dilemma of every player when the girl is good enough to bang but not really a serious dating contender. She’s a cute little six. Girly, feminine, pretty face but just not enough to bring out my A game.

I decide to push. I need more rapid escalation practicce. I need to bed down the willingness to push for the lay on first date. I’ve had plenty of practice doing the three-date girlfriend route. Time to switch up. So I put more beer in her, put her legs over mine and scratch her temple. The usual. I guess I might as well lay out the specifics for my dear readers.

  • King’s throne posture, with the girl pulled into me
  • With my arm around her, pull her head onto my shoulder and scratch her temple
  • Alternate proper makeouts with soft kisses on the forehead
  • Occasionally grab her hair at the back of the neck and hold her tight for a strong kiss
  • Peek down the front of her shirt once or twice

I’ve never been a big fan of physical escalation but these days I use it when I’m gunning it full steam ahead to close that night. I stop short of direct sexualisation – no fondling of her breasts or touching between the legs, no overt “I’m going to fuck you” talk. She’s got too many good-girl barriers to pull that stuff out on the first date. I’d rather keep it covert so she just ends up at my place. Halfway through a pint at the third bar I decide its time for the leap of faith. It’s 10pm and she’s thinking of her flight.

There’s always a moment where you step off the cliff. This was it.

Me: Come on, next place. [Puts on coat and waits for her to do the same]

Her: Where are we going?

Me: Next place. Then I shall return you home in an hour.

Her: I need to be up at 5am for my flight

Me: I know, just one more drink. Hurry up [we walk outside, I flag a taxi, open the door and bundle her in]

Her: Where are we going?

Me: Disneyland

In between kissing me and feeling my leg she tells me I’m a bad man and I’m kidnapping her. I agree on both counts. Then its back to my room, shoes off, leave her alone a few minutes to get wine glasses, and time to escalate. It takes two hours of token resistance at each step until I’m fucking her.

Really, sometimes its like these girls are working to exactly the same blueprint. This lay was almost identical to my last SDL. Every step of the way, the timing, her moods, the words. I wonder if it’ll ever get boring….. After the usual bedroom naughtiness I see her onto the nightbus. A new flag, a new notch. I don’t feel the urge to run around my room cheering. Just another workman-like set where the pieces fell into place. The biggest learning point was that every single phase required me to consciously push forwards. At no moment did the lay “just happen”. There was no organic momentum. It was like pushing a boulder up a hill.

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