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I bang my first 29 year old Lithuanian office girl

April 29, 2013

I’ve been corralled onto a short FSU tour by the indefatigable Tom Torero. We’d been chatting over beer in London around the time of our Long Game podcast and I’d lamented how my usual gang have all been indisposed with full-time jobs that inhibit their travel. Well, seems the Welshman was planning his own trip and thus I came on board.

The street stop, actual

The street stop, actual

My first stop is Vilnius where I catch up with a couple of girls I’ve been seeing on and off for over a year. The streets are reasonably busy and my street stops hit quite well. Outside McDonalds I spot a greyhound and dive in. She hooks strong, giggling and giving me the “just thrilled to be here” giddy look. As I’m taking the number Tom is observing and later tells me she had a dreamy expression like her Prince Charming had arrived. Text game is easy as I play chode game:

Me: Hi. It was a pleasure to meet you ð Are you always so friendly to strangers?

Her: It is a national trait ð

Me: I’ve been exploring. Parks and wide public squares. Very Russian!

Me: Good morning ð It’s another great day! How are you?

Her: Morning! I’m fine. I’m going to build exhibition. Have a good day ð

Me: Thanks

Me: I walked so much my head is sunburned, like a tomato :/

Her: I also walked a lot today. But my head looks good ð

Me: I like this city. It’s very calm and clean. I’ve already found some good bars

Her: Yes, it’s calm. Your phone will go home with you ð [a callback reference to when I told her I was robbed in Brazil] Which bars do you like?

Me: There’s a secret bar I want to show you. It has a James Bond theme

Her: I am happy to meet with Mr Bond ð Maybe this evening?

Me: Hmmm… Will you dress like a Bond girl?

Her: You mean, evening dress, long hair and sexy lingerie? I have only the third ð

Me: Put some clothes over your lingerie, it’s a nice place! ð 6pm, outside the town hall

Her: Ok. I’ll be there.

With the benefit of hindsight this set was more on than I realised. That reference to lingerie was her sexualising and her volunteering meeting soon shows keeness. But I knew I had a couple of days left before the next stop so I didn’t push it as hard as I could’ve. Watch for these little tells in a girls texts or conversation, little slips that let you know she’s up for it without much more preamble. Game can be boiled down to one long compliance test where the beginning is “hello” and the end is sex. Game is only required when she’s not complying. For as long as she’s letting you lead her towards the bedroom you needn’t put on your PUA wizard hat and overgame the set.

Tip: Late 20s / early 30s FSU women are the best prospects for fast holiday lays. Being FSU they are still slim, pretty and well-dressed but they are also more sexually open, more decisive, and more accepting that they can’t boyfriend you by holding out. They can already feel themselves losing the competition against their younger rivals so they’ll latch onto your value much much quicker.

She turns up to the date in a union jack t-shirt that can barely contain her breasts. We sit across a table then I run the Date Model. Everything hits. She’s cooperating to move it along fast so that within twenty minutes I just lean across the table and kiss her. Then I tell her to come around my side of the booth and we make out. It’s on. I could’ve pulled the trigger here but didn’t. After an hour mixing the usual rapport and spikes I let her go. We agree to meet the next night at 6pm

Age it to 29

Age it to 29

At 6:05 she texts “five minutes!” At 6:15 I leave and go to a nearby bar. At 6:30 she calls asking where I am. I tell her. I’m pissed off. It’s not an act. I really don’t want to fuck her now. She senses this on arrival and for ten minutes I’m frosty and she’s pawing at me desperately, sensing she might not get her lay. Finally I tell her its ok and lets just get a bottle of wine. She agrees.

So we get some wine, walk the five minutes to my apartment. I give her the decency of pouring the wine and putting on some music before I make my move. She’s so hot for it that she’s grabbing at my belt within a minute. No LMR to deal with. I just carry her to the bedroom and have my wicked way. A very easy lay. In her 21yr old prime this girl would’ve turned heads on the street, a low nine. The intervening years dropped a point and robbed her skin of the springy quality that turns men into slavvering animals. But a good lay.

Learning points

  • Try to read a girl’s “go” signals. If she’s thrilled on the stop, cooperates strongly on setting up a date, and then rolls out the red carpet on the date then yes, she wants to fuck soon.
  • Read the girl’s clothes on the date. Has she obviously taken alot of care in getting ready? Is she showing cleavage and leg? Is she wear an easy-lifted skirt? Does she mention nice underwear?
  • Don’t overcomplicate an easy set.

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