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I bang my first black chick

January 5, 2010

Tuesday 29th December 2009 and I knock off work early to help Wisdom with his daygame 1-on-1 tutorials. The weather is shitty but not too much rain. His first student is a slightly goofy dude (as in persona, not teeth – but he’s a nice enough guy) who has been reading some material but not approached much. We get him to do a few sets. Wisdom is gone off to a nearby Starbucks to do a talk with the next student so I take Goofy around a bit. As we cross the Covent Garden piazza I hear a girl’s voice behind me singing along to her ipod for a couple of seconds. I turn around reflexively then carry on walking. Then I realise she’s fairly hot, so I stop and open HB6 Black:

Krauser: *indicates pull out headphones, she does* Did you really just start singing in the street?

HB6: *laughs, great response and I know I’ve hooked already* Yeah, um, I like this song.

We continue chatting for about ten minutes in the plaza there while Goofy observes. I try to bring him into the conversation a couple of times but mostly I’m ignoring him so he can just observe how I talk in set. HB6 totally ignores him like he’s invisible – her RAS is entirely on me. I’m running my usual routines including the panda stack and some evocative descriptions of winter. I watch for the pussy tingle leg crossing and sure enough I see it. Eventually I let her give me her number, do a boobie-to-boobie hug and walk off. Goofy observes how relaxed and natural it all seemed. It’s very rare for me to open indirect in daygame, so I was doing Mystery Method in waiting for IOIs before IOIing her. My follow up text an hour later is the “Jambone text”:

Krauser: Adam. I just met a girl. She’s really cute but she’s a street singer. I’m not sure if I should date her. She might be one of those X-factor perverts you told me about….

HB6: Is that from a song or something?! This reminds me of why I don’t give my number out to strangers on the street! ð

Two days later at work (yes Christmas eve) I send the “Assanova text“:

Krauser: I heard Enfield girls eat their own boogers

HB6: What craziness u doing today?

HB6: Don’t forget to wear your shell suits!

I figure the hook is strong and I can follow up on the weekend. I’ve number closed eight girls in three days so I’m not exactly chomping at the bit with this one. But then at 9pm as I’m getting dressed to go out to our New Year’s Eve party she texts asking what I’m up to tonight and when I tell her she sends: “Where / what is that? Hav vaguely heard of it. In [area] for random house gathering. Open to other offers ;)”


after touching my boner

That’s a green light to move into SNL mode so I frantically call round the guys to see if there’s a spare ticket. It’s 50-50 so I decide to wing it and tell her to meet me en-route to Jambone’s house where he has his target (who will be getting us in to a music biz after party later that night). Right from the beginning of this Day 2 I start kino – initially arm in arm walking and then as we drive to the venue she takes her shoes off and puts her feet across my thighs in the back seat. Things get a little wild after that.

Burto, Tony T and Jambone are there DHVing the shit out of me so before long HB6 is grinding me while I stand talking to the boys. When Burto goes to the bar both HB6 and HBmusic wrap themselves around him (jokingly) which lights up a whole bunch of girls around Burto who start IOIing him. Downstairs at the bar he comes up to say he’s opened a HB7 Brit and wants a DHV. I go over and on his introduction say to her “How do you know Burto? This guy gets laid like a rock star”. It sticks, because an hour later she comes up to me saying “where’s your friend, I want to see him”.

I start the sex talk and do The Stone with my target:

Krauser: You should stop grinding me

HB6: Why? *keeps grinding*

Krauser: Look what you are causing *puts her hand on my boner*. It’s too early to be having a boner, there’s still a long night ahead for me.

HB6: *pushes right up against me, lips almost touching* blah blah sex talk

Krauser: You can stop that seductive stuff. I’m not gonna fuck you tonight. I hardly know you *with a smirk on my face*

After the New Year countdown Burto’s target approaches me to find him. I tell her he went off to answer a business call (“It’s a ridiculous time to call, but it’s a really big contract so he had to take it”) and look for him downstairs. He’s right at the foot of the stairs necking on with HB6 Brunette. As I walk past to tell him he pushes the girl onto me and she starts making out with me rather aggressively – biting my ears and neck, groping my cock and stuff. Burto is just laughing. Then my HB6 comes down the stairs and see’s me. While Brunette is licking my ears I look at her with a helpless expression and say “Rescue me, these girls are too much!”

I take my target upstairs

Krauser: OK, this is the plan. I need you to be my bodyguard. You have to fight off all the girls who try to drag me to the toilets for a fuck. Can you do that

HB6: Yes *holds me tight, very jealous*

I go back to HB7 Brit and say Burto is downstairs. She follows me down. He’s gone. I take her hand and lead her round the whole dancefloor, ostensibly to find Burto but really to social proof the place. I leave her in a spot and walk to the toilets. Just as I enter I see Burto coming out of a cubicle with HB6 Brunette after she’s just blown him.

Krauser: Burto! Come here, HB7 is looking for you

Burto: Later darling *disengages from HB6 Brunette and follows my lead into makeout with HB7*

About twenty minutes later Ace and Becky turn up and we take two cars to the next party. While in the back seat I’m talking to Tony T while finger-fucking HB6 senseless. She’s totally into it. Takes ages to get parked and on the way to Chancery Lane tube I throw her against a bus shelter for more makeout and sex talk. Once in the venue I go for isolation in a hallway and there’s more of the same. The doorman tells us to move on so I go right to extraction.

Krauser: C’mon. Let’s go.

HB6: Where?

Krauser: My place. I’ve got a great bottle of whiskey. We’ll finish that.

HB6: I’m not drinking any more whiskey.

Krauser: OK, decaf coffee for you.

Her buying temperature is off the scale and now she has her pretext there’s no more argument. I just keep the logical mind engaged as we leave. There’s one more shit test: One station before my place she gets off the tube and says she’s going home.

Krauser: Come on. Nothing is gonna happen, I’m too tired. *drags her back onto the train*

HB6: OK.

After a couple of minutes taking off jackets, shoes and getting her a water I just lead her into the bedroom and throw her onto the bed. She’s offering really weak token resistance and mainly she’s trying not to be dominated sexually. So I dominate her sexually, and the resistance breaks entirely until I’m doing things to her that even I feel squeamish relating here. Afterwards, at about 6am, she goes home.

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