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I bang my first drunken Aussie

December 14, 2010

It’s bootcamp night on Friday and I’m not working (I never wing nightgame). Nonetheless there’s seven students and seven instructors so I think it’ll be fun to go out and get drunk while I watch as an interested observer. We hit Camden Town and it’s pretty busy. Before long I can’t help but start opening, passing on a couple of sets to students. I drink a bit more, get into the fun spirit, and decide I want to do a set or two for real.

Next to me are two Australian girls, mid-twenties and about 6s in looks. Not the sort of girls I’d chase down in daygame but they look like they might be fun so I tease the obstacle about her jacket (It’s red and looks a bit like a quilted winter jacket a granny would wear – a bit beatnik) then ease into the set. I’m doing fairly strong douchebag game like I always do when drunk and not much bothered if I lose the set. It hits well. A student comes in to wing and it’s just the usual push-pull for a while. The girls clearly sense my outcome independence cos I really don’t care where it goes, I’m just on autopilot.

I roll off into a takeaway and a student gets the wrong end of the stick (he thinks I need the set held in my absence) and jumps in. I think he’s trying to steal the set and because they’ve just had a lecture on wing rules I tell Burto I’m gonna give him a live lesson. I walk over, say excuse me, and pull my target away. She comes with me. Burto then goes in to explain what I did and why. [I wouldn’t have done this if I was officially winging the bootcamp]

I know the SNL is on so now I just have to build a little comfort and make my intentions clear. The set is already heavily sexualised because I’ve had her twirling for me so I can check out her arse, grabbing her tits etc. As the pub kicks out around midnight I sit on a bar stool, pull her in and while looking in her eyes say “I’ll tell you what I want. I want to fuck you. Tonight.” She nods and says she has to tell her friend.

I enjoy the feeling of sitting against the bar, finishing my drink, watching my girl at a distance tell her friend she’s coming home with me. Then she comes back and we get a taxi back with Lee and his oneitis. There’s no LMR. For reasons unbeknownst to me I decide I should fuck her in the ass and cum on her face, so I do.

Afterwards I am strangely compelled to give her full disclosure about my blog, my company, the bootcamp, and so on. She actually says “I thought so! My friend said you were teaching those guys pick up”. It’s actually fairly obvious when a big bootcamp is on. She’s keen to see some infields and laughs when she sees me doing some of the same things as I did to her. I then give her the Book of Alpha warning talk about the perils of bad boy chasing. The next day I push her out the door. She’s a nice enough girl but we both understood this was a one-nighter.

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