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I bang my first large-breasted 19yr old Russian exchange student

July 16, 2011

I’ve keenly aware that I haven’t been putting up any lay reports for a while. I’ve been having more sex than at any other time in my life but things briefly became very strange. For example I had three girls in 24 hours, got a handful of new anal flags, had about six near misses with absolute stunners, closed a girl then passed her on to a fellow bastard, and also got a girlfriend I have decided to date exclusively (well, sexually exclusive, I’m still allowed to get numbers and dates). Yes, she reads the blog.

So you guys will have to make do with the archives for the time being. Here’s one from May….

trapped in the love bubble

I’m out with Jimmy doing some street game late afternoon in Oxford Street. He’s hitting a few sets but I’m doing nothing because I’m just not feeling it. Then as we are walking to the bus stop home a super-cute Krauser girl walks out of River Island and gives me a long stare. “Jimmy, that was an approach invitation wasn’t it” I ask and then chase her down. It’s raining. She smashes wide open from the beginning and is giving back. This is what a good lead looks like and it’s all effortless. I mini-bounce her under the M&S canopy to get out the rain and then after ten minutes walk her to the nearest pub. Her hindbrain is “on” but the forebrain is cockblocking. Things I hear during the first drink:

    • “I don’t kiss on first date. I’m not that kind of girl”
    • “I have my principles and they won’t be bent”
    • “We’ll never have sex. It’s not like that”
    • “I only have sex with my boyfriend”

We are tucked away in the back of a pub and I’m running all the usual stuff to get into deep rapport quickly. She’s totally my type – petite, hair and eyes like milk chocolate, massive and firm natural breasts, curvy, sweet and demure. She’s here for just two weeks doing a language exchange and she leaves in three days. I’d have happily dated her but logistics mean I have to push hard and fast. She rebuffs a kiss close after twenty minutes.

I will not be denied. I ease off, run more rapport, then verbally escalate until her eyes are spazzing out. Then we make out. I have to rush home for a session of Call of Duty with Burto and she has some kind of formal dinner to attend. So I drag her into the disabled toilets across from our table and get her tits out. Good lord, what an amazing pair! She’s well into it but still doing the “no sex”. Fair enough. We arrange to meet the next evening and I run more comfort to soften her buyers remorse.

Next evening we meet 9pm in Camden at which point the video starts. I run light attraction refreshes but concentrate on the deep rapport like explained on pages 121-132 of my book. There’s nothing physical because it’s unnecessary – she’s already crossed the sexual rubicon and I don’t want to start chasing. I bounce her to the next pub and she’s getting antsy because she knows where this night is ending and her forebrain is resisting. So I keep calming her with “nothing will happen except what you are comfortable with” etc. We get a second drink and during the first makeout she spills her wine all down her dress. I verbally escalate her by the book (literally, using patterns from 133-148 in the book. And yes, this is shamelessly plugging it) until she’s grabbing my cock in the pub while telling me how we won’t have sex.

I try to bundle her into a taxi but she’s telling me she’s going out clubbing tonight and must be home soon. So I walk her to the bus stop taking the scenic route via Primrose Hill. More make outs, more engaging of the forebrain, and we are sitting under a tree halfway up the hill. We can see the silhouettes of a dozen drunk teenagers having a party at the crest. She tells me we won’t have sex for the tenth time in ten minutes and then asks if I have a condom. I’m fucking her in the grass within the minute. After I’ve finished doing the dirty we walk back to her bus stop and that’s the last I see of her.

She texts me the next day:

ð it was brilliant ð i forget about my cold and my dream was wonderful ð thanks for that ð ð wish you all the best for today ð

I try to get her over my place before she returns to Russia but the forebrain is solidly in control now and she really does have lots to do. The Russian anal flag will have to wait, and Bongo doesn’t get to see a new girl.

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