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I bang my first Latvian 21yr old brunette – Krauser’s story

February 24, 2011

It’s valentine’s day in Riga and the famous five are gonna do some nightgame. We warm up with vodka and Dynamite energy drink in the flat then jump in a taxi. Minus 12 degrees and none of the clubs are open midweek. We chuck one of the students in the boot and get the taxi to drive us from club to club, all closed. Finally we drop off in the centre of the Old town and just attach ourselves to a big group of local students who are headed to some bar.

Economic disparities

The bar turns out to be absolutely perfect for the KNM. Wide open lounge bar with unrestricted views, quiet music, and crawling with hot tottie. There’s no competition either, except for the few guys here with girlfriends. So we prop up the bar and start building our aura. After an hour we are glowing and catching IOIs from everyone. One girl squeezes past Jimmy and grabs his fat waist. A nice 2-set sits at the bar a few feet away and I really like the brunette, noticeable for a white hair band. A proper stirring of the blood. I wait for a few IOIs then when my drink is empty I order it next to them.

Me: Hey, can I just say something? When I was a little boy and learning to read at school, we had these books called Peter and Jane. The girl Jane was really clumsy and naughty. She had a white hairband exactly like that *points to target*

The girls laugh and the blonde obstacle is loving it. I chat about two minutes while I wait to be served then roll off for half an hour. We go back to building value. Jimmy and Bhodisatta are working sets. Then a fight breaks out in the street. It’s a proper straightner with a referee and standups when the groundgame stalls. We only catch a bit on video but see the whole fight. When the police come to break it up we pull one of the fighters in and let him blend like we’ve just been out smoking all along. Then back inside.

I’m catching plenty of IOIs from my set and the girl told me later she thought I was really cool but thought I was interested in her friend and was jealous. So far, so Mystery Method. When they go outside for a cigarette I stop them and tell ’em to join my group when they come back. They do. At this point a student fucks up a bit after I make the introductions. He starts trying to run the set doing some pretty lame MM routines which turn the girls off. I have to decide whether to fight for control (try-hard), stand their quietly bleeding value, or what I actually do which is roll off to Jimmy and tell him “raise my value”. He starts laughing like I told him an amazing joke. My girl later said she thought they’d bored me and she felt loss at the takeaway. All I really cared about was protecting my value.

The student realises his mistake and ejects and for the next hour or so it’s just me and my group talking, not involving the girls. Then we head to a club across the road. Now everything is a blur because we were all smashed by now. Moran starts rapidly escalating some disgusting painted-up blonde harlot and is convinced she’s hot. She repells me in every way. I re-open my set and start to show interest in the brunette Latvian.

Her friend goes apeshit.

She’s a proper low esteem girl who is clearly used to being the one of the pair who gets hit on. So she wanders over to Moran and tries to peel him away from his girl. He shrugs her off and now she’s really angry. My gang tries to divert her but she’s in full-on cockblock mode, dragging my girl to the cloakroom and gives me the finger.

I get the fury. I turn to Bhodisatta and say “I am not having that!”


That's Chodesville in the distance. Population: Moran

I storm over and remonstrate. My target is melting in the show of dominance and I pull both girls back into the club. Then I isolate my girl and rapid escalate her against the wall. We kiss, and I future project fucking her. She’s massively turned on. The club is at chucking out time now so we all leave.

Moran is extracting his girl who is flagrantly playing him for validation but he’s too determined to keep F-Town to screen her out. Jimmy tries stalling the cockblock to let me sneak out with Latvian but my girl won’t isolate. Finally cockblock comes over for one last hurrah. Beautifully, my girl reads her the riot act in Latvian which clearly translates as “I’m going home with this guy. Don’t get in the way”. Blondie cools down and we put her on a tram. It’s -12 and I’m so desperate to get indoors again.

Walking into the flat I give my girl the tour. In the lounge is all the boys, Moran’s target, plus three meth-head friends of hers that wouldn’t detach. Horrible. I pull my girl into the bedroom and start undressing her. There’s no LMR from her but plenty from me. I’m convinced Moran is gonna fuck his girl. The rules of F-Town are quite clear – the clock ticks from the first two strokes. Thus whoever sticks his cock in last keeps F-Town. So I’m delaying my girl, hoping Moran will isolate and fuck his. The moment I hear her squealing I know it’s safe to fuck mine and take F-Town. It never happens. Finally I hear an argument outside. It’s indistinct but I think I just have to fuck my girl before the window of opportunity snaps shut.

So I fuck her three times. After the first, I go next door to the other bedroom. It’s a pitiful sight. All four lads are cramped into a tiny room with no girls in sight. I see Moran alone in bed. I sigh in relief and announce myself as the new F-Town. Even more satisfying than fucking the girl.

I got back in and tell my girl about being a dating coach etc. She loves it and we analyse the pickup. I’m pleased to find out that from her side she was thinking / feeling exactly what I thought she was so my calibration was tight. She tells me she’s 21, I’m the fifth guy to fuck her, and the first to SNL her. Nice.

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