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I bang my first Latvian 21yr old Brunette – Jimmy’s story

February 23, 2011

This is a guest post from Jimmy Jambone, one of my main wings, who played an integral part in getting me inside this girl. Head over to his blog for my own lay report of this girl, and video footage.

It had been a horrible couple of days in Latvia. Day game was off. Iâll probably post a video diary on Vimeo or YouTube just for the hell of it but it was -13 and biting. Over the whole holiday I did about 5 half hearted approaches, got blown out every single time then the last one, I saw an absolute stunner dressed in really expensive clothes. I opened her with energy. Facebook close. Bhodisatta filmed it but accidentally deleted the footage. I didnât have my infield mic turned on.

The clubs and bars were where the game is at. For once I felt like a night gamer, which used to be my strong suit and I havenât been into it for a long time. The bars were low volume and target rich.

Monday night was a long and interesting one. We started with a long taxi drive trying to find a club open. They were all shut. After trying 3, we got the driver to drop us off in the old town and walked the streets in the cold. All bars shut. Bumped into a party of girls and they walked us to a bar.

And it was a good one. We went in, ignored everyone, stood by the bar in a horseshoe and started to build value/elicit IOIs. Which started to come within half an hour.

Best part of the night was seeing a bit of hand to hand outside the bar (video of streetfight on JJ’s blog – K.)

The five of us were all well in set all night. Krauserâs set of choice were a blonde and a brunette. I saw him open, then leave the set, asking us to give him value. I noticed blonde looking over, she smiled. Lee at some point turned up with a haughty, tall blonde stripper looking girl and disappeared off to another club, Bhodi was in with a Norwegian and London Sky and I had a two set by the back wall we were working.

Weâd hit the bar at about 1am, maybe later, but it seemed earlier. We were a bit caught off guard when it suddenly shut. We all decamped to the club across the road. It was pretty empty. And a bit of a seedy joint. Moran took his sour faced slut and the rest of us sank beers by the bar while desperate Latvian men took very unsavoury looking women into the toilets and fucked them.

Krauser then, out of the blue saw his two set leaving, so he went and stopped them, dragged them back to us and then isolated his target, the brunette, much to the surprise of the blonde, who thought that he wanted her. What followed was a painful half an hour of trying to distract the very disgruntled cockblock, while Krauser got his lay.

First off, when they were dragged back and the blonde was left with us, she turned to me and said âI think youâre boring, go away, donât talk to meâ.

No worries here. She wasnât fit, wasnât on my radar and I would rather talk to London Sky and Bhodi. But thatâs not how you work a set is it. If the obstacle gets bored or kicks up a fuss, it can slow down, interrupt and even end the playerâs set. So for half an hour Bhodi, Sky and I desperately emasculated ourselves to a preening, unattractive nasty blonde doing and saying ANYTHING to prevent her from turning around and spoiling Krauserâs chances. This included standing in the way of the cloakroom so she wouldnât see them getting their coats and leaving.

After around half an hour Krauser left with his girl, we waited until they got clear and cut the blonde loose. She realised what weâd done and stormed off. We breathed out, congratulated each othe,r then went to get our coats. Ten minutes later weâre in the street and horror of horrors the obstacle is back and talking to Krauser and the target. Itâs -500 and after 2 minutes of trying to flood interference, Bhodi calls a taxi, grabs me and says âWe will die if we stay out in thisâ. I tell Krauser he is on his own and flee.

Back at the apartment, Lee is back with his haughty stripper slut and some loser mates of hers who are doing Crystal Meth in the bathroom. The haughty bitch is doing a great job of tooling Lee who is so drunk he doesnât know what heâs doing. I laden myself down with spy cams, 4 of them, and just sit around the flat confident I might catch something amusing.

Something fucked up with the spy cams but I did get Krauser returning with his target.

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