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I bang my first Muslim virgin

August 1, 2010

Up the arse, naturally.

This was a slow burner. I’d picked her up in daygame one afternoon while she was a tourist in London and only took the facebook. Once she’s back in her homeland we do lots of facebook chats – probably 12 times over three months. I’m concentrating on comfort building / rapport but throwing in some light attraction. For the first ten or so chats there’s very little sexualisation. She talks of coming to visit again and I encourage her. Once the flights are booked the last two facebook chats amp up the sexual / dating frame. This girl is coming with a chaperone so I want my intentions to be clear.

Then I book that sudden trip to Paris so I don’t meet the Muslim till she’s halfway through her trip. On Friday they show up nearly two hours late in London Bridge where I’m out with Dr Becks, Suave and a couple of randoms. I’m relieved that the obstacle is reasonably good looking so Suave isn’t sacrificing himself too much taking her out. I lead the group to one of the few pubs that’s still open and we drink. My girl is drinking her first ever alcohol – vodka lemon – and this will be a weekend of firsts for her. I’m wearing my bright red Fight Club jacket and I keep getting opened by people complimenting it and asking where I bought it. Great social proof.

Sitting in a booth downstairs Dr Becks DHVs us both and I do a good photo routine. Targets ask me to take a photo of them so I do but completely cut my girl out of the frame. That gets a pussy-tingling laugh and then Dr Becks jumps into the frame so the next photo I zoom up onto her tits and when I hand back the camera say “I think I captured your personality there”. More laughs.

We get mini isolation with Suave and I on opposite sides of the table with our targets. His girl is totally into him and he plays it well to also number close a Canadian on a jealousy plotline. Kino escalation is easy so we’re soon holding hands. Seeing as this girl is from a non-gaming country I run the Cube and she scores it 9/10. It’s all going great except logistics – the girls’ hotel is miles away and they refuse to be separated. I suggest a walk along the South Bank riverside.

I’m leading hand in hand and Suave drops back 100m with his girl. When we turn the first corner I push my girl against the wall and kiss close. Easy – not even a moment’s resistance. She suddenly disengages when we hear footsteps and throughout the weekend both girls refuse to kiss when their friend might see – there’s a strange refusal to publically acknowledge what they both know is happening. It takes us an hour to walk back to Piccadilly because we stop to sit on benches, watch the river at night, and makeout. Before long I’ve got my girl rubbing my cock while I frig her. Then they get the bus home.

Next day they are dicking around again and show up two hours late. Suave nearly bails he’s so angry and I would’ve too if I hadn’t invested so much in the Facebook. He stays to help me and it works out well. We wait in my members bar and make the girls come to us – I don’t even go outside to meet them. We then freeze them out for about ten minutes – no kino, just taking to each other – so we aren’t rewarding their flakiness. Then I take my girl for “the tour”.

On the top floor I push her into the toilets, lock it, and make out. I’m quite surprised how fast it’s going. Within a minute I’m finger fucking her and another two minutes and she’s sucking my cock. I’ve left my condoms in my wallet in the basement but it’s moot because when I pull her trousers down she refuses. So I say “I want to come in your mouth” and push her head down. She does it, but then spends rather too long spitting it all out into the sink, cheapening the romance of the moment. Apparently it’s another first for her.

I walk back down to Suave with a big grin plastered on my face. He’s making out and soon extracts his girl to a nightclub (that turns out to be “Chateau Suave”). My girl is happy to stay and half an hour later when she’s squirming on my lap I figure it’s extraction time. Back at my house I take her into the bedroom and close the deal. She confirms she’s a virgin.

Oh yeah – it was up her bum. I’ve never done that before and frankly I didn’t really enjoy it. Well, it was ok – third girl I fucked in 7 days – and I suppose it’s worth it for the memory but I was left feeling pity for Muslims and gays that they get such a poor substitute for proper sex. And for Muslim gays too, I guess.

Anyway, being well aware that I’m an infidel and she’s my enemy in the Clash of Civilisations I finish by coming on her face. I aim for the eyes.

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