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I bang my first Russian catwalk model

March 23, 2011

This was a long-winded affair. I’m out in Piccadilly in early November with Suave and Jambone. I’m not finding any girls I like and it’s half an hour into the day without me having done a single open. Suave has been scoffing some pink chocolate given free in a promotion outside a shop on Regent Street. We get to the lights by the Trocadero when I see a bona-fide Krauser girl waiting on the opposite side of the road. I hand my video to Suave and say “I’m gonna open her.” A technical problem immediately presents itself.

I get quite an audience from the bystanders but unfortunately Russia is not paying attention. Its difficult to kill her momentum but once the lights go red again I know I have succeeded. I’m heavily screening and refuse to be impressed by her modelling. I’ll intersperse this post with paraphrases of how she explained her thoughts after the fact.

Rationalisation Hamster #1: When you stopped me I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. I was late for a meeting and you were totally not the type of guy I like. I never like guys with pendant chains and rings. You seemed dumb………. I’m not sure why you had such a strong effect on me. I think I was sexually attracted to you from the beginning.

I have to go to Croatia so I leave it a week then we exchange a few messages on Facebook so I can build comfort, DHV a bit, and show I’m not in a rush to get her. I completely ignore her portfolio pictures and instead SOI her from her holiday photos. We agree a date.

Rationalisation Hamster #2: Your facebook mails showed another side to you, when you spoke about travelling and how you enjoy the culture of Croatia. I thought maybe you are different to how you first looked. I wasn’t really interested in having a date with you but it was a strange time in my life and I’d just decided to give up on a guy I liked a few days earlier.

We meet in an English pub and she’s not wearing any makeup and is dressed in simple jeans and sweater. I learn later that she actively discourages men from liking her and this is one of her strategies. The first twenty minutes are awkward then the vibe softens and I take her for English tea. She really opens up and we get deep rapport quickly. My frame is mostly being open about who I am and what I want. I’m still nervous because she’s my perfect ten and I haven’t closed any girls of such extreme beauty before so I can’t believe how well it’s going. I take her on to my members bar and finally start some kino. She’s telling me its too much too soon so I back off a bit but make sure I get a light kiss before we leave – I don’t want any ambiguity over my intent. I say things like “I’m a man, you’re a woman. It’s my job to push things forwards and it’s your job to resist until you are comfortable.” Finally after six hours I say goodbye at the tube station and give a more sexual kiss then tell her to text me when she gets home safe.

Rationalisation Hamster #3: I wasn’t sexually attracted to you on the date. When you were touching me you seemed like all the other guys I’ve dated. I decided I was never going to see you again…… When you showed me that private room upstairs in the jazz bar I wondered what it would be like to have sex with you there… When you kissed me at the end on Oxford Street something changed. I saw a different side to you, in your eyes. I’ve never felt that before when I’ve been kissed. It was an incredible experience. In those six hours I feel we got to know each other better than people I’ve known for years. When I got home my friend asked me about the date and I said “I want to have him.”

My idea of a physically perfect woman

The second date is a few days later beginning in Cafe Nero in Covent Garden. My nerves are completely settled – I kissed her and she turned up for the next date so its mine to fuck up. I run a twenty minute sermon in intellectual mastery as I explain why I like the book I’m reading – I draw in threads from economics, philosophy, boxing, fringe politics, history of ideas, meme theory and others all woven into an explanation of why socialism cannot work and is a negation of the human spirit. It hits big time. Her eyes have spazzed out and she’s unconsciously masturbating her coffee cup. She tells me later that the next day she and her friend spent four hours trying to unpack my theories – now that is anchoring. I briefly congratulate myself for creating sexual state in a perfect ten by discussing 1920s economic theory. Then we go to a few bars and a pizza restaurant. I’m so relaxed that the one-liners are streaming out…

[sitting in the pizza restaurant where her seat has a view of the chefs making the pizzas]
Me: You sit her, so you get the best view
Her: Of what?
Me: Of me  (diners on both sides chuckle)

We finish in a pokey Spanish bar. She’s all over me now and completely sold, giving me constant verbal IOIs and telling me things like:

– You have so many dimensions to your character. I’ve never seen that before. It’s incredible.
– Your wife was crazy to leave you. She must really regret it now
– When you kissed me, I’ve never felt like that before. It was the most incredible experience of my life.

Needless to say I’m pleased at how this is going, with her rapidly becoming my oneitis.We make out more and I send her home. Third date I walk her around Camden. She refuses to be in any pictures with me, saying she doesn’t want to be in my Facebook gallery with all the other girls. I’ve already told her I’m a player with a few girls on the go – quite ballsy considering I haven’t even poked her at this point – cos I figure radical honesty is the way forwards. We have a drink then I extract. She’s resisting the f-close and I figure I shouldn’t push so hard I risk burning the set, especially because the extraction went like this:

Me: I want you to come back to my place
Her: I’m not having sex with you
Me: Don’t worry about that, I want you to see how I live
Her: OK, but I’m not having sex
Me: You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with

So I get her tits in my mouth and finger fuck her to orgasm. She’s massively into it but has excellent self-discipline to stick to her no-fucky plan. She’s all over me afterwards. Fourth and fifth dates I pull back on the escalation and we just meet in town for drinks. I’ve already decided I want to date this girl properly so there’s no reason to rush. I’m also conflicted because she’s told me that if we date it has to be exclusive. Remember this is in December and I’ve got a whole host of targets I’m chasing down so I don’t want to dismantle the harem and hang up my spurs just yet when I’m in peak form. So I’m happy to delay the f-close.

Her visa expires and she needs to go home for Christmas and to re-apply. This ends up dragging itself out from mid December until early March. The whole time we just have Skype contact. Fortunately for me girls fall for guys by anchoring to them in their absence so this distance works in my favour. She knits me a sweater. At first her visa is refused but I write an application for review letter for her and the visa is granted. By then we’ve agreed to meet in Turkey for a week’s holiday regardless of how the visa application goes. I’ve already gotten her over the sexual rubicon by doing sex chat with her and having her masturbate thinking about me (and texting me the confirmation when she orgasms). Oxytocin is binding her without my physical presence. Round about this time I f-close Painter and start getting conflicted again over who / what I want.

Rationalisation Hamster #4: You do not believe in yourself and you put on an act. I’m not impressed with that…… When you told me about your mother visiting and then going to Latvia, I got really worried and I cried all night thinking you were losing interest in me.

We meet in Turkey. The first day is awkward. She’s been dreaming of this day for months and to be honest so have I, but I’ve become sold on Painter in the interim. I’m exhausted from sleep deprivation, flying, over-drinking, and then she’s there dressed in frumpy clothes with no makeup. She’s also recovering from a skin allergy so she’s a bit blotchy. I’m conflicted, I don’t know if I should still date her when Painter is coming to live in London within two months. So I’m kinda cold and inadvertently doing push-pull. Nonetheless I f-close her within two hours of checking in to our hotel. I regain F-Town. The next day is a bit tense and at the end of it she tells me she doesn’t like me anymore. I hold my ground, tell her the full truth, and then she’s into me again. Lots of sex ensues.

Rationalisation Hamster #5: I’m euphoric. After you pushed me away like that I feel free. I don’t need you. My feelings have changed completely and we’ll not see each other again so lets just enjoy this holiday……. I want you to teach me sexually, use me however you want, I want you to rape me in London….. I don’t know how you have this effect on me. I’ve never enjoyed sex before but now I’m becoming a sex maniac and I want to experience everything. It’s like you are dragging me into a swamp and the further I sink the harder it is to get out.

She tells me I’m the third guy to fuck her and she hasn’t had sex for nearly three years. The first guy was a powerful politician. The second a hotel nightporter. And I’m borderline unemployed.

So here I am. I’ve arrived at a destination I’d have only dreamed about two years ago when I was composing myself for my first ever cold approach. I just fucked a Russian catwalk model, a perfect ten, in the most animalistic fashion and made her fall in love with me. And then pushed her away because I’m not satisfied with that.

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