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I bump into a lukewarm lead

December 22, 2009

There’s always been something getting in the way of my game this past month. Illness, work parties, boot camps or something. The few times I’ve been approaching it’s been to demo for students so even when I’ve had a strong hook and an instadate waiting to happen I’ve had to just take the number and run – leading to inevitable flakes. Fortunately my Romanian project has been keeping me entertained so I’m not entirely frustrated.

Friday 18th December and I’m on a lunch break from work. I walk into Starbucks and who should I see hunched over on a sofa calling her friend but HB8 Indian. She of the flaked house party. She is engrossed in the call and doesn’t notice the world around her. I queue, get my coffee and walk over to the milk jugs which she’s sitting next to. I snap my fingers under her nose and when she looks up I wink. It takes her a moment to recognise me cos I’m wearing a russian fur hat, fur-lined fighter pilot jacket and have three weeks of beard growth. Wildman schtick. She smiles.

I put milk in the coffee, slowly to see if she hangs up, and as I go to walk past her to a different seat I hear “I have to go. A friend just walked in”.  I spend a while talking over my shoulder deliberately not rewarding her with my full attention until she’s properly engaged and then I sit down. In some respects it’s like a normal indirect opener cos I even give a false time constraint. My goal is to warm up the set and (for amusement) to infuse as many DHVs as I can without break.:

Flaky, but lovely

Krauser: The dude behind the counter just asked to buy my hat. Not as in “where can I buy your hat?” but actually can I buy your hat. Must be cooler than I thought.

HB8: Hehe. blah blah

Krauser: I thought you’d be on holiday today. This is my last day. Going home for Christmas. I can’t wait to see my nephews again. One of them is this tall *hand motion* and he’s really into furry animals now. He’s got so much love to give so he’s hugging everything. I’m gonna get him a panda.

HB8: I love pandas. blah blah.

Krauser: At Christmas my whole family gets together at my Aunt’s house. She’s got a place on top of a hill surrounded by forest. It’s an old mining village. I’m so hoping it snows because you can imagine the scene sitting around the fire – she’s got a proper open fire with logs, I’m the one who goes out into the yard to chop the wood – a belly full of hot roasted food, and then you look out the window down the vale to see the snow blanketing the grass and trees… etc [paints emotionally evocative picture]

HB8: *trance state*

Krauser: Then I’ll take my nephews out to walk the dogs, playing fetch as we walk deep into the forest. After the boys finish fetching the stick I’ll start playing it with the dogs.

HB8: Blah blah, *eyes sparkle, beaming smile*

Krauser: You got any plans this weekend?

HB8: Not really. Maybe going out with [the girls].

Krauser: I’m taking my friends to Winter Wonderland tomorrow in Hyde Park. We’re gonna do ice salsa. Not really sure how but you know Tony, from that [entourage] night? He’s great at salsa so he’s gonna teach us. Then on Sunday we’re going hiking. Burto’s going to hire a couple of cars and drive us all out. I haven’t decided where, probably Kent…etc…etc

After about fifteen minutes she says she has to go back to work. Believable from the already-eaten panini and already-drunk coffee. As she stands up:

HB8: I really do have to get back, I’ve been here an hour. Can you send me the details of the Winter Wonderland. It sounds like great fun. We should definitely meet up.

Krauser: I’ll put something on my facebook.

Lukewarm —–> Warm

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