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I didn’t get into game to break hearts….

July 13, 2011

… but I’ve broken at least 3 so far, and probably 6 or 7. Here is an old audio recording of the last chat I had with my Russian catwalk model before I dumped her. We’d been seeing each other as irregular fuck buddies for a while after the Istanbul Incident and while I was happy with that I totally underestimated how much she was hooked on me.

Snapped from her portfolio

This is a girl who is constantly hit on by millionaires and movie stars. Her latest suitor is a former military commander and now millionaire businessman who is trying to marry her. She hasn’t even kissed him. So she flakes on a date with him to fuck me.

In her own words…..

Gentleman, while it feels great to wield this kind of power over a high-value woman’s heart I strongly advise against making a habit of it. It really hurts your self-image as a good man to put women through this kind of angst. But let it also be a case study in how game works. I have “no positive qualities” and still beat out a high-achieving millionaire effortlessly. Go me!

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