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I spy with my little eye…. an alpha, a beta, an omega

February 4, 2010

Here’s a little game I play when I’m out and about. It’s fun and it develops your eye for social dynamics / viewing the matrix. It’s also good to do with a target on a Day 3 or 4.

Try to spot an alpha.

Become this

It’s much harder than it looks because there are so few of them in the world. You’ll find nearly everyone carries the stink of beta. It’s an eye-opener to identify a man as beta and then watch how he projects it through his posture, his voice tone, his rapport laughter, his qualifying and even the facial muscles as they hold his face in the “please don’t hit me” ingratiating smile. Keep watching, and see how the betas fit into the social hierarchy and how the women walk all over them. Probably 90% of the random dudes you watch will fit this mold.

Then notice the omegas. Look at the fear in their eyes as they constantly find ways to avoid getting into any situation where they might fuck up and be painfully reminded of their low social status. Look at all the self-inflicted loser-ness that their low self-esteem has driven them to – the needless weight gain, the bad greasy hair, the hunched shoulders. Look at their sexual invisibility to girls.

In the beginning you’ll get some false positives as paper alphas and higher betas walk by. You’ll see the corporate big shot who commands his team and exudes leadership, but its all situational and the moment he steps into a bar he’s just another chode. There’s the good looking guy with the gym body, the Ted Baker suit and the Audi TT. He’s not getting the girls because he’s try-hard, looking to society to provide him with his values.

Finally, one of those rare alphas will appear. Watch him. Learn from him. See how he walks with unaffected ease, how his face is sometimes a carefree smile and sometimes a piercing frown. Watch how betas literally step out of his way to let him past and how the girls spontaneously qualify themselves to him. See how in every interaction with strangers he receives the full attention of the group.

Watch and learn, my friends. After a few hours of this you will become very quick at slotting every guy you see into one of the three categories. So quick that you’ll have to sub-divide the categories to keep the game fun.

Now imagine if you’d spent your whole life learning to do this, and your whole future happiness depended upon it. Yes, you’d be as good at this as a woman.

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