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I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m…..

January 6, 2010

Wednesday 30th December and I’m helping Wisdom with his daygame tutorials again. He was my first mentor and remains a legendary daygame practictioner so I’ve enjoyed milking him for nuggets of….um…. wisdom. The rain is pretty severe and the streets around Covent Garden don’t have many sets. It’s not helping that the first student has crippling approach anxiety – he’s been reading material for a year and is still not approaching. Plenty of times we push him after sets and he just walks behind them for five minutes before giving up. Fortunately for him Wisdom is a more patient teacher than I and gently cajoles him till he finally opens a girl – and gets a good response. One hour, one approach. When I have him chasing a girl up by the station and not opening I just get exasperated and open her myself. HB6 Student is down for the New Year from Nottingham uni. She’s very shy and after a ten minute conversation I can’t close. Outside M&S I see HB9 Fur Hat go by and spend thirty seconds watching her walk by, wondering if I should approach. For the first time in months I actually wonder if she’s too good for me.

I’ve been working on an NLP approach anchor today. The idea is to put yourself into a desired state (in my case the feeling of excitement as a child when you’ve just gotten your week’s pocket money and are entering the sweet shop) and then anchor it to a kino, visual and verbal action. Mine is to place my hand on my heart, whisper “boom-boom, boom-boom” and in rhythm visualise a girl’s arse swinging from side to side. I do this and run after the girl. Normal direct opener.

I qualify her right away on her graceful walk and friendly manner, then neg her on the fur hat and coat she’s wearing. She responds brilliantly and is laughing alot. I run the panda stack and we are talking about ten minutes. She does some kind of PR work and is on her way back to work. I think the close is there but she says, spontanteously before I try for it, “I’d love to give you my number but I have a boyfriend”. Phase shift into entourage game and I seed the fashion parties and give her a card. Wisdom and his student are watching.

The next student comes out and after a long chat in Starbucks we get him approaching. On about his third attempt he number closes a little blonde and is totally stoked. Before long its time over and I follow Wisdom over to Regent Street where he’s looking to buy a new coat. I see HB9 Fur Hat coming towards me so as she passes:

Krauser: Hey!

HB9: *looks up surprised, smiles*

Krauser: Are you stalking me?

HB9: *smiles nervously, stops, dithers*

Krauser: I’m going this way *points*. Later *winks, walks off*

I’m discussing with Wisdom whether that was the right way to handle the chance re-meet, by re-opening but moving on right away while she’s expecting me to try to keep talking to her, when HB8 Japan walks past and the eye contact is long enough to suggest an approach invitation. I immediately give chase and open direct. Great response and she’s laughing right away. I do light kino, light negs, and drop a few Japan-related DHVs but without overdoing it. For example:

Krauser: So who are you?

HB8: I’m HB8

Krauser: Nihonjin desu you ne? [You’re Japanese aren’t you]

HB8: *delighted surprise* You know Japanese?!

Krauser: Hai, demo honno sukoshi desu. Mo zembu wasurechatta. [Yes, but only a little. I’ve forgotten most of it unfortunately]

She declines the instant date cos she’s on her way to meet friends. It’s looking really solid but then she drops the bombshell – she’s only got a week or so left in England before she heads home for good. Damn, she had tonnes of promise too – pretty, tall, slender, nicely dressed, smiley, feminine manner. Damn. I number close, boobie-to-boobie hug and then eject. I find Wisdom in GAP and then while he’s paying for a coat in River Island I open HB6 Korea indirect and Facebook close. I forgo the Jambone/Assanova text game on HB8 Japan because her language ability isn’t up to it. Instead:

HB6 Korea

Krauser: Hey HB8. It was nice to meet you. What date do you kikoku? [return home]

HB8: Hi krauser! My kikoku  day 10th Jan ð

Krauser: Wakatta [understood].  I’m busy tomorrow but we can meet soon

HB8: Ok c u soon :))

The next night we swap New Year greetings and I invite her out with a text on the Friday with “HB8. I will show you the best milkshake bar in London. Tomorrow 4pm ok for you?”. She accepts and then on Saturday 2nd December we have our Day 2. I meet her outside a pub with my shopping bags then walk her to the milkshake bar with her on my arm. I’m gonna always do this, as it’s like an immediate bounce and beginnings of kino / leading. We get a little booth and she’s loving the milkshakes. I flirt with the waitresses and do alpha body language. I run the usual stories. After an hour I bounce her to a pub and we sit side by side at the bar drinking beer. She’s totally relaxed now and laughing lots, pinging me on kino. I’ve texted the boys so I start getting DHV wing calls:

Jambone: Hey, DHV call. Boss me around [out of HB’s earshot]

Krauser: Thanks for calling. Tell me, did you take notes at the meeting?…… uh huh….. OK. Will you type them up and put them in a Powerpoint presentation and email it to me……… I know but it’s important so you need to do it tonight……… thanks. I’ll have a look at it in the morning and let you know what changes to make……etc

Just as I get off that call Burto calls for another DHV.

Krauser: Did you book the cars like I said?…… I think two should be enough. The girls want to come but I decided it’s gonna be boys only. It’ll be quite a challenging hike and we dont’ want the girls slowing us down…… Just get the best ones, the money doesn’t matter….

Burto: Why don’t you tell me to order the food too?

Krauser: I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you order the food too…… try Percy. I gave you his number didn’t I?…… he’s excellent for catering…. Look, I’ve got to go. I’m with someone right now. Just sort it out, I trust you.

I continue push-pull kino and we are both having a great time. I bounce her to a private members bar that is a fantastic DHV – the receptionist is super respectful and we are led to our reserved sofa in the lounge room. HB8 is loving it and before long is massaging my thighs while I take another DHV call from Tony T. I really go into self amusement on this one:

Tony T: Ok Krauser. DHV call.

Krauser: Is that Tony? How’s things……. yeah…….. me too. Of course, put him on…… Jay!!!! How you doin’ mate [pretending it’s my nephew. Tony is just chuckling]…… yeah…… uh huh…… really? a snowman? Was it a big one? Big boys have to build big snowmen you know……… The bullies did what?……. and took his carrot nose too?…… Jay, tell you what. Next time I come up I’m going to have a talk with those boys……. the army coat?…… yeah I think it’s cool too……. we’ll both wear them when we go down to judo…..etc

HB8 Japan

We move to the sofa infront of the roaring fireplace and she’s leaning into me, playing with my fingers and so on. It feels like a can’t miss and I’m cursing the fact she won’t be around much longer. Moran shows up with his new Mexican target and after briefly DHVing each other I take HB8 back to my place, but just to drop off my shopping and change my shirt. I’m trying that old Mystery trick of getting her comfortable seeing your place and showing restraint by not coming on to her there. She’s relaxed. I do the photo routine on my Facebook then we head out to Old Street.

At first it’s just Burto and Tony T in a pizza restaurant and they DHV me some more. We order pizza and gradually the rest of the guys show up, including Moran and his Mexican. Massive social proof and I can see the reaction in HB8’s eyes. We are five hours in to the date now and she’s absolutely in deep comfort, joking around with my friends. I am also really liking this girl. Finally she has to had off home, claiming some early meeting tomorrow morning. I DLV myself trying to organise the next date when she resists on account of packing and other excuses. Not horrible DLVs but I push harder than I usually would because of the time pressure. I also fail the kiss close. In the normal scheme of things that would be no big deal, but there’s so little time to work with.

Then we go off and have a normal night of sarging with a few interesting sets.

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