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I’m speaking at Warsaw 21 Convention

April 26, 2019

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at the Warsaw The 21 Convention. You can click here to find out more about the event, and ticket information.


Wait…. what? Haven’t you been slagging off The 21 Convention on this very blog? you say.

Um… well… yes. Perhaps an explanation is in order. My primary issue with T21C was that it was purple pill. Speakers would espouse a fundamentally blue pill ideology wrapped up with a little red pill seasoning to make it seem edgy. I didn’t like that so much. Also, I thought the daygame guys featured weren’t credible (e.g. The Natural Lifestyles) and wasn’t shy about saying so.

While I took my eye off the ball, T21C underwent changes. The owner/promoter Anthony Johnson underwent a red pill conversion following a bad relationship (now the subject of one of his talks), then Rollo Tomassi joined the team and lent his expertise to the booking of speakers.

Rollo recently invited me to speak at the Warsaw event. I have great respect for Rollo so when he went into the detail of T21C’s red pill turn and its new direction, I quickly warmed to the idea. “But surely my big mouth has gotten me onto Anthony’s shit list?” I asked. Apparently not. Anthony personally sent me a formal invitation and gave carte blanche for me to publicly air any reservations I still held about appearing at his event.

So, it’s on.

I’ll write more as the time approaches and as more speakers are confirmed. As yet, we haven’t agreed the subject of my talk. I’m quite excited to meet some of the listed speakers, particularly Richard Grannon (who’s YouTube I’ve been watching for a couple of years) and of course Rollo Tomassi himself.

Those of you interested in a huge 4-day high-end event should check out this link. Buying a ticket through this link will support my work, as I receive a % of the ticket price. Tickets begin with a $1,000 early-bird discount that runs out in a couple of days. From there, the price gradually climbs towards the on-the-door price. That said, I’ll be speaking at T21C regardless of how sales go. I also intend to participate in whatever group discussions I’m invited to.

More details will follow. If any of you are already hyped-up to attend, fire me an email and I might be able to do a modest discount.

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