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Indirect, Direct, Indirect-Direct daygame

October 15, 2011

I’m a strong believer that direct day game (or more accurately, indirect-direct day game) is the gold standard of pick-up. I’ve discussed some of the limitations of night game but have not really pontificated on doing your work sober while the sun is shining. My book lays out a detailed model for picking up smoking hot girls and feeling good while you do it. I ignore indirect completely in the book but perhaps I should explain why. First I should define terms:

      • Indirect: You hide your romantic and/or sexual interest in a girl early in the interaction
      • Direct: You explicitly state the same intent
      • Indirect-Direct: You implicitly state your intent through subcommunication while not explicitly stating it in words

These are listed in ascending order of difficulty and desireability. The big advantage of indirect is it requires almost zero balls – which is also it’s main failing. You are creeping your way in under the radar and hoping that the girl won’t rumble you until you’ve displayed enough passive value and relaxed her. By delaying the statement of intent you are delaying the moment of truth when she must decide if you are going to be on her romantic radar. For newbies this is great news – All the validation of cold approaching a girl into conversation and none of the rejection. I do recommend 100 sets or so of indirect game just to get your social skills sharpened and because its the easy way in. But accept that by not showing any balls you are keeping your greatest weapon holstered.

Women are attracted to confidence more than any other male attribute.

I’ll tell you right now where you will get with indirect daygame: lot’s of gentle blowouts, lot’s of wasted time, and the occasional lay with girls a point or two below you in physical attractiveness. For most men that is an improvement on their current lifestyle so more power to them.

The big advantages of direct game are (i) the show of confidence will immediately earn you an extra two points to bring those better-looking-than-you girls into your reach and (ii) you waste far less time on “no” girls. Oh yeah, it’s better for your frame too because you feel like a man. Hiding intent hurts your frame and vibe over time by reinforcing manipulative behaviour.

However the big disadvantage, assuming you have the balls to even try, is that you are bringing forwards the moment of truth where she can blow you out. In the beginning when your personal charismatic value is low, you will suffer far more blowouts. This is why I don’t recommend Mode One-style approaches (even though the subtext of the book is good for underlying the pick up). Once you have your subcommunication down pat I’d suggest a transition to indirect-direct. You get all the advantages of delaying the moment of truth until the girl is warmed up and yet also all the advantages of using your balls. My book is indirect-direct.

The attached video [now removed] should give an example of why indirect-direct street stops are the pinnacle of Game. Efficient, fun, vast pool of targets, and access to top-drawer birds. This girl took four dates to bring home and she is emminently dateable. If she hadn’t been forced to return to her country I’d still be dating her. I look like a potato. If I did indirect I’d be dating potatoes.

Game doesn’t have to be about sweeping up DTF grotty nightclub sixes. Aim high.

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