Here’s a quick overview of a new form of game I’ve been creating. It’s was originally intended as a tangent in my Soul Collection presentation but now that’s indefinitely shelved it’s time to dust off the intellectual mastery and find a way to use it as Light rather than Dark Side. The basic goal of IM is:

Blow a girl’s mind and redefine her reality to fit her within yours.

Yes, that’s really vague so I’ll unpack the detail. There’s things I can’t do well in game because of who I am. I’m not young, I’m not good looking, and I can’t dance for shit. There are other things in life I am way above average at so if I can move the game to my battlefield I can win. Like the old adage – who wins a fight between a shark and a tiger? It all depends if they fight in the sea or the jungle.


or between a pirate and a ninja

This is what I’m good at. If you are too, intellectual mastery will work for you:

  • Considerably above average intelligence
  • Very widely read in culture, philosophy, science etc
  • Old enough to have settled into your place as a man
  • Seen alot of the world and the people in it, e.g. through travel or life experience

Regular readers are aware of the Jungian male archetypes of King, Warrior, Lover, Magician. It is the latter which is exemplified by this type of game. The Magician has access to forbidden knowledge that allows the world to be bent to your will. He’s the rainmaker, the witch doctor, the reader of entrails. Think for yourself when you first got into Game. Remember the lure of a secret dark art that allows you to manipulate women into your bed. It’s intoxicating. Why are we seduced by promises such as a gambling system that allows you to “beat” the fruit machines, or the secrets of streetfighting, or predictive technical analysis of stock market movements? We are lured by the use of an unfair advantage to exercise power over the world to get what we want.

Women are attracted to a man who bends the world to his will, rather than bends to fit the world. The man can be the King who provides organisation, the Warrior who enforces through will and violence, or even the Lover who inspires through joy. In this case, we are harnessing the Magician. We will show the woman that we see the world with penetrating clarity, we see the deep tidal undercurrents around which people bob powerlessly like boats in a violent sea. We see the matrix. What she sees as fuzzy, vague and impossibly complex we see as sharp, defined and clearly labelled.

Look at a classic optical illusion

Try un-seeing it

Once you’ve seen the Dalmatian, you can never unsee it. Your reality has been permanently shifted to observe a pattern from randomness. You will be doing this to the girl on a grand scale. Initially she will feel intrigue, then wonder, then total supplication to her educator, then hunger for more, and finally place herself completely within your control for emotional and intellectual direction. You will find the girl entrusts her life’s direction to you. You are not merely leading her pussy or her body. You are leading her soul.

Next post, I show how to do it here.