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April 8, 2014

I’ve been out daygaming for three days since arriving in Russia. We’ll be here for a while so I’m taking it easy and not running amok like I have in the past. Just a couple of hours a day, cherry-picking my sets according to DNA-tug or if I cop an IOI. So far I’ve done about ten sets a day and taken five numbers each time.

My state has been poor. After taking nearly three months off I’ve lost all momentum and that fine-tuning to the street that regular game gives has disappeared. It doesn’t worry me because I know the muscle-memory is trained and thus I can free myself of micro-management. In this state I noticed an interesting phenomenon that happens alot for me now.

  • When I’m in set, I feel super-relaxed and natural.
  • When I’m between sets, I feel like shit. Like the whole thing is an intolerable grind.

I don’t worry because I’m just like a footballer returning to camp after an off-season. My daygame legs will return, as will my love for it. Nonetheless it intrigued me how I can be in such shit state and yet still turn it on immediately from the open. So like I often do when an idea occurs to me, I sit down with Tom and discuss it.

He’s not micro-managing his sets either. All of those things in Daygame Mastery are just embedded into our DNA now.

  • Feel the strength of the hook
  • Manage her energy levels
  • Teasing and challenging

We aren’t thinking about any of that. Instead we’ve both been doing the same thing intuitively, which is directing ourselves to an empty-minded flow state and then making sure we “give her The Eyes”. We are confident that all the other stuff will sort itself out.

I had a set at the end of my second day with was a perfect expression of this, like a high watermark of exactly what my Game will look like when I’m consistently at my next level up. I was coming home from an idate with a glow in my breast and a spring in my step. I felt great. My mind was free and calm and I looked forward to soaking in a hot bath. From fifty metres away my RAS pings for a greyhound on the other side of a busy road. She’s exactly the girl I would’ve designed if I had one of those Weird Science machines.

weird science
I put my swag on and look away as we cross the road, passing each other midway. As we pass I look around and catch her checking me out. There’s a Moment (to use Jabba terminology). Electricty crackles. She’s smoking hot, on her way home from university. I double back and open. Everything is right. It’s like dialling a radio receiver to receive a faint transmission from another galaxy and getting a perfectly clear line. My eyes are sparkling, by body language exuding happiness, and yet there’s an unapologetic and pure sexual intent. This is the kind of flow state that can’t be manufactured. More practice lets you hit it for longer and more often but it’s never really in your control.

The effect on her is momentous. She’s rocked back on her heels, blushes and starts the “daygame sway” (when a super-on girl rocks around like a drunken sailor on deck in a storm). Her English is weak but it doesn’t matter. Throughout the five minute chat we keep falling in and out of “the trance”. I’m used to putting eye mesmer onto girls but it’s rare that I have them mesmering me so strong that it gives me the sway. But I felt it hard.

We swap numbers. I want to idate but I know my vibe is on it’s last hurrah from the previous idate so I don’t risk it. As we agree to meet for coffee and shake hands, it lingers.

Basically, this

Basically, this

What a set!

This is the magic of daygame. It touches you in a way I’ve never found in nightgame. My conversation was unremarkable and it often came out stilted. It didn’t matter. Everything that did matter was in the eyes and this finely-balanced connection. She immediately replied to my texts and our day two went great.

I explore this more in the upcoming material I’m doing with Steve. Once you have thoroughly deconstructed your game and rebuilt the high-performance engine, that phase is over. You’ve got the F-1 car and it’s finely tuned. Your mind now turns Senna-like to the driving, which you do emotionally in a flow state. I can’t hit this state at will, but in the past few days I’ve slipped in and out of it. I’ve watched Tom’s sets as he slips in and out of it. The effect on the girl is profound.

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