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Jimmy blows my set #4

November 24, 2010

On intermediate bootcamp we teach about wing rules, particularly focused on night game. There are some basic principles such as:

    • Whoever opens the set runs the set
    • The player is always right. The wing never ever takes the women’s side.
    • The wing talks less than the player and always defers to the player.
    • The player can order the wing around

There’s lots more to it because winging well is a skills set all of its own. Daygame is a bit different because it’s basically a solo sport. In this case winging is mostly about keeping each other out of your heads and generating pre-approach value. So here is a video showing wing work in action. Bad wing work.

0:08 – My pre-frame tease while abroad. Way better than the supplicating “can you speak English?”
0:19 – I begin the all-new Krauser Direct Shop Staff Opener ™. If you use this, I want royalties.
0:34 – I’ve come in hard and fast. She’s IOIing already because my body language is confident, my vocal tone slow and even, and I’m eye-fucking the shit out of her. The words are almost incidental.
0:47 – Just normal stacking.
1:02 – Retarded shit as I move into vibing.
1:13 – Another stack because she had her nails painted in an interesting pattern.
1:25 – She’s laughing and going into a funny “in the presence of an alpha” state. Her eyes spazz out, she’s biting her lips, and laughing nervously.
1:40 – She’s kinoing me.
2:04 – A new routine when abroad – “you look like my image of….”
2:13 – See the physical involuntary IOIs such as chewing on her mouth.
2:47 – Lot’s of low vocal tone, slow pacing, eye-fucking.
3:38 – Blatant sexualisation, then a tension release. She takes it well, which is a green light. She’s not giving me any “I’m only talking to you because I have to” signals.

Anyway, you get the idea. Jimmy comes in at the end when the set is 50/50 and she’s about to give her facebook. She was ripe for a long gaming but no, Jimmy wants his scented candles and the set is blown.

Jimmy is blogging more seriously now so he’s got a post up trying to explain himself. And guess which RSG member it is who teaches wing rules? Oh, the irony…..

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