I’ve been saying for quite a while that fat alcoholic JMULV was obviously full of shit. It was immediately clear just from watching him talk: fat face, flat affect in the eyes, and zero charisma. He also just oozes liar. So when the usual PUA morons started jumping on his bandwagon I did try to warn them. I checked his YouTube for infields and that confirmed to me he has zero game. He was just approaching drunk chicks in open air parties and trying to get photos with them for his Instagram.

Here’s my original opinion, in January this year, based on a very quick skim over his YouTube. He didn’t pass the smell test:

Just saw this from a backlink. I think you need to get your bullshit detector recalibrated because this guy is all smoke and mirrors. I watched 3 of his daygame infields: 2 outdoors where heâs taking Instagram picks with sloppy drunk girls in underwear, and a short number close of a tall sloppy blonde.

They are awful game. Purely social, probably polite âhereâs my number, go awayâ rejections. One of the 2-sets literally physically rejects him at the end (the âthreesomeâ framing one) and the other two sets have even less sexual tension. Ignore the âtellâ and focus on the âshowââ. These show awful game on uninterested girls.

Do the maths as well, per your data-driven approach. You said he claims 766 lays? Ok, letâs say heâs 35 now and started getting laid when he was 15, giving him an active sex life of 20 years. Thatâs wildly favourable assumptions in his favour, but make the calculation easier.

766 lays in 7300 days, or one new girl every 9.5 days. Consistently, over 20 years.

Non-stop. Thatâs the average, not a one-month hot streak. That average includes learning the game, having a job, getting ill, getting sick of it, having runs of bad luck, spending time with girls you see more than once, having dates, getting flaked on.

He looks younger than 35 to me (is his real age in public domain?) so the implied average is probably more like one every 5 or 7 days. And this from a guy who appears to have really crappy game and aside from his height, no obvious value. Iâm pretty sure a man capable of banging girls at that rate would look considerably better in set or be trading on higher personal value.

So, Iâve spent a total of 15 minutes of my life looking into this guy and Iâm calling bullshit. If Iâm missing something feel free to let me know. Would be nice to find at least one RSD guy whoâs not full of shit.

A bit later I had a look at this Instagram. That made it even more obvious. He was flying to P4P hotspots in South America and then taking photos with obvious hookers. Leaving aside for the moment the unlikelihood of him rolling up in a city and banging a hottie on his first night (consistently), there’s the fact that most of these girls look exactly like hookers. Hooker clothes, bodies, tattoos, and same coyness about having their face shown on his Instagram.

Fat faggot with hookers

If that’s not obvious to you, you completely lack calibration

My second comment in January:

Dark triad success is a manosphere fairy story. I had a look at that Instagram. Most of the women have a strong smell of escort. My money is that heâs banging hookers and claiming them as notches. Itâs not just the women heâs lying to. But I suppose youâll have to wait until he trips up and leaves a smoking gun before youâll stop believing.

And now itâs 780 lays since 2009? This is comedy.

And a follow-up:

We disagree, thatâs fine. My bullshit detector is buzzing off the charts with this guy. He does come off as socially retarded to me.

âHe started in his late 20s in 2009 from Mystery Method and apparently achieved his âfirst 100 laysâ from thatâ = 8 years = 2,920 days = one new girl every 3.7 days

âThe reports are thatâ¦â not from credible people. Liars surround themselves with fools and other liars.

Why is it so hard to believe that an admitted sociopathic hedonistic liar would also be lying to you? That an obvious narcissist who puts on an admitted false front with women isnât doing exactly the same thing to the internet? That a guy with a very well-paid job and poor social skills wouldnât just pay for hookers?

Look at the Instagram harder. Look how many girls are clearly uncomfortable in posture and facial expression. How many show their ass but not their face (big hooker tell). Look at his infields where heâs getting IG-type photos with girls heâll obviously never see again. Heâs constructing a fake front and youâve bought it.

âIf something looks too good to be true, it probably isâ

Everywhere he goes on holiday, within two days heâs had a threesome. No one else does that. Sorry, one type of person does⦠P4P sex tourists.

Youâre absolutely welcome to disagree with me. Iâm telling you heâs a con man. Make of that whatever you will.

BTW, âdark triadâ is bullshit. You hear stories of all these mega-alpha thugs getting the hot women but the evidence rarely bears this out. Almost every time, the women are horrendous (below the manâs own looks by a long way). Look into those stories of incarcerated drug dealers banging the female guards, or the cholo drug dealers giving drugs to skanky white girls (thatâs P4P not game). Itâs marketing bullshit dangling the exotic âotherâ in front of cubicle jockey PUA customers, just another ââsecret systemâ.

I don’t post these to be hard on the blogger I was replying to, who thought JMULV was the greatest PUA ever. Everyone gets conned at least once, myself included. You have to learn so you don’t keep falling for the scams. I’m just outlining my thought process in sniffing out the JMULV con early, as you get a nose for these things. What I suspected is what the guy in the video has now proved, eight months later, with smoking gun evidence.

When JMULV recently went to Sopot, it’s rather harder to find hookers there so his quality took a rapid nosedive and suddenly he’s posting pics of fiercely ugly Tinder chubbies. Somehow all the PUA clowns in Poland were taking him at his word, that he’s getting real notches with hotties. Astonishing.

From the very beginning it was obvious from his statistics that he’s a fraud. To take him at his word you’d have to believe he’s the greatest seducer of women who ever lived. This fat useless fuckwit.


Anyway, watch the video. Though I knew he was a fake, this guy has actually done the work and accumulated the evidence. So, he deserves the credit for the expose. And he’s absolutely right when he says we should have no mercy for these con-men who spit in the face of real PUAs who spent years of hard work learning their craft and getting real results.

My question is this: Will you morons ever learn? Will those of you aboard the JMULV bangwagon [1] take this opportunity to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why did I fall for this obvious scam?
  • Why did I so desperately want JMULV to be legit?
  • Why did I ignore all the red flags even though respected members of the community [2] had pointed them out very clearly?
  • Why did I get passive-aggressive in defending him, accusing others of being jealous or stupid or close-minded?
  • Do I actually have any understanding of Game as a theoretical system, seeing as I failed to apply any of that knowledge to this no-game clown?
  • Why am I so keen to jump on the bandwagon of any scammer with a good story?
  • Was I just following the herd, when all the other forum and blog nonces said he was legit I was unable to form and stand by my own opinion?
  • Should I believe what my eyes show me, or what the internet tells me?

I’d like to think there’ll be a time when aspiring players will no longer be such suckers. Let’s all learn from this, okay?

If you’d like to learn game from someone who actually has game, a long history of posting real evidence of his success, and has never hired an actress or hooker to claim as a notch, then try my products here.

[1] Or Christian MacQueen, or Wayne Dating, or (to a lesser extent) RSD etc

[2] That’s me