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Kill Momentum 101 – Don’t move your feet

June 8, 2011

One of our students on the Estonia residential had never heard of the “Yad stop”, where you jump in front of the girl and stop her dead in her tracks. It’s the basic bread and butter of London daygame. So we taught him that and his results jump up immediately.

It’s always tempting for guys to follow a girl. Even when you’ve done your big “stop” movement, the girl might keep walking and then your feet will start following her automatically. Resist it. Don’t chase the girl. Don’t pander to her whims. A man who holds his ground exercises a magnetic power over women.

Here’s an example.

This hot young thing turned out to be a mum on her way home to her small child. A fair excuse. For training purposes just notice how I never move my feet, I keep talking, and I order her around. She loves it.

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