I believe in mentoring. Any skill I’ve learned in my life I’ve always found that having a skilled guy leading me through it reaps much better rewards than mere hard work and persistence alone. So at some point I was gonna put down the books and get some instruction but two things were holding me back:

1. I don’t like going into lessons cold. I feel like I’ll get much more out of classroom time if I’ve done my homework and read up. In this case, I figured I needed to try approaching to give myself a baseline.
2. All the boot camps I’ve seen advertised are a grand a pop and it’s not clear which are good.

Eventually I got recommended the Sarge School which were doing two day boot camps in London for £99. At that number it’s worth the risk so I go for it.

July 2009
We meet up at a tube station and are walked to a pub where they have the run of the place. The instructors all ooze charisma and make us feel comfortable. There’s four other students of whom two are desperately chode and the other seems a bit like me – a history of decent success but rebounded off a chilly break-up. There’s a few hours of seminar presentation and they take us out to Piccadilly for an in-field. My state is pretty good but lots of AA.

We spend an hour outside the club with the instructors pushing us into sets just to ask directions and other small talk. I do a few, then my assigned wing opens a cute 2-set by Boots. I get pushed into his set and he hangs around long enough to see me hook then rolls off. Two nice French girls, and I email close the cutest. State rises.

Inside the club (Jewel) I feel great. These guys are excellent at social proof and maintaining state. They push me into a seated 2-set – HB6 Egyptian HB8 Algerian. I opinion open (“How can I tell, upon first meeting a girl, if she has a dangerous love hate relationship…. with chocolate?”). HB8 squeals that she loves chocolate, pulls a Dairy Milk out her bag and hand feeds it to me. I sit down and hook for half an hour. I’ve got DHV stories ready that hit well. My wing helps, then I roll off and reopen later getting a numberclose. We text over a week and add to Facebook but ultimately no Day 2.


Doesn’t matter. I rock! I realise later that I didn’t get her properly invested and I was too much the entertainer. I should’ve stood her up and led her somewhere.

I open a few more including a very flirty HB6 Japan who I think is using me for validation so I don’t go with it. I also help my fellow student number close. It’s a really fun night. The positives I took were:

– Watching experienced guys run game, so I’ve got a model to aspire to
– Seeing social proof in action, both on girls and my own state
– Immediate feedback on my technique
– Meeting lots of guys into this stuff made me feel less like a loner weirdo for doing game

We go out to Old Street the next night. I open and hook more sets. One of the guys keeps coming up to me in set with high energy and patting me on the back saying stuff like “Krauser! You were awesome last night, I gotta buy you a drink” etc, which got the girls asking for the DHV story. My highlight is an email close of HB9 Latvia barmaid, but she flakes.

Following the bootcamp I swap emails with the best student so we can wing at a later date. I also add some of the instructors to Facebook. These are guys I want to learn from.