While Jimmy and I were out in Lithuania last week we went to the same nightclub (Salento) four times. He hates noisy places and is always bitching about it but after talking over the first night we realised we’d figured something out. There’s a way to run club game as talky guys, without relying on dancing, rapid escalation, looks, or lame social guy proofing. We’d figured out

club-game for talkers

We then tested it the next three times and in each case drew a ton of IOIs, warm opens, and both of us would’ve had SNLs if not for external interrupts. How did we do this you say….. Presenting the nascent Krauser Night Game Model.

– A wing you really like talking to and knows your style
– Beer money
– Patience
– A club that is reasonably open plan, and not so loud you can’t talk at all (this will also work in large bars)

1. Walk in like a rock star
Roll in chatting with your wing about any old shit, laughing and confident. Do not scan around the room, do not notice the hot girls. Just stride straight over to the bar and get a drink. Then lock into the best position in the house – somewhere highly visible, with lots of traffic past it (walking or dancing). This is preferably against the main bar so you don’t even have to move to get drinks. Try to avoid anywhere that requires you to move out of the way for people such as the busiest part of said bar.

2. Ignore everyone but your wing
You came to the club to have a great time with your friend. Turn to face each other and start talking with great animation and interest about things you genuinely care about. Ignore the whole fucking room. Start to talk each other’s state up, laugh, play around, pull funny faces at each other and tell stories. Do this at least half and hour. You are building your glow. You’ll feel yourselves getting more and more socially lubricated and any worries about the night will fall away. This is in stark contrast to every other guy in the club. What are they doing? Half the guys (at least) came to get laid and will be standing against a wall with their drink in chode position. They’ll ignore their friends standing next to them as they both value-scan the room with anxious faces. They’ll eye up every girl and leech out validation and value. Any time a girl gives one of these miserable bastards a look it’ll spring them into a short chode-dance until the girl ignores them again and they re-attach themselves to the wall. The remaining half of dudes will be either actively hitting on girls over and over again or else just chilling doing nothing. Whatever, you will be having far more fun than the lot of them and be far more relaxed. You are building outcome independence and building value.

3. Clock the IOIs but don’t bite
Both of you will be the warm end of the pool now and glowing with value. You might be a little drunk too. Good stuff. Start using peripheral vision to pick out the various IOIs you’ll now be receiving. As wings, pick out each other’s so neither of you need to move your heads towards the dancefloor. At first they won’t be strong – some of the validation-dancing girls looking your way to see if you notice their butt-shaking, a few proximity IOIs as girls maneouvre nearer, the occasional bump as they come near to order their drink. You will see them. Continue what you’re doing but start to divide the field and prepare to act.

4. Open the easy meat
Do some low investment openers on the girls that require the least effort and seem most approachable. For example, has a three set of 6s been sitting next to you for the past half hour looking bored? Does a smiley girl give you a nudge as she orders a drink next to you? Does any kind of easy opportunity fall into your lap? Take it. Take anything that allows you to get into a set that doesn’t look like you’re hitting on her. These are your pawn sets. Don’t try to hang in the set any longer than is natural, and after one set is done immediately either got back to building value with your wing, or open another. Before long you’ll have a horseshoe of girls around you. Every other girl will see this. Re-clock the IOIs. Should be more of them and from better girls. But do not return the attention they throw you. If you ever get a blowout, turn back to your wing and laugh it off so as not to lose value.

5. Unleash the douchebag
You’ll have high confidence and some inebriation by now so make your conversation with your wing about topics that raise your douchebaggery. Tell fight stories, drink stories, close scrapes with the police or whatever. Nurture the douchebag. You are already the two guys in the club having the most fun and unlike the cool dancer guy, you don’t look try hard. You could take or leave any set. Now start opening sets for real. Do it any way you want, but do it with intent and confidence. Talk to girls at the bar, sitting near you, pull them over as they walk past. Just go with your intuition and exercise leadership. Laugh off the bad responses. Tease girls to get them visibily responding to you. Every set should build value in the eyes of every other set. Any time you feel a set flagging or your own momentum slowing, dismiss them and recharge with your wing.

You should now be remaining in Phase 5 for the rest of the night and snowballing your value. Think through what you are accomplishing here. The method is all based on building and then maintaining the following attributes:

– High personal charismatic value (not social proof per se)
– Fun Fun Fun vibe
– Total outcome independence
– Social lubrication
– Weakening boundaries of what is unacceptable or impossible
– Minimal effort

* Note – this is not as practised as my day game model. It’s simply codifying what I’ve found tends to work for me (read my last three lay reports from late 2010 – they all went this way before I realised this is what I was doing) and have since practised.

* Note – Jimmy deserves a tip of the hat for standing next to me laughing while I figured this stuff out. And yes, somebody somewhere might’ve written this kind of stuff before. Don’t fucking care. This model came to me by observing what I did that worked for me.