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Krauser’s boxing NLP routine

September 11, 2009

Any time I’ve talked about boxing (pre-game) girls tend to dwell on the violence. I never understood why they seemed against it, but I think it was just social conditioning. My routine on Thursday went approx like this:

DHV story about Japan which ends with me being a last minute substitute in a kickboxing bout when my training partner gets sick. She asks me why I like kickboxing. I mention I’m actually more into boxing and have a fight coming up in October (true). I’ll loosely paraphrase what I said………

NLP routine
You know how men love competition. They love developing a skill and then going out there and using it. To me boxing is like the purest form of competition. When you box you are using everything nature gave you: your fitness, strength, reactions, speed, heart. Eveything. There’s nothing between you and the opponent *gesture between me and her*. There’s no tennis racket, no ball, no net. It’s just a pure competition between you and the other guy. No teammates to help you or to blame. It’s you, making your own decisions. You don’t care what other people think.

When I step into the ring, it’s like leaving the world behind. The adrenalin hits and it’s like suddenly your vision tunnels

*gesture peripheral vision disappearing, staring hard into her eyes*.

You can’t see anything around you. You just see what’s directly in front of you, in clear vivid colour. You are absolutely focused on the person directly in front of you. Your heart starts to beat fast *gesture* and your breath quickens *imitate it*. You feel really excited. It’s just you and him in a bubble now *gesture me and her*. You can’t even hear the sounds around you.You’re really excited and not sure what’s going to happen. You are totally in the moment and enjoying the sensation. You just want to get it on, and let loose. It’s an intensely physical experience. *a bit of touching to emphasise*

Then, when the fight is finished *pull back, break rapport* you feel amazing *gesture with relief, exhale out*. Win or lose, you’ve just manned up and achieved something. There’s no anger in the ring, just honest competition. But best of all, is the shower afterwards.

You know endorphins? Think back to the last time you really exercised to exhaustion. You’re lying on your back afterwards, breathing hard, sweating, and totally satisfied. You feel great. Then your body rewards you with a rush of endorphins and you just glow. That shower after a fight is better than sex. I mean, I love sex, but fighting is even better. I’ll be in the shower, letting the hot water stream down *run fingers down her arm* and wash away all the bumps and scrapes and feeling totally awesome………

If that doesn’t get her squirming in her love juices nothing will.

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