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Latvia Journal – An insight into Latvian women… Its brutal out here!

February 12, 2011

This is a guest post from my wing and good buddy Moran, the SNL king of RSG

Me and Krauser are in Latvia, been here one night and just about to hit the street for some daygame.  Latvia from I’ve seen so far is a beautiful country, more visually impressive than Lithuania and Poland, people seem to hold themselves differently here. And of course, the women are stunning.

I have one main reason for this Journal. I’m being tested mercilessly here and it is truely testing my character.  Like BIG TIME.  I personally have done some travelling around Europe and have experienced women from most countries so far.  But Lavian women are a different story.

I want to gain two things from this trip:

  • To understand Latvian women and their culture/upbringing
  • To seduce a Latvian woman or two Wink

Let me quickly describe myself to those who are new to me. I’m tall, told I’m a good looking guy, socially comfortable and have a strong desire to rapidly escalate.  I can be lazy when talking to women and can give off the typical player vibe if it wasn’t for my straight forward honesty that corrects this.  To be brutally honest about myself, I’m used to some sort of feedback off women, however little, especially when I rapidly escalate.  I’m used to receiving validation off women and even if it takes a whole night I know I’ll find a girl. However I do not seek validation.  I’m used to SNL’s or getting Day2 lays but I don’t expect them as my right to always receive them.

Before coming here I was prewarned about Latvian womens strong manipulative tendencies here despite their beauty, however I have decided to wipe the slate clean and come here with a fresh mind.

11/02/10 -First night

Me and Krauser have some warm up drinks, get pumped up and hit the streets of old town Riga.  Warning for anyone that is interested in Latvia this time of year, its freezing! Like -12 on average.  But the snow does make the country look beautiful.

We set off down the road and hit the first club we find, called “The club”.  What a name for a club Wink Inside its loud and has a Tiger Tiger feeling, so feeling a little at home we set off.  The women in here are stunning but young.  And already we’re starting to get a feel for the club.  Lots of women dancing around by themselves with guys hanging around trying to grind up next to them.  The women give the guys a quick look to come in, the guy comes in and the women just turns their back to them. Charming. I start to think that I’m going to have my work set tonight.

Krauser is now off, hits into a three set and starts rapidly escalating.  For those who know Krauser this is not his usual way of approaching women but this weekend he’s commited himself to just used that technique.  And he was doing well. I approach the only brunette of the set and she’s receptive, I can feel her interest.  I escalate and I’m told she has a b/f. Damn. I tell her my boundaries of not coming onto a girl with a boyfriend and say my goodbyes.  She then gives more interest. Typical.

After ejecting we set out round the back of the club and find a small room of about 70 people.  And now the fun begins.

We start escalating again and again.  We’re hitting state now.  Krauser is pulling in some cute blonde chick while I’m dancing with some other blonde chick.  But I feel something odd about her.  She keeps looking at herself in the mirror while dancing  and starts pouting to herself. Warning sign. I start escalating hard judging her responses, she looks at me like I’ve shit myself.  Then shows interest. Then goes back to her arse face look.  Ooo, not good, I sense a manipulator. I eject leaving her standing while holding strong eye with another chick going straight back into set.  Again I escalate. This chick starts smiling while looking around. Then back turns and just walks off.  Oooo, a nice little blow to me Grin But its still building my momentum, so I turn round and start escalating a chick at the bar and immediately tells me she wants to dance. Hmmm, can’t be going to bad.

So, over the course of the next two hours this sort of interactions keep happening, me and Krauser continuisuly escalating, completely out dominating the surrounding men and having most of the club just staring at us.

I’ve approached about 15 chicks by this point and they are all giving the same response, sucking validation off me and then pretending I’m not there.  I’ll be honest here, apart from the bulletproof vibe I give off to women, this is really starting to drain me.  I felt like I had just been in a fight and received an adrenaline dump.  But I wasn’t giving up yet.  I repump myself back up and hit back into escalating.  Then the first one comes.  The first chick of the night where I can feel her vibe is genuine, not the usual character pretending from the other Latvian chicks.  I lock her in immediately and I feel her interest back.  This feels good.  I go to extract her to another room and a Latvian guy steps in, full body grabbing her.

Me: “Shes with me” **Smiling**
Lat Dude: “I don’t understand” **Smiling broadly**

I tear her off him, he starts to kick off but we leave.

Now here upstairs in the club and she’s asking me for drink and I say I don’t buy a chick a drink unless she is prepared to buy one back. She has no money.  I explain in England, men and women buy each other drinks as a sign of respect. She tells me this is Latvia.  Urrrggghhhhh.  But after that little miss statement off her I still feel her genuineness.

For the guys out there who have experience with Latvian women, is buying a Latvian women a drink (if she is not just tooling the guy) a sign of respect? I need to try and work this out.  This chick was generally disappointed when she left, was vastly different from the other chicks here.

Now on my own and make my way back to Krauser.  I’m looking around and what I see is just painful.  Guys are trying again and again to dance with chicks and they are getting ruthlessly pawned off. Guys buying drinks for chicks to be immediately back turned and pretend they weren’t there.  I have NEVER seen so much disrespect for men in one club.  The women here were destroying the men bit by bit.  Every half an hour a guy would lose it with a women and bouncers would step in and drag him out, leaving the women smiling and giving off a look of satisfaction.  How can a man have respect for Latvian women in this place? My respect for Latvian women was certinately getting tested to its extreme. But I have 4 more days here, I’m not giving up yet.

I come back to Krauser to see a chick all over him.  Yeeeeeaahhhhhh!! Krauser is getting in there. I start scanning for her friends, they must be ready to escalate as well.  Instead I see a guy not far from them both, standing there getting more and more angry.  I shortly find out that this is her boyfriend.  Oooooo, another blow for the respect of Latvian women.  I felt bad for this guy, she kept coming back and again he would have to unzip her from Krauser. What a player.

We finally decide to leave the club.  Krauser drops his Turkish potential SNL who keeps fluctuating back and forth with interest then no interest.  A Russian chick who keeps trying to tool me and showing disinterest I firmly place as a friend and kiss her on the chick goodbye. She gives me a flash of interest. I leave with Krauser.  We make our way to the coats and while waiting I turn round to notice that she has followed us through the club to the entrance.  She pretends not to see me.  Typical. I smile and go to open but she turns around and runs up the stairs, like fast running up the stairs.  Ah man, is this game playing going to end?

Finally we are outside. God it feels good to be outside despite the freezing cold. Me and Krauser decide to go home but he then opens two chicks in the street for fun. They hook.  They are both 24 and seem more mature than some of the chicks in the bar earlier.  We start vibing with them and the brunette is showing interest.

Me: “I’ve nearly lost all my respect for Latvian women, please help me. I’m dying”
Brunette Lat: **Laughs** You’re beautiful **Smiling**
Me: Pardon?! Just you just say that? I haven’t heard that from anyone tonight.  A Latvian woman is actually complimenting me?
Brunette Lat: **Laughs** **Flashing a look of strong interest**
Me: My god, I like you.
Brunette Lat: Come with us to Push bar **Smiling**
Me: Sure, lets go.

This feel good, a genuine Latvian women.  She even pays for me and Krauser to get into the bar. Unfortunately this is where the night ends as her friend was married and my girl had a boyfriend.  Despite her strong interest and asking me questions like “Where you staying” and “When you thinking of going back” I have to set my boundries again. I’m gutted, I like this chick.

Thats our first night.  And my god I’ve haven’t been tested this mercessily every before.  I feel good now but when I came in with Krauser I was emotionally exhausted.

We have three more friends joining us tonight, Jambone, Snake and Bhodisatta. Lets see what happens.

Lessons for tonight:

  • Filter more.  Don’t waste energy escalating strong playerish women.  I have to conserve my energy more for women I know we’ll give it straight to me.
  • Don’t continously escalate all night long.  I was burning myself too quickly, was not surprising after a couple of hours I was exhausting myself.

I MUST crack this and learn about Latvian women.  And I’m craving sex. Wish me luck Cheesy



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