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Lithuania 2: Finnish blonde

July 16, 2010

I’m teaching the daygame session on Sunday and we take the students out. Towards the end I see a really cute blonde striding purposefully down the street with her headphones in – my favourite type of set. I run over and open by complimenting her walk. She cracks a beautiful smile and I’m hooked. Turns out she’s half Finnish and half Lithuanian. We chat for ten minutes and I’m conscious that the students are hanging around for me to finish. I take the number and some easy text game ensures:

Me: Hey Miss Fashionable [I gave her my standard neg of “let me guess where you work. Not fashion, obviously”]. I guess we’re text buddies now ð Krauser.

Girl: =D my big smile. how is your evening? I don’t like the rain =/

Me: We’re all having a hotel party, listening to the thunder, drinking White Russian. You?

Girl: In which hotel? =) i’m at home. still relax.

Me: [Hotel name]. If the rain stops we’ll go out. Wanna come join me?

Girl: I would likem to meet with you tomorrow for a coffee =)

One-itis risk

We meet at the town hall and I walk her to a bar, via a restaurant to get DHV’d off Burto. The playful vibe is excellent, with us both teasing, prodding, poking and shoving each other. We walk into Shooters bar arm in arm. It’s early evening and we can’t even see a waitress never mind customers. I take her downstairs to the big sofa. I start to realise how challenging it is to kiss close a sober Lithuanian – especially the good girls that I always attract. Her buying temperature is good, she’s fully invested in the conversation and qualifiying, reciprocating kino, hand in hand – but there’s just an invisible barrier between us. She’s hyper-sensitive to PDA and even though she obviously wants to kiss, she won’t. There’s no LJBF bullshit – I literally push her up against the wall and spend ten minutes trying to caveman her for the kiss. She keeps head-turning away and yet makes no attempt to leave – just giggling and refusing. Finally I tire of this and it’s almost time for my next date. Later, we get into texting and Facebook mail:

Me: Was fun today. You’re weird, but I like you.

Girl: =))) i think you are drunk… I just not like others ð

Girl [next day]: Hello =) how are you? today again club? I wait for fuball.

We don’t get to meet on the Saturday as planned because I end up 400km away at the beach. So it goes to Facebook:

Me: 12 July at 12:29: I’m back in London now. Palanga / Nida were amazing, but I’m so burned now I look like a tomato. It’s unlucky we couldn’t meet on Saturday but we had to decide as a group where to go and we agreed on Nida.

Girl: 12 July at 12:38: Hello Krauser, you are lucky tomato =))), because i spend my Saturday at office…  I’m happy, because Spain won! =) I wish to see you one day… Maybe you’ll come again to Vln?  =*

Me: 12 July at 13:43: Yeah, I’m glad Spain won. Before the match I didn’t care, but when I saw how the Dutch team were fouling I wanted Spain to beat them. I’ll be returning to Lithuania. Possibly October – we might have a long seminar then. We’ll definitely meet. Let’s stay in touch on Facebook for now – keep your chat window open.

I’m sitting having coffee on Tuesday when my phone vibrates with this:

Girl: Hey Krauser =) how are you? I saw your pictures from Palanga – a lot of girls ð today is to rainy, i’m almost sleeping

Me: Sleeping at work or in your bed?

Girl: At work =D i wish to sleep at my bed (not alone)

WOAH! Stop the press. Hold the phone. What the fuck did she just say? Phase shift…..

Me: ð I know the feeling!

Me: When are you coming to London? I want to show you around.

Girl: -=) are you invite me? Actually i’ll have 1 week in August free, so… who knows =) i wish to see London and… you

Me: Great, let’s do it! I look forward to seeing you.

Girl: That is nice =) you are very kind ð

Me: We’re gonna have fun. I’ll show you my favourite places – give you a dream holiday ð

Girl: OK =) when i will know the dates, i will inform you. thank you ð

Me: Cool

That’s pre-selection in action. I’d run tight game on her in the solo approach and again on the date, but she’d basically seen nothing of my life except what I showed her there. Suddenly when she adds me to Facebook and gets to scroll through the long scripted DHV that is my profile – including 50 photos of me having a great time in Lithuania with cool friends and hot girls – baddabing! Attraction trigger overload. Must… have… sex… with…. alpha….

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