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Lithuania 4: Belarus and Russia

July 27, 2010

Ace wants to have a quiet drink for us to talk business and theory – to catch up having not seen each other in a couple of months. Suave comes along too and we head into town. The heavens open en route and it’s like a tropical thunderstorm. I see a beautiful leggy girl walk past from the supermarket. My perfect ten (no, not this one). I open her in the rain – direct. We are standing there getting soaked while I tell her how feminine she is. She’s giggling at this Love Actually moment and I pull her under the cover of a tree long enough to get the number. 18 yr old Belarussan staying at our hotel, just arrived the day before. I rejoin my friends and we camp out in the nearest bar.

Love. Actually.

We are joined by HB Red Dress, who I’d daygamed two days earlier, and her fat gay best friend. He’s not actually gay, but he’s very protective and immediately tries amoging Ace who rebuffs him comfortably. The dude keeps trying it on all night but he’s progressively less bolshy and Ace does a fantastic job over the next few hours to give me isolation. HB Red Dress looks much hotter than I thought now that she’s dressed up. We chat plenty and while I like her energy she’s got a bit of the night-club-princess vibe that I detest. But overall she’s a good target.

I lead to Disco 311 and we dance. I’m three quick pints to the good so it’s a bit of a blur now. While I’m dancing with HB Red Dress I get re-opened by the crazy 20 yr old gymnast from two days earlier. She’s hunted me down and determined to tell me, in broken English, how I’m a good guy and she’s a good girl and definitely not a slut but she drinks too much so her friends have to take her phone and blah blah crazy talk. If it was London I’d run a mile, but I know I’m not here long so I indulge her. And she’s hot. A former medalist in some world games, she says.

My kind of librarian

That begins the jealousy plotline so I can easily bounce Red Dress into the chill-out sofa room. I run comfort and she’s all over me – until I go for the kiss close that she rejects. More comfort, more kino, and another rejected kiss. Now she wants to dance and there’s no keeping her seated. We go back in and Gymnast pushes herself into my space and I dance with her. Red Dress is doing the princess routine with her fat gay friend and encouraging other guys to flirt with her. Suave is in set with a hot girl that every other guy is trying to pick up. Ace and I help him out for a while, with me defusing and removing 2 amogs. When he’s isolated I get him a whiskey to DHV (and his target has seen me already isolated with Red Dress).

Red Dress is still fannying around and I decide I don’t care. I grab HB Gymnast and pull her downstairs. We make out big time and the SNL becomes likely. I take her back upstairs and now both targets are competing for my attention. I see a 2-set of 19yr old Russians standing bored by the wall, wanting to dance but not fitting in. I make eye contact and gesture her onto the dancefloor. She smiles but stays still. I jog over and do the Saturday Night Fever finger point and really cheesy dancing. I’m in such good state, and totally preselected, that she cracks up laughing and I drag her onto the dancefloor. I am now playing three targets off against each other, often ignoring them to dance with Ace – who is still dealing with the fat gay cockblock.

It’s all great fun and at the end I’m dancing one-on-one smoochy style with Red Dress. Time goes by and we are outside the club. I kiss Gymnast, try to kiss Red Dress (rebuffed even though she’s all over me with kino) and try to caveman HB Russian (very close – only ASD in front of her friend stops it). Suave is now gaming up the other Russian. I give it one last try to extract HB Gymnast and she’s walking with me before her friends pull her back. I have the numbers of all girls and decide that’s time to call it a night.

Two days later I have a lunch date with HB Belarus. We sit out at a pavement cafe in the sunshine. She’s got a time constraint because her exams are this week but we have two hours chatting. It feels like there’s no chance of escalating to a kiss because we’re sober, it’s sunny, and we are in a cafe. I do lots of rapport and some attraction game. The eye contact is good, she’s investing, but she’s not actually very interesting so I find it hard to build sexual tension. I do very light kino and it’s not really reciprocated – she accepts it but doesn’t really play ball. I decide to bail before it gets stale, and consider doing a proper date at night.

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