Few pick-up companies can pair both dishonest scamming and unintentional hilarity quite like Wayne Dating. I’m often left scratching my head at how inept they are and sometimes their buffoonery reaches levels that even Ricky Gervais couldn’t write into a script. Old-timers will know what I mean, but for newer readers let me summarise some highlights.

Back in 2010, ghetto-wannabe Justin Wayne of NYC was a new sensation in daygame. He was posting infield videos of what appeared to be same day lays, and also videos hanging out with a couple of different girls in his apartment. They were fairly hot, in a grotty Ke$ha kind of way. For a while, I too was taken in, thinking he had some talent [1]

Jimmy and I had a skype video chat with him once and he sent me an unpublished infield of him getting a number of a girl in Whole Foods. It was a bland low-intent Mystery Method type set, very different (and considerably less impressive) than the SDL stuff. That was red flag #1 and I ignored it.

Watching the SDL videos, I noticed there was very little audio. It seemed pointless to mute the audio when you’re mic’d up, but he did. Red flag #2, and I ignored it.

Fortunately Aaron Sleazy did not.

I don’t get on with Aaron Sleazy but I’ll give him credit where it’s due. He did a fantastic expose of the NYC bullshitter with some real investigative work. Go to his blog for the full story here. (I linked four separate Sleazy posts here) I’ll give you the short version of what Sleazy discovered:

Justin Wayne had advertised in local media press to cast a reality TV show that he claimed had MTV backing (it didn’t). He then sold tickets to men to be part of his “social circle game” to hang around girls, and defrauded aspiring fame-whore women into casting. Thus he created the illusion of having a harem of hot girls, muted videos of whom he put on his YouTube as “same day lays”.

Keep in mind this dual-market scam of presenting one thing to defraud girls, and a different thing to defraud men both at the same time. It’s a unifying principle of all Wayne Dating scams.

The girls found out and went ballistic, to put it mildly. One threatened legal action and then gave Aaron Sleazy a file of the Skype video chat where Justin is begging her to back off. Even funnier, he deleted his channel and literally ran away to hide in Puerto Rico.

His tough guy image is a sham. He’s a total faggot.


A boss-eyed fat faggot, yesterday

This all hit in August 2012 and since then every self-respecting daygamer has steered well clear of him. He’s a hardcore con-man. Like any dyed-in-the-wool fraud, Justin came slinking back later and rebuilt his brand off the back of a new generation of newbies not clued-in to his shenanigans [2]

One of Justin’s tricks to rebuild his brand was to keep posting on pick-up blogs under various sock-puppet aliases about how awesome Justin Wayne’s “Domino Effect” theory was (with a link to the sales page, of course). He tried that a few times every week on my blog for months on end so I’d just send them into the spam queue [3]

I ignored Justin Wayne entirely until the evening before the Outlaw Daygame seminar in November 2015 when, while hanging out with Eddie from Street Attraction, we see that Tom Torero had just put Justin Wayne on his podcast that very day.

A known scammer appearing on the channel of a man also busted making fake infields with actresses, but whom we’d assumed was an isolated error of judgement. We were now about to host a seminar that tied our names to his. To say we were unhappy about it was an understatement. Tom didn’t care about the ethics of promoting a known scammer, he just wanted the co-promotion of getting his name out to Justin’s subscriber base. Squalid, low-value behaviour.

That same 2015 I suffered through my first Deepak Wayne video. Massive red flags everywhere, but I didn’t care because it never crossed my mind anyone would take Deepak seriously [4]. Then I saw one where he’s basically date-raping a fat ugly German alcoholic, and while he’s “bouncing” her home he has a few snarky comments for the “London Daygamers” (and he’s still “exposing” it now.…)

Watch that video. Deepak is actually proud that she’s so angry at being date-raped that she’s screaming into his face. To him, he’s just holding a strong frame.

Lol fag

Well, he’s made that particular video private for now. Here’s hoping he reposts it

Anyway, by mid-2016 Deepak’s lies finally rile me enough that I write a couple of expose posts. It’s in reading them that my regular commentor Zatara actually figures out the precise nature of Deepak’s primary scam [5] It’s the same dual-market theory Justin Wayne uses (and taught Deepak). It goes like this:

  1. Open girl with mild physical compliment while expressing ZERO sexual intent through non-verbals. This simulates a direct opener for the viewer but puts no pressure on the girl to think she’s being hit on.
  2. Immediately tell her you’re NOT hitting on her, but are actually a talent scout for a business (e.g. modelling, PR work, waitressing). Crucially, MUTE this audio and disguise it by offering a voice-over pretending you are still hitting on her.
  3. Continue to play the grey area where you say mildly sexual things verbally, with zero sexual non-verbals, and mute any time you disclaim hitting on her, or continue explaining the job interview you’re trying to set up.
  4. When she agrees to the job interview determines if it’s an “idate” or a “day 2”. Mute some of the number close because that’s obviously interview logistics.
  5. Record the “date” and do very light kino, which she’ll accept as simply you being a creepy boss and not take seriously as an attempt to fuck her.
  6. Pass it off as a successful seduction to low-IQ Indians who desperately want to believe an ugly charmless Indian immigrant can get lots of white women. Accuse any critics of racism while you yourself play the race card to scam your very own countrymen.


Watch Deepak’s videos with this in mind and it’s like wearing the They Live glasses. He does of course occasionally post videos of real pick-up attempts, or hookers, or paid actresses, so bear in mind not all of his infields do this dual-market scam.


Deepak eating curry

My favourite ping photo to my friends

I exposed Deepak and he went mental. He started rambling into his smartphone camera about “exposing” me, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Try to get all the way through to the end of one. He was in Kiev at the time, so he went down to Khreshatyk Street and offered free meals to a few of the scammer girls there to get “evidence” of all the girls he claimed to be banging. And then, best of all, he had an interminable two-hour Skype video podcast with Justin Wayne where they both “exposed” me [6]

You can imagine that after several hours of low-IQ ramblings into smartphone cameras, I felt they’d pretty thoroughly exposed me.

Deepak then went on to “expose” Street Attraction and then….. oh it gets better…. he exposed Justin Wayne! I shit you not. Suddenly all those low-IQ ramblings were from Justin and Deepak exposing each other. It was essentially this:

Deepak: “Here I expose the real scam of Justin Wayne. I know this because he taught it to me when we were friends.”
Justin: “Here I expose the real scam of Deepak Wayne. I know this because I taught it to him when I was grooming him for my business.”

Gangnam Style

Slanty Wayne has yet to expose anyone, AFAIK

I have no idea if Slanty Wayne is involved in the mutual exposing. There’s a fruit if ever I saw one. Naturally, both Deepak and Justin brazened it out and their army of low-IQ desperadoes continue to clutter YouTube comment sections. More recently, VICE just exposed him. I thoroughly recommend you watch the video below to the end. It’s only eight minutes.

He’s back to the dual-market scam, but this time very straightforward: he’s hiring hookers.

Look at the two girls in the video. Both have a strong hooker/sugarbaby vibe and show absolutely zero emotion in Justin. They are allegedly so in love with him they got tattoos of his name [7] and yet they show not the slightest emotional or physical interest in him. They look exactly like what they are: hookers hired to play a role for money, so he can scam men.

Look at the blonde tart’s face when she says “I love him”. Zero emotion. Doesn’t even look at him. For comparison, look at how a normal girl’s face lights up and she looks to a man she loves – see my video above. The fact VICE catch him on a hot mic admitting to paying her to be there is just the icing on an already obvious cake.

Bored tart

Burning desire, yesterday

“But Nick, he’s doing that because he’s a pimp type”

Perhaps prostitution has changed recently, but I always thought it was the girls who paid the pimp, not the other way round. The word to describe Justin is simp, not pimp.

Anyway, I’m not exposing Justin because Aaron Sleazy and VICE already did that for me. This is just an I-told-you-so post. I think the lesson for readers is this: if you’ve picked up lots of girls, and your gut tells you a guy is fake, he’s probably fake. If you’re a noob and you hear experienced players tell you to be careful, you should be careful.

If you want to buy a real infield product of actual legit game, with real girls who weren’t acting, you might like Daygame Overkill. It’s my five-hour street pick-up instructional video and still by far the best of it’s type on the market. Alternatively, if you’d just like a curry and a watermelon, try Wayne Dating.

[1] 2010, mind you. I was easily impressed then, lacking any calibration and daygame being far less developed and documented than it is now.
[2] This is one reason I have no time for newbies who witter on telling me who is legit and who isn’t. I’ve seen this all before and I’m much sharper at spotting red flags now. That’s why it was obvious to me that JMULV is just banging hookers and calling them notches. No doubt he’ll be exposed within a year or two, and the same idiots will learn nothing and believe whichever guy comes along with the next scam.
[3] Readers have no idea the shit people post here that I spam and thus you don’t see. Imagine the most retarded comments I do approve, and multiply the retardation by ten.
[4] I consistently underestimate the desire of the community to be wilfully misled so long as they can cling to pretty lies.
[5] One reason Wayne Dating retains credibility amongst morons is they use a few different scams and mix them together.
[6] I can’t link it because Justin took all his videos down. If it comes back up, let me know. In case you’re wondering about Deepak’s challenge, it was originally “come to Berlin and I’ll show you what I say is unedited footage on my laptop and then you quit pick-up”. Hardly a real challenge. I said “I’m in Moscow now, come here and we can go head-to-head each with our own cameramen filming everything”. He declined. Steve Jabba offered to go head-to-head with him in Warsaw while Deepak was already there, and Deepak declined. Deepak’s challenge was just squirting squid-ink to cover his retreat.
[7] Whatever the story of the tattoos, the one thing we can be 100% sure of is that the story Justin told is a lie. Personally, I don’t believe they got real tattoos at all.