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London Seminar This Week

December 13, 2017

Here’s quick reminder that my seminar / book launch with the Street Attraction guys is this Saturday in London, near Oxford Street. It will be a full day including talks by me, Richard, and George.

Street Attraction

George, Eddie and Richard provide great video

Richard will be showing some of his new infields, so you can suck up plenty of value out of that. There are many elements to his style which will become very clear to readers of Daygame Infinite. He is most definitely not “just winging it” so I’d thoroughly recommend intermediates study him closely.

George is talking about his new book – Game: A Cure For Loneliness. His infields are also on the Street Attraction channel, though if I understand correctly his talk on Saturday is all about the book  and it’s ideas.

My talk will be a detailed theory talk about the content of Daygame Infinite. I’m working on the slides right now. If you check out Outlaw Daygame on my YouTube channel you’ll get an idea for the kind of thing I’m doing. My plan is to work through the book section by section and talk about the topics.

It’s not really a “book launch” in the normal sense of the word. It’s theory. I’ll also take questions about the LDM.

You can sign up here for £15. We sold out the initial ticket allocation but Eddies has been able to upgrade to a bigger room at the same location, so tickets are still available.

UPDATE – So far the pre-orders of Infinite seem to be going well. No hitches to report and the ordering system is smooth. I’m starting to think I should just handle all orders this way, including after the official release.

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