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Maintain hand through Facebook – Finland

September 23, 2010

My recent posts on Facebook chat / text game seem to have piqued the interest of readers. I guess most bloggers just don’t put up full conversations so a reader is left grasping vainly for a true contextualisation. For example it’s easy to overestimated how much douchebaggery to put into an interaction if the writer isn’t showing you all the normal boring comfort that it was paired with. Anyhoo, here’s another full chat from this morning. Finland has bought her tickets to come see me in a few week’s time and I can tell you right now most of her week is gonna be spent with my cock in her mouth.

12:53 Me – boo!  [I like to open Facebook chats with a silly noise or assumed familiarity]
12:54 Her – =)   hey    how are you?    how is London without me…?   [she’s seeking rapport and “our world”]
12:55 Me – Rainy  [true. That’s why I’m on Facebook and not in a cafe writing my new book]
12:56 Her – what about your mood? =)     i think in London always is rainy
12:56 Me – Weather has been good until today      I went to a fashion party last night     it was warm all evening  [drive-by DHV. Just because I got hand doesn’t mean I can neglect the basics]
12:59 Her – how is party? you have to know now everything about a fashion =)
12:59 Me – The main designer is a friend     I organised a show for her in February  [DHV, all true]
13:00 Her – at 09 a.m. i tried a full flight simulator Boeing 737 CL – that is amazing! the feeling is so so real  [She is clearly excited by this and wants to talk about it. It interests me so I’ll run with it. Also, it’s a good chance to build comfort and reframe her]
13:01 Me – one of the pilot training machines?
13:01 Her – yes     real pilot training mashine    !     i love it     i was a pilot today =)
13:02 Me – I’ll bet you crashed it      300 computer passengers died in a ball of flame  [tease – it’s good to create fantasy scenarios where if things were left up to her chaos would ensure and it needs the stern hand of a man to restore order – credit Jambone]
13:02 Her – =DDD     noooo     really not     i’m good pilot     =)     instructor helps me a little  [it hits, she qualifies]
13:03 Me – I wouldn’t let a woman fly me     We’d hit a mountain   [running with the tease and letting her know I’m my own boss]
13:03 Her – but if the woman is – superwoman? =)))  [enjoying the banter]
13:03 Me – then I’d fuck her  [Me>Superwoman. Now that’s high value!]
13:03 Her – hahaha
13:03 Me – and tell her to let me drive
13:04 Her – o.k. i would like to fly with you for the next time
13:04 Me – I have flying games on my Playstation     and the planes have guns and missiles!  [more about my stuff being better than her stuff, but playful and boyish]
13:05 Her – oh, i forgot, a Playstation is the thing number one for you     but i’ll try     =)   [never let a woman be #1 in your life]
13:05 Me – you can be number 12    below eggs     but above cheese  [exaggerated, based on a game we played on the Day 3]
13:06 Her – you are very kind… =D     could i be a no 2? =)      at the time, when i’ll be in London   [qualifying, reinforcing my framer]
13:07 Me – Temporarily     if you’re nice  [I’m a challenge but I’m not heartless in dishing out rewards so I set a condition]
13:08 Her – i’m always nice =)      with you   [qualifies to meet condition – frame is her trying to please me to win my approval]
13:10 Her – 1 week … is not too long time?
13:11 Me – Depends if you are a good cook
13:12 Her – ??? i would like to see you and London, i’m not porofessional cook
13:12 Me – You’ll love my new house     Tony is painting my bedroom red  [snip thread, mild leader of men DHV]
13:14 Her – who is Tony?      red – wow, is so active color     is it dark red?
13:15 Me – Yup   My room will be hot, passionate and dangerous     like me  [playful, projection]
13:16 Her – you are passionate, but not dangerous =)    you’re good boy   [you can’t be 100% douchebag. For the girl to hang around after initial sex she must think you are either “Nice guy with a dark side” or better still “Bad boy with kind heart”]
13:17 Me – And right now I’m also sweaty from exercise    I’m gonna shower now    talk soon  [subcommunicate I have shit to do today]
13:18 Her – o.k. i’ll be here     what exercise you had?    everyday?
13:19 Me – laterz    ð   [ignore her attemptes to stretch out the chat]

[abrupt log off]

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