I’ve considered numerous plans for my blog and business in 2018. On the one hand I’d like to do the “sell shit to idiots” market because that’s by far the most lucrative and also if I wanted to put out ebooks like what you see on Amazon, I could write one a week with little effort. I could tone that down a little and try the “sell beginners stuff to noobs” market, which is also lucrative. The problem with both markets is they are fundamentally unsatisfying to write for. The former would make me feel like a scammer and the latter like a mediocre mind.

It would be like fucking hookers or fucking Asian 5s, respectively. Not conducive to my peace of mind. Anyway, as an aside here’s the next part of my Infinite talk….

Before I make up my mind on whether to become yet another PUA Whore, I do have a little unfinished business, namely getting my “final” premium product line up completed. These are:

1. The textbooks: Daygame Infinite, Daygame Mastery
2. The video: Daygame Overkill
3. The narrative: The four volumes of memoir.

It is these which I care about above all else because they represent me conveying my knowledge at the limit of my ability to do so. Everything else is in some way a step down. Beginner Daygame was limited by its intended noob audience. Daygame Nitro and Black Book were deliberately simplified for similar reasons, of appealing to intermediates without over-complicating things. Womanizers Bible was openly embracing of mindwank. I think of those four products as diversions rather than as primary material.

The blog is my test bed of ideas, not the final distillation of those ideas. That comes later in the books. I rarely edit blog posts beyond a quick spelling and formatting check, whereas the books get a half dozen rewrites and paid editors.

Why am I rambling on like this? [1]

Because I am currently finalising the new colour edition of Daygame Mastery. My guess is it’s a month, maybe two, from release. The rationale is that I want to bring it up to the quality bar set by Infinite and harmonise the content a little so the two volumes fit more complimentary together. What does it mean for you, the reader? This is how I see the changes to the second edition:

1. Full colour edition with same matt finish cover and interior pages as Infinite.
2. New layout to match the more appealing visual style of Infinite.
3. New commentary and paragraphs added here and there to flesh out existing chapters.
4. One or two entirely new chapters to boost the overall value proposition from 400 pages (as it is now, in Infinite layout style) to nearer Infinite’s 524 pages.

I don’t know yet how well the final edition will meet my objectives but I’ll keep you all updated. For now, here are some screen grabs of how it looks so far. Let me know your thoughts.

Early drafts

[1] Aside from the pleasure to be had in rambling, which is quite considerable.