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Memoir Update – Girl Junkie

June 4, 2019

Girl Junkie Front Cover

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. While I’m a bit lax on the blogging front, you monkeys dear readers will hopefully be pleased to hear that the next volume in my epic memoir series is almost ready for release.

Just last night, I sent the final text to my interior layout designer. I already have the girl caricature art and – as you no doubt noticed – the cover. That means all I do now is wait for my contractors to submit work, and give it a little nip and tuck. All the hard work is done.

Girl Junkie is the fifth memoir and covers the calendar year of 2015. It’s 164k words, making it just a hair shorter than A Deplorable Cad. Hopefully, I have continued to make progress in my writing ability and it will shine through in the published work. You dickheads dear readers will be the judge of that.

My best estimate is that Girl Junkie will be on sale at the end of this month.

In other news, Rollo and Anthony Johnson have split leading the former to be kicked from The 21 Convention. Naturally, people are asking what I think about it seeing as I accepted the invitation to speak due to Rollo’s overtures. Well, I don’t know what I think. As yet, I know nothing more than what is in Rollo and Anthony’s respective public statements. I don’t know what caused the split and if it related to something I’ll have to take a position on. When I know, I’ll announce it.

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