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Men mature like fine wine

September 3, 2011

We all age. Your game should mature as you do, like a fine wine.

Exhibit 1: The eligible bachelor

Something RSD Jeffy said in one of his talks resonated with me. Getting into the community is like going to university. It’s a phase in your life where you reorient yourself, develop your skills, and then….. leave. Get on with your life. The game never goes away but you take the core concepts on board and then move on to your next mission. That’s pretty much how I view it. I don’t want to be doing 20 approaches every Saturday into perpetuity. There’s guys who have been “in the community” for a decade and while their skills are sometimes fantastic I just wonder what is missing from their life that they still identify. It’s almost like those perma-students you see in graduate school – soaking up Daddy’s allowance with perpetual masters degrees. They just need to get a real job.

Exhibit 2: nothing is ever too serious

I envision my future outside the community to be about living a life of financial and geographical freedom. Sitting at a beach bar dive in Jamaica sipping rum with my buddies before taking my young hottie home for the evening. Another month passes and I’m in a Rio BJJ gym rolling with the other guys, then a big steak at a carvery before sitting at home reading a novel. Whatever, wherever, whenever just living life to follow my interests.

Exhibit 3: poise and balance

As a young man you can get by on looks, testosterone and sexual persistence. That’s how most young guys get most of their sex and female company. As you mature, you… mature. I look around for good role models. Guys who embody the type of man and lifestyle I want ten or twenty years from now. A lifestyle that is intensely attractive to women but not driven by the hunt for fresh pussy. Men of means, wit, and wisdom. I love the three photos I’ve posted here. Every one of them speaks to me even if they are posed to represent an idea rather than to true life of the man posing for it.

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