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Methodological notes

September 8, 2009

This blog is basically a memoir to myself, but in the interests of methodological rigour I ought to clarify my terms, ratings, and purpose.

Purpose: This is a chronological record of my development from latent-alpha / betatised divorced chode (April 2009) to master pick up artist (the future). When read from oldest-to-newest posts it should show clear progression. I’ve made a lot of progress so reading the blog this way should inspire fellow travellers taking their first steps. In the beginning I was so bad that if I fell into a bucket of tits I’d come out sucking my thumb. Now I’ve been banging catwalk models, strippers and virgins. Use this blog to motivate yourself, if it helps. Also, I believe in openess and full disclosure. This blog includes my fuck-ups and my uninspired moments too. I’m not an omnipotent guru, so don’t set me up as one.

Stats: I stopped tracking my stats after about my 500th open. I’d recommend beginners keep a spreadsheet / blog / notebook but eventually you’ll grow out of it. Excessive stat-tracking hurts your frame and gets you away from the main goals of game. If you want to know my lays, click on lay reports. I don’t count my approaches anymore. I’d guess that as of May 2011 I’d done over 2,000.

Girl Ratings: I go for young, slim, medium height, fairly curvy girls. Preferably of exotic looks (relative to white Brits). While no class of girl is truly ruled out I will generally avoid Muslims (to avoid their cross-eyed inbred cousins throwing acid on me) and 1st-generation African immigrants (so my cock doesn’t fall off from Ebola or HIV). I will happily bang girls who have Pakistani / Somali / Kenyan etc ancestry. So long as they aren’t Burqa-veiled HIV factories.

I don’t use the 1-10 scale much anymore, especially HB-this HB-that. That’s just a training wheels thing for beginners. One important thing I learned is I’d rather date a “7” who is my type than a “10” who isn’t.

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